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Master of the End Times - Chapter 104

Published at 12th of June 2020 05:33:50 PM

Chapter 104

Qin Feng wanted to keep training but his communicator started making beeping noises .

 [Important announcement, a special ultra beast has appeared approximately 923 meters from your current location . Please take note! Please take note!]

 Qin Feng looked at the prompt on his communicator and he momentarily froze .

 It was here! The so-called special ultra beast was the crystal shell beast .

 The beast had eaten some ores and passed by Han Town, the parties hunting the creature down would not give it the time to continue feeding . Moreover, the crystal shell beast was not just a beast capable of mining, it was an insectoid .

 A flying insectoid .

 Without the chance of finding more food, the largest source of energy in Han Town would be the spatial stabilizing device!

 This would be how the tragedy of Han Town began . The crystal shell beast would eat the spatial stabilizing device, causing a rift to appear and plunging the entire town into chaos .

 “If the crystal shell beast were immobilized, then Han Town wouldn’t fall like it did in the past . If so, Uncle Liu probably wouldn’t come with me this time around!” Qin Feng thought to himself .

 However, after giving it another thought, Qin Feng decided that he would bring down the crystal shell beast .

 “Even if it were for the crystal shell beast alone, the time spent coming here wouldn’t be wasted . I can always come back again for Uncle Liu when I become stronger in the future . In this doomsday era, who would want to be drifters anyway? Han Town is Uncle Liu’s home after all!”

 With that finalized thought, Qin Feng had made up his mind . “Let’s go . Let’s go and see how mystical this crystal shell beast is!”

 Qin Feng grabbed Bai Li, leaping over some houses and raced through the streets, rushing toward the location of the crystal shell beast .

 As he closed the distance, more aptitude users began to appear . These people naturally heard the news and wanted to catch the crystal shell beast for themselves!

 “Haha! I’ve traveled so far only to find it so easily . I didn’t expect the beast to appear in town!

 “This will be a pit of regret in the guts of those that went out to search for it!”

 “By the time they get back, the crystal shell beast would be ours!”

 “Lads, watch out for others!”

 “Whoever wants to steal this from us, take them down!”

 In the surrounding area, there were teams of three to five on guard against each other, their eyes filled with hostile intent . Field competition was a common thing!

 Of course, those who had been running to the central square of the town found that the prompt on their communicators was showing that the crystal shell beast was about two hundred meters away from them . This made them very confused .

 At this time, the F-rank aptitude users en-site numbered to more than fifty! Among them included Liu Zhengshan’s daughter, Liu Xue .

 “Where’s the beast?” Everyone was puzzled . Only Qin Feng suddenly opened up the hidden gliding wings on his back .


 “Up!” Qin Feng took a step and suddenly jumped up to the height of three stories high . The gliding wings jittered as the energy system was activated, and the wind runes sent Qin Feng rocketing through the sky .

 HIs actions naturally drew the attention of the people nearby, at the same time, they seemed to have realized something .

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 “In the sky!”

 At this time, there were people within the gigantic spatial stabilizing device, they had received a prompt about the crystal shell beast that was getting closer .

 Crink crink!

 These people heard a noise and an alarm sounded throughout the entire spatial stabilizing device .

 [The exterior of the spatial stabilizing device has been damaged, please repair it as soon as possible!]

 Under the sunlight, the basin sized crystal shell beast was like a large diamond, reflecting a kaleidoscopic light .

 As soon as Qin Feng flew closer to the spatial stabilizing device, he found the location of the beast .

 The spatial stabilizing device was huge . It had a disc in the center that was fifty meters long . There were three channels connected to the disc, and they extended in three directions from the disc . The spatial stabilizing device was like a fan that had been fit above the entire Han Town .

 And now, the crystal shell beast was on one of the fan wings, nibbling at the shell . It was located directly where the energy device was stored .

 “Get off!”

 Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber pierced toward the crystal shell beast’s direction . The crystal shell beast sensed impending danger and immediately opened up its wings to evade Qin Feng’s attack .

 At where it once was, translucent energy seeped out of a large hole . Even on the outside, Qin Feng could hear the alarm coming from within .

 “Quickly! Empty the energy fluid for now so we can repair the external shell!”

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 “Open the top hatch!”

 “Hurry! The spatial device isn’t stable!”

 The crystal shell beast circled the spatial stabilizing device and Qin Feng stood by the hole it made, refusing to leave .

 At this time, a maintenance personnel had come out from the inside with tools in his hands . After seeing Qin Feng, he was a bit surprised .

 “Who are you?”

 “Do we even have time for this? Hurry up and fix the stabilizer!” Qin Feng barked .

 Buzz! The crystal shell beast suddenly swooped down . It was indeed a special kind of ultra beast, while it did not have high strength it was high in value and also an F-tier beast . It still had some attack capabilities .

 The outward appearance of the crystal shell beast resembled that of a beetle, a scarab to be precise . Its wings buzzed quietly and relentlessly . As the beast was transparent, it could assimilate other colors around it to hide its trace . That was how it got to the spatial stabilizing device without being detected when it passed through the air defense system .

 In midair, the crystal shell beast disappeared instantly and when it appeared again it was already behind the maintenance staff who was holding a tool!

 Qin Feng reached his opponent’s side in a flash, swinging his Verdant Emperor Saber .

 “Ahh!” The worker did not expect Qin Feng to be so fast, and he started to move forward, believing that he was about to be killed and tried to evade the attack, slipping and flopping onto the surface . Not only that, the tool fell off the spatial stabilizing device .


 Qin Feng’s saber and the beast’s wings collided with one another .

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 The wings of the crystal shell beast were as hard as steel . Although the Verdant Emperor Saber was made out of G-tier material, it was not enough to cut through its wings!

 Of course, this time he blocked the beast from beheading the worker! When the worker saw this, he had yet to realize that this person had come to help . The real culprit behind the damage to the spatial stabilizing device was the crystal shell beast!

 “Tools . The tools! I need to go get them!” The man hurriedly said and started to crawl away .

 At this time, two people with gliding wings were flying up . Upon spotting the crystal shell beast, they hollered excitedly .


 One of them was obviously a long-ranged gunner . When he saw the crystal shell beast, he fired immediately .

 Qin Feng’s expression turned sour .

 A volley of bullets flew out, spitting sparks of flame and ignited the energy fluid instantly! The energy fluid was used to supply the spatial stabilizing device . Qin Feng’s floating tank also used the same fluid .

 It was extremely flammable .

 Qin Feng kicked off and flew away, no longer caring about the crystal shell beast or the people after it .

 “Retarded bunch!” Qin Feng had other viciously colorful choice words to use on those people at that time .



 Hundred meters up, there was a huge explosion! The energy tank of the spatial stabilizing device had exploded .

 This was not like the small spark that exploded randomly in Chengbei colony . The entire huge spatial stabilizing device in the sky exploded into two sections, split apart right down the middle .