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Master of the End Times - Chapter 105

Published at 12th of June 2020 05:33:48 PM

Chapter 105


 One of the blasted out fan wings of the spatial stabilizing device began to tilt, the circuits crackled and there were fewer and fewer connected parts .


 The people below watched as the large spatial stabilizing wing fell and shouted out in unison .

 Those within the buildings below did not expect a disaster like this to occur and it was too late to avoid it .

 Even Qin Feng could not do anything at this point .


 The fan wing of the spatial stabilizing device crashed into a tall building, instantly causing it to crumble and fall .

 Not only that, the spatial stabilizing device with two fan wings left slowly began to tilt, and the suspension device could no longer carry such a heavy object . Besides that, the device had just lost one of its corners and could no longer be held intact .

 The rate of descent was getting faster and faster, people had absolutely no time to stop it .

 “Xiao Bai, lets go!” Qin Feng shouted .

 Bai Li appeared next to Qin Feng instantly and the two disappeared together . Amidst the chaos, nobody noticed Qin Feng .

 Another explosion ruptured in the air and the huge stabilizing device crashed downward toward the central square .

 The spatial stabilizing device was definitely the most sophisticated instrument and it was also of great value . However, this did not mean that it had sturdy defenses . Quite the contrary, in order to conserve energy, the device itself had almost no defense . After all, the town had a spatial alarm and a protective outer layer, but if there were an aerial threat, severe damage would be inevitable .

 Nobody expected Han Town to be infiltrated by a crystal shell beast with a high stealth ability, and that the spatial stabilizing device would be destroyed by a brainless gunner .

 Qin Feng did not know if the disaster in his previous life was caused by this, but he would have immediately killed the gunner if he had known something like this would happen .

 The destruction of the spatial stabilizing device was an unexpected disaster .

 Many were still at a loss, but the collapsing tower caused by the explosion caused the scene to be in total chaos .

 The town’s garrison troop and patrols appeared one after another . Not only that, a violent and most definitely angry figure had appeared .

 It was the strongest person in Han Town, Mayor Shi Tianhai* .

 “Who! Who did this?!”

 Shi Tianhai could not believe it all . The spatial stabilizing device!

 It was the foundation of the town!

 He let out a cry of rage that was cut short as a rift opened up in place of the spatial stabilizing device . The rift seemed to have torn the sky apart, ripping straight through the sky toward the ground with a height of one hundred meters and a width of ten meters .

 [Beep beep…]

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 Without needing to look at it, Qin Feng’s communicator vibrated violently . Not only that, the whole of Han Town had received the news .

 In that moment, a large swarm of monsters flooded out . Qin Feng, who was closer, turned pale at the sight . This was like what he saw in his past life, and it brought back those deep fears of such imagery .

 The first wave of assault were fast-moving blood-thirsty beetles . The battering buzz of wings continuously sounded out, and they pounced upon those that were still running around and began their feeding frenzy .

 It was an F-tier insectoid beast . Not only that, it was an F5-tier insectoid beast and they came in groups!

 The F-tier aptitude users in the central square were the first ones to bear the assault .

 “Open fire! Suppression fire! Don’t let them come any closer, retreat!” Someone shouted among the crowd .

 A gunner was quickly caught up by the attacks, he wildly fired his submachine gun . However, the speed of these blood-thirsty beetles were too fast . Kill one and another one would replace it .

 Soon, the gunner was knocked to the ground by a blood-thirsty beetle, and at the next moment, three beetles were pressed against each other and a one-meter-long tube protruded from the beetle’s mouth into the body of the gunner .


 The gunner screamed, but the blood in his body was quickly sucked away and he no longer had the strength to struggle .

 Such a scene was happening everywhere .

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 Qin Feng’s eyes swept around and he saw Liu Xue’s figure . He could not prevent Han Town from getting zerged by insectoids, so naturally he had to stand out to help Liu Xue .

 At this time, Liu Xue was fighting while retreating . There were two blood-thirsty beetles on her tail and were refusing to be shaken loose . In order to not be injured, Liu Xue could not just make a desperate run for it .

 It was at that moment when a huge fireball roared out from the side, centering on the blood-thristy beetles .


 The blood-thristy beetles were immediately flung away, bursting into flames and landing on the ground, no longer moving .

 Liu Xue looked in surprise at the direction from where the flames came . She knew that someone had used the fire to help her, it was just that she did not expect that someone to be Qin Feng out of all people .

 Qin Feng took a few steps toward the remaining blood-thristy beetle, brandishing the Verdant Emperor Saber .

 “Burning Sword Glare!”

 Fire runes were wrapped around the Verdant Emperor Saber, suddenly adding a full meter to it . It looked like it had doubled in size . The flames of the blade licked at the blood-thristy beetle and sliced it in half in a flash!

 There was no blood coming from the wound, but instead a meaty fragrance .

 “Thank you!” Liu Xue quickly said .

 “No time for thank yous, go back quickly . The situation doesn’t look good!” Qin Feng hurriedly said .

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 “Right!” Liu Xue gave a hard, affirmative nod . This time, other than the huge rift that had opened up in the center of town, there were smaller rifts opening up all over the place . Liu Xue would naturally be anxious .

 Who knew what was going on right now?

 Qin Feng and Liu Xue continued their retreat and at this time, Liu Xue looked at Bai Li in surprise . She thought that Bai Li was just an ordinary person, but the other party was not a slouch in terms of speed and seemed to be able to keep up with relative ease, with not a trace of panic on her .

 Now, even Mayor Shi Tianhai had run away without a trace .

 When the crack had appeared, the surroundings were filled with a chaotic crowd of fleeing civilians . Cars crowded the main road and had been blocked by a car accident . Nobody was getting out .

 “Ahh!” Someone cried out, having been bitten on the leg by a black steel bug .

 “Save me, please, save me!” He was asking for help from those around him, and after seeing Qin Feng and Liu Xue, he immediately yelled .

 “Captain Liu! Captain Liu, save me!”

 As the captain of one of Han Town’s patrol branches and a young, powerful woman with beautiful looks, everyone in town recognized her .

 Liu Xue hesitated for a moment, but stopped, taking out her energy gun and blasted the man’s foot .

 The black steel bug loosened its mandibles and the man was released . His foot looked like it was almost bitten off and was desperate for a while . Then he saw Captain Liu and he felt that there was still hope . He quickly grabbed onto Liu Xue’s heel .

 “Captain Liu, you can’t leave me behind . It’s too dangerous here, and we can’t leave the town . Let’s find shelter and wait for rescue!”

 Translator’s note: Mayor Shi Tianhai’s name in Chinese characters ‘石天海’ directly translates to mean ‘Rock Sky Sea’ . An undoubtedly ambitious and badass name .