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Master of the End Times - Chapter 115

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:50 AM

Chapter 115: Extermination of the Broodmother

The Sky Burning Sword Art was categorized as an A-tier martial arts . The greater the inner force was, the stronger the sword art would manifest .

 It was said that this art might even surpass S-tier if used by a combatant with powerful inner strength .

 Though Qin Feng had mastered the sword art, his lack of inner strength meant that he could only manage one percent of its full potential .

 Despite that, the destructive force exerted by the third skill, Blazing Sky, was still rather astonishing .


 Two figures promptly reappeared . They were none other than Qin Feng and Bai Li .

 At the far side, the almighty broodmother struggled a few steps forward and suddenly felt abnormally light . That was because half of its body had just been cut off by Qin Feng’s attack .

 It did not die on the spot since insectoids were a species with powerful living force .

 Qin Feng’s face looked pale and he could feel nothing left in his dantian . His forty clouds of inner force equivalent to that of F9-tier had been completely exhausted . Such was the price to pay in using a skill as devastating as Blazing Sky .

 Fortunately, he could still rely on his conscious energy .

 ‘Dark Ray!’

 The laser fell on the broodmother’s head and snatched away its final trace of vitality .


 The broodmother was dead!

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 The next moment, Qin Feng’s core ability took over subconsciously . Unseen energy was being drawn in continuously from the fallen broodmother .

 The steel-limb broodmother’s greatest strength lay in its ability to reproduce . In other words, its power represented the source of life . Qin Feng could feel that his blood was beginning to circulate faster and his healing had been accelerated to a point beyond his imagination .

 The wound that Qin Feng had been afflicted with in this fight was healing rapidly . Besides, though he still could not sense his inner force, he did not feel lethargic at all after the long battle .

 “Not half bad!” Qin Feng gripped his fists and had a grasp that his body strength had just evolved into the F5-tier .

 This was when he heard the heavy rustling noise in the dark that came from all directions .

 insectoids would not interfere when their king was battling . The giant beast king would simply obliterate anything found on its path unselectively .

 It was also a means of the beast king portraying its supremacy . No creature was allowed to share the beast king’s prey .

 The king’s influence had vanished with the death of the broodmother . What was once the tip of the food chain had now become food itself . To other insectoids, the body of the broodmother was a rich source of nutrients .

 “F*ck off!” The gem of darkness in Qin Feng exploded and formed a band of dark mist . The mist absorbed all light and covered Qin Feng, Bai Li, and the broodmother in complete darkness .

 The mysterious mist created a barrier that could not be seen through . Not only were the insectoids unable to escape but aptitude users that had been paying attention also could not perceive what was happening inside .

 “Xiao Bai, quick! Harvest the loot, spider claw, and crystal core!”

 Qin Feng was not doing this for charity . Naturally, he was going after the sumptuous rewards of killing a beast king .

 He had to summon the mist so that others would not learn about Bai Li’s ability . Even though the beast materials were quite huge in size, people would only think that he had brought a spatial rune of extra-large space with him and suspect nothing .

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 Bai Li acted swiftly . She made good use of her Space Blade and harvested all the eight limbs of the broodmother . Three of them had only half left, which the other halves retrieved by Bai Li into her personal rift earlier during the fight .

 She then raised her hand and created a space portal . Not long after, a crystal core of the size of a basketball appeared on her palm . It was the energy core that belonged to the broodmother .

 Qin Feng, meanwhile, rounded to the back of the broodmother and used his saber to cut open the beast’s burned flesh .

 Blood of dark green color spilled out from the opening . Qin Feng continued to dissect the body and found its string gland in no time .

 The gland was even larger than the core . It measured at three meters long and one meter wide .

 “Catch this!” Qin Feng threw it to Bai Li for it to be kept together with other loots .

 Then, Qin Feng once again unleashed Hellfire . The giant body of the spider swiftly caught fire . It became brittle without the core to support it . The remnants of the horrific beast were incinerated and turned into a pile of ash .

 Coincidentally, the sun had risen at the same time and brought light to the ravaged land .

 The darkness was displaced by the sunlight and Qin Feng came out from the dark mist together with Bai Li riding on the umbra stallion .

 ‘Disperse!’ The dark runes vanished altogether with the huge beast corpse .

 The remaining insectoids rushed over to where the broodmother was supposed to be but they found nothing other than ashes on the floor there . Their feed had just disappeared mysteriously .

 Some insectoids did notice Qin Feng and Bai Li but the umbra stallion stepped right through them and broke free like a weightless spirit .

 Qin Feng had escaped the battle zone in the blink of an eye and turned into a street .

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 The insectoids were relentless and numerous worms swarmed the entire street behind them .


 Bloodthirsty beetles that could fly caught up to Qin Feng first .


 Qin Feng simply waved his saber to kill two of the pursuers . The lowly insectoids would be no match to the Verdant Emperor Saber .

 Yet, they seemed determined to drown Qin Feng by their numbers .

 ‘Go to hell!’ Qin Feng was furious and triggered his consciousness .


 All of a sudden, the fire runes went wild and scorched the entire long street behind Qin Feng .


 The fuel tank of a few cars caught fire and exploded sequentially .

 Several thousands of insectoids were instantly killed by the blast . Not a sign of life other than Qin Feng and Bai Li could be detected on the street after the explosion .

 “Time to go!” Qin Feng pushed the stallion to gallop speedily forward . The insectoids at the rear were unable to chase after them as Hellfire was still burning bright .

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 Though the entire Han Town was roamed by the insectoids, Qin Feng could not care less and used the main road under broad daylight . They soon arrived in front of a tall building .

 This was the place where the broodmother had set up its giant web .


 “Kill me . End my misery now!”

 “It’s so painful . Save me!”

 Qin Feng could hear the shrieking and groaning coming from inside unceasingly .

 The people trapped by the web were not dead yet .

 The steel-limb broodmother would not kill them right away . It was using them as vessels and had injected its egg into the human bodies . The eggs would feed on the blood and flesh and slowly turn into small spiders . Those baby spiders would then consume the human from inside out . That was when the captured victims would finally meet their ends . But before that, they would first experience insufferable torture .


 The flame spread along the strings and burned the entire place down steadily . These strings were still weak against fire even though it was produced by a beast king . Moreover, Qin Feng’s Hellfire was more destructive than a normal flame .


The spider web finally crumbled and the hostages on it were being charred alive .

 Qin Feng witnessed the entire process from outside . He was not shaken despite the diabolical scene .

 He had gone through similar episodes in his previous life . In fact, way too much and way worse . Qin Feng no longer held unnecessary sympathy toward such tragedy . There was no better way to alleviate the sufferers from this living hell, he believed .