Master of the End Times - Chapter 116

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Chapter 116: Unwilling to change

Chapter 116: Unwilling to change

After the spider webs were burnt and destroyed, Qin Feng swaggered and returned near the hotel, he even went one round the area to clear up some of the insectoids that were in large numbers .

As soon as he returned to the forge, He Ling and the others had already returned from the hotel in front; however, they looked at Qin Feng with admiration and were also slightly puzzled .

Despite the fact that the entire Han Town had fallen, communicators could still be used by the people, and although some might not be able to see what had happened to Qin Feng at the outer part; however, some of them did manage to obtain recordings of him .

One of the highlights was when he managed to get out from being surrounded by the insectoids .

Qin Feng was leading in the front while being pursued closely by the insectoids from behind, the recordings had also clearly captured the moment of his angered expression .

It was the anger that had ignited blazing flames that covered the entire fifty-meter-long street, and the people had to stop recording and hide to avoid the flames, after Qing Feng had left, all that was seen from the window pane was burnt ruins .

How powerful could that energy be?

Besides, He Ling, Liu Xue and Liu Zhenshan were also there and had witnessed the recordings .

Those who were being rescued from the basement had also witnessed it .

All of them were shocked by the capability of Qin Feng and thought that they should have followed him earlier .

“Qin Feng, can I ask you a question?” Liu Xue hesitated for a moment and raised her question .

All sights landed upon Qin Feng while he was eating a meat jerky that tasted quite good, however it did not provide much energy and was only for his temporary fulfilment .

“What is it?” Qin Feng replied while he pulled out a strip and shared it with Bai Li, Bai Li stuck out her tongue after she took a bite .


Qin Feng chuckled and rubbed her head with his hand .

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Liu Xue felt that she could no longer let out her words .

However, there was still doubt in her mind .

“Qin Feng, with your capability, you could have easily left, why would you not leave just now?”

During the battle that took place during midnight yesterday, the ten extremely skillful bombing shots from him had forced the beast king to retreat, and the scene was deeply imprinted into the minds of Wang Chen and two of the others .

Until the next day, those who had witnessed the scene had even taken recordings of Qin Feng .

All of them thought that it would be very easy for Qin Feng to leave .

However, Qin Feng did the opposite and he had even come back .

They thought that Qin Feng had a crush on the beautiful Liu Xue, however, from what had happened, that seemed to be an invalid assumption!

Qin Feng looked toward the crowd .

All of them were carefully observing him .

They were glad that Qin Feng was powerful, and at the same time, they also had fear within them!

They were afraid that they would be left with no support after Qin Feng had left!

Suddenly, an idea struck Qin Feng .

“Let’s assume that this is an appreciation for Uncle Liu who has taken the risk to make the Verdant Emperor Saber for me!” Qin Feng replied .

Uncle Liu did not demand for any compensation when he made the Verdant Emperor Saber, furthermore, he could have remained within the safe basement and waited for aid to arrive, it was Qin Feng who had exposed him to the risk when he brought him outside .

Liu Zhenshan was touched by the reason behind it and felt a little embarrassed .

“No, Qin Feng, you are the one who has brought my daughter back, and I have yet to thank you for that, I could not be more thankful for your help!” Liu Zhenshan replied .

Qin Feng muttered for a short while as he did not know how to reply, and he continued with his point, “Other than this, I do have a colony that requires talents of all sorts, and I would like to recruit Uncle Liu that is well equipped with his skills!”

At that moment, not only Liu Zhenshan, the others were all shocked!

A colony?

Wouldn’t that be similar to Shi Tianhai?

It would indeed be seen as inappropriate by others for him to recruit from other colonies, however, Liu Zhenshan’s skills were only average and Liu Xue was the reason behind his achievements .

What had Qin Feng seen in Liu Zhenshan?

It had caught everyone by surprise!

However, Qin Feng was firm in his judgement .

Liu Zhenshan’s skills were only average?

In reality, it was Liu Zhenshan that had been used to the simple way of life for him and his family, and did not push himself for any improvements . If he were to leave Han Town, losing both his daughter and Qiao Yan, he would then seek to become stronger and might even grow into a highly skilled rune equipment master .

It was the opportunity and willingness to improve that were lacking in Liu Zhenshan .

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“Well…” Liu Zhenshan was left speechless!

“Uncle Liu, the situation has changed for the fallen Han Town, and it will not be the same even if there were another replacement of space stabilizing device, and there will not be much room for development, why not leave with me, and I will fulfil all of your will, including wealth, and safety for your entire life!”

Liu Zhenshan was magically intrigued with Qin Feng’s speech .

Although Liu Zhenshan could not figure out the reason, he had a very good impression toward the young Qin Feng since they met each other, it was as if both of them had known each other for years and he was a trustworthy person to him .

“Liu, why are you still hesitating, I do agree with Brother Qin!” Qiao Yan urged on .

If Qin Feng did not have his answer now, he might even leave immediately with frustration, who else would be left to provide protection for them?

Furthermore, Qin Feng was right about what he said .

Liu Zhenshan took the offer and nodded firmly, “Brother Qin, I will honour your high hopes on me, and from now on, I will serve you with all I can!”

Qin Feng let out a smile and replied, “Uncle Liu, I was not asking for that much, but I am glad that you can come with me!”

Qin Feng felt even more assured now that he had a partner that he had before his rebirth .

He had wanted change on some of the things, however, fate was not in favour for him, just like Zhou Hao .

He had also wanted some of the things to remain, as those were the inseparable close ties that he had from the past, just like Liu Zhenshan .

Now, everything has developed for the better .

“Well, Qin Feng, are you going to lead us away from here now?” Liu Xue forced herself to ask .

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Qin Feng replied without putting much thought to it, “I’ll leave it to Uncle Liu to decide!”

Liu Zhenshan replied spontaneously, “Qin Feng, you had a long night of battle, let’s rest for now and leave that for later!”

Indeed, Qin Feng was exhausted from the battle that he had with the beast king .

Whether he was an A-tier ability user or an F-tier before he was reborned, it would be equally taxing for him to challenge a beast king or a beast general .


Qin Feng agreed, after he had something to eat, he found a spot for him to rest, it was in the hotel right in front that provided a comfortable resting place with a few mattresses .

Xiao Bai lay down beside Qin Feng and wrapped herself around him as she slept together with him .

The others were afraid that they would disturb the both of them who were asleep together and went to another room .

After about two hours of sleep, Qin Feng was awakened by a sudden scream!

Qin Feng opened his eyes and observed the surroundings carefully, he expanded his consciousness to check if there were any danger .

In the next moment, Qin Feng frowned!