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Master of the End Times - Chapter 118

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:46 AM

Chapter 118: An Implied Warning

Chapter 118: An Implied Warning

“I don’t know how you all forced Liu Xue to come back for you but with this kind of behaviour, I would assume that your secondary mandatory education has been wasted! If you don’t know how to use a gun, then you run for your life . If you don’t even know how to do that properly, your ending would be the same as his!”

Qin Feng pointed his energy gun toward the giant hole where the plow worm had just left .

“I’m not an aptitude user from Han Town, and I don’t have the responsibility to protect all of you . For those who are going to continue acting greedy for their own survival and not care about the big picture, be prepared to be fed to the worms, you’d be doing us a favor since everyone would be safe once the worms are well fed!”

Qin Feng sounded very harsh with his words .

The shot that was fired earlier was actually an implied warning to the others!

Those who were observing were frightened .

They found out that the escape would be led by Qin Feng moving forward, he did not have much compassion and was different from Liu Xue .

However, the people had seen hope from his capability earlier .

Liu Xue seemed to be in disagreement while tears had already rounded the rim of her eyes, her body was trembling!

Qin Feng did not have any compassion for them .

“And you, do you think that you are invincible just because you are an aptitude user? Stop seeking for your own death, or else, I will stop rescuing you . I only came down here because I respect Uncle Liu!”

Qin Feng turned around and left after saying so .

The others saw the situation and immediately followed Qin Feng, none of them went to comfort Liu Xue!

Liu Xue looked as if she were lost as she looked up to the sky with tears rolling down from the corners of her eyes .

‘Was I wrong?’

Was it wrong for her to save the others? Why would this happen to her?

“Do you wanna die? Why are you not following?” Qin Feng roared in anger from the front .

Immediately, Liu Xue reacted and followed up as she did not even have time to address her sad emotions .

Qin Feng was irritated as he frowned deeply .

“What a maverick, such a busybody!”

Qin Feng ignored Liu Xue and continued to walk toward the forge with an agitated expression .

There were about fifteen people that were following Qin Feng, and the waiters from the hotel saw them as soon as they regrouped with Liu Zhenshan; and immediately, the waiters had on an irritated expression .

Qin Feng said, “Uncle Liu, distribute the weapons to them, ask them, if they are not good with guns, save the hassle and replace it with knives!”

Liu Zhenshan nodded . “Alright, you can be rest assured, I am aware of that!”

There were only three among them that were given guns by Liu Zhenshan, while his own staff were handed huge sized weapons as they were all familiar with weapons from their frequent visits to the equipment store .

Before Qin Feng even had time to rest, sounds of battle ensued once more .

It was from the front of the equipment store .

Obviously, as mentioned by Wang Chen, they were those that wanted to join the escape .

“All of you hold the defense here, and I will head out to scout!”

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“Mr . Qin, be careful!”

“Stay here, Bai Li! Liu Xue, follow me!” Qin Feng commanded .

“Ah! Alright!” Liu Xue followed Qin Feng although she could not understand the reason behind it .

Bai Li nodded and looked at the newcomers that had just joined . “All of you have an obvious smell that would be easily detected by the worms, you can either wash it off or apply some of the beast repelling powder!”

Those were none other than the smell of their excretions, it was because they had gone through the night in the underground basement that was in chaos and without any order; or else, they would not have heard about the news and thought of leaving the shelter .

After all, the underground basement was not like the public bunkers readily available under giant malls .

The people were furious and embarrassed as they looked at Bai Li, yet they were afraid to voice out against her .

From the video recordings yesterday, Bai Li did not fight during the battles; however, she was calm and coordinated during every escape or battle, as if she was used to it . Furthermore, she was Qin Feng’s girlfriend; hence, all of the people were reluctant to go against Bai Li and could only adhere to the instruction of cleaning up and applying powder .


On the other hand, Qin Feng led Liu Xue through a corridor and was moving forward .

There were more than ten people in the equipment store, and among them, five were aptitude users with two F-tiers, and three G-tiers . The remaining ones were equipped with fire-fighting axes, knives, or guns .

At the moment, worms were being attracted into the store and they were engaged in a fierce and merciless battle .

A bloodthristy beetle flew over when Qin Feng appeared .

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A strong blue beam was projected from the energy gun held by Qin Feng, and it pierced through the skull of the bloodthristy beetle, blasting it away .

All of the others were surprised and delighted when they saw Qin Feng .

“It’s him!”

“Qin Feng!”

“And Leader Liu, we can now be saved!”

It was as if the crowd had encountered their saviours .

Qin Feng remained silent and raised his hand while a fire beam exploded and destroyed worms that were entering into the store within a split second .

Although it was their second visible encounter since last night, all of the people were still astonished by Qin Feng’s ability .

“Qin Feng… ah, no, Mr . Qin, Han Town has fallen, let’s break out together with all of our combined forces!” An F-tier approached Qin Feng with joy in his eyes . However, that person also came with other intentions .

Qin Feng ignored that person and looked at Liu Xue .

“How did they know my name!”

Liu Xue’s face turned pale .

It was obviously her that had spread the news .

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When Qin Feng was asleep earlier, being the leader of the patrol team, Liu Xue insisted on defending Han Town that had already fallen . She comforted the crowd and contacted the Coldstorm Battalion, now that they were about to attempt a breakout, Liu Xue also wanted to bring along the others .

Or else, how would these people come across Qin Feng’s name!

However, after being scolded by Qin Feng, Liu Xue immediately felt guilty .

It was not a problem for Qin Feng to leave with her family .

However, how could he protect every one of these people?

Qin Feng knew what had happened just by looking at Liu Xue’s expression, he laughed coldly, “My capability is only for my own use, and I hope you can remember that it should never be taken as your bargaining chip to convey your righteousness . I will take the lead to battle during this breakout, and I will only mind my own business where nobody can request for anything from me . You are not the saviour nor am I a hero, do you understand me?”

Qin Feng’s warning served as a means to obtain the commanding authority from Liu Xue .

Afterall, these people only knew Liu Xue and respected her more than they did Qin Feng .

Qin Feng did not want any of them to have the impression that he was just a pawn that could be easily ordered around to lead any battle .

Liu Xue immediately hung her head low and replied, “I understand!”

Only then, Qin Feng acknowledged the few people that had just been rescued .

After the conversation, the once delighted group became solemn as they realized that Qin Feng was not all happy about the idea of saving them .