Master of the End Times - Chapter 119

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Chapter 119: Breakout Route

Chapter 119: Breakout Route

Qin Feng was being honest with them .

“I wanted to break out previously but I didn’t plan on bringing too many people . You people are no different than grubs in the eyes of those insectoids . Having so many bug feed moving at the same time would attract the attention of those insectoids and I hope you are mentally prepared for that . The Coldstorm Battalion has assembled, my advice for you is to stay and wait for rescue!”

“If we wanted to stay, we wouldn’t have come here… Qin… Mr . Qin, I hope you can bring us along!”

One of the F-tier aptitude users started changing his tone . He did not dare to directly address Qin Feng by his name .

At one glance, Qin Feng could see that they were begging him .

“Listen to my orders then!”

Qin Feng got them to go to the back and wait for the others .

“Send out a message to everyone you know . We will attempt a breakout in one hour . Follow this route!” Qin Feng opened a map of Han Town from his communication device . He drew a route and passed it on to Liu Xue .

At first, when she saw the route, Liu Xue was a bit skeptical . But moments later, her eyes lit up .

“You’re going to the orphanage? Do you plan to save those kids?”

Qin Feng answered calmly, “Why else would I take this route?”

The conditions of the orphanage in Han Town was not much better than Chengbei colony’s . In fact, it was much worse . The road leading to the orphanage was very narrow, and it was a far off distance from the two town gates . Going there was an inconvenience .

But this would mean that Qin Feng had to take a detour before being able to escape from the town!

Still, Qin Feng wanted to go there .

Children were the future of this world . Qin Feng himself was an orphan . He knew the helplessness felt by the orphans . If he did not rescue them, no one would .

Moreover, they were the most vulnerable group .

For a moment there, Liu Xue’s feelings were rather jumbled up .

“I thought that you did not like to help people and treat them as a burden!” said Liu Xue .

“You thought correctly; they are a burden!”

Qin Feng was referring to those who were underground .

However, Liu Xue obviously misunderstood him . She was no longer afraid of Qin Feng . She even thought that Qin Feng’s stern appearance was but a mask to conceal his true, kind self .

“Thank you so much, Qin Feng!” Liu Xue was grateful .

Qin Feng felt that Liu Xue had misunderstood something, but he did not care to explain .

More people started to make their way over in the next hour .

Furthermore, some even messaged saying that they would wait along the route for Qin Feng’s team .

But those who were far away from them started crying for help . They were hoping that Qin Feng and his men would go to their locations, but Qin Feng ignored them all!

Luckily, Liu Xue was not foolish enough to announce the details of Qin Feng’s communication device . Qin Feng would have strangled her to death .

But now, Liu Xue was put in a bind!

“Time’s up! Get ready to depart!” Qin Feng gave the order .

Within the hour, two hundred people had reached Qin Feng’s location . They were all from around there . There were even people who were hiding inside their hotel rooms that were not found by the bloodthirsty beetles .

Hence, there were quite a number of people who could fight in the team . There were a total of thirteen F-tier aptitude users and thirty over G-tier aptitude users . The rest were common folks!

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But that would be sufficient!

“Ten people in one group, each F-tier aptitude user will take three G-tiers and seven civvies with you!”

Qin Feng gave the order .

It was a matter of life and death . The people were fast to move .

The thirteen F-tier aptitude users received the order from Qin Feng . They went on to pick their team members .

But of course, if fights were to break out later, they would not be able to take care of all of them . If the civilians could not keep up with them, that would be their fate .

“I’m only going to say this once . Later when more people join our group, be sure to maintain formation . Aptitude users should form an outside perimeter while the civvies stay inside . I will only be killing the beast soldiers, generals, or a large batch of F-tier insectoids . Keep all your mouths shut, do not scream or yell! If you can’t do it, tape your mouth!”

Although Qin Feng was stern in his speech, it was for their own good .

One of the mothers asked for tape to seal her daughter’s mouth before doing hers . Her eyes were filled with determination .

They could not stay here; they had to break out .

Qin Feng took a glance at that mother . He then pointed at her . “You’re in my team!”

The mother was startled as she obviously did not think that Qin Feng would choose her . After all, Qin Feng was the most powerful existence in the whole group .

Other than Qin Feng, there were Wang Chen, Liu Zhenshan, his wife, four storekeepers, and the pair of mother and daughter . There were ten people in the group .

As for why there were two F-tier aptitude users in the group, it was because of Liu Zhenshan and his wife . Qin Feng could not allow any harm to come to them .

“Let’s go!”

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Qin Feng raised his hand . He led the charge out of the hotel .

The surrounding insectoids had been cleared by Qin Feng . It was safe to go outside .

But one or two insectoids that popped up were quickly decimated by the rest of the people .

As long as it was not some kind of unanticipated event, aptitude users were, after all, aptitude users . Their level of strength was enough to handle the current situation .

However, in moments of retreat, there were bound to be accidents . Death or injury was inevitable .


A group of black insectoids appeared from a corner . It was the infamous bloodthirsty beetle .

These beetles could reach up to F-tier . They were also capable of flying . They could smell the scent of fresh blood from a kilometer away .

Those who were wounded in the battlefield were like delicacies giving off a great aroma . The group beetles swarmed at them .

There were almost thirty over beetles in the swarm . The insectoid that led the charge was a bloodthirsty beetle beast general that stood at two meters tall . There were also three one point five meter tall beast soldiers among their ranks .

No matter the beasts, once they got to a certain level, their strength and speed would increase dramatically . They were no match for an ordinary human being .

The one point five meter tall insectoid was almost the same size as a human . They had the power to deliver an instant kill on an F-tier aptitude user .

Qin Feng was riding on the umbra stallion . He placed his hand on the handle of the saber on his waist and unsheathed the Verdant Emperor Saber!

The sword gave out a mesmerizing golden shine . A huge burst of flame followed immediately .

The umbra stallion leapt into the sky as if it were hovering midair to meet the bloodthirsty beetle beast general .


At the draw of the sword, the indestructible Verdant Emperor Sword carried a fiery glitter with it and chopped toward the insectoid . Before the beast general could react, it had already been sliced into two by Qin Feng .

Another cross slash by Qin Feng’s Verdant Emperor Saber!

“Blooming Flame!”

The fire opened up into a fan shape, sucking up the bloodthirsty beetles that were in mid-air .

The burnt bloodthirsty beetle let out an agonizing buzz . In an instant, they were turned into char and fell out from the sky .

Qin Feng attacked once again . After a few more times, the swarm of pursuing bloodthirsty beetles had been reduced by half!

A few of the beetles charged into the crowd to evade Qin Feng’s attacks . A moment of chaos ensued among the crowd . Luckily, the beetles were quickly slain by the F-tier aptitude users .

As such, the team continued to move forward .

But there were too many insectoids . They had only managed to cross three streets in one hour . Normally, it would only take ten minutes .