Master of the End Times - Chapter 120

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:44 AM

Chapter 120: A Bloody Path

Along the path, there were people who joined the group . In the buildings on both sides of the street, people were even waving at them with bedsheets .

 “Save me! Help! There are insectoids below us, we can’t get out!”

 “Don’t go, why are you leaving!”

 “Bastard, are you just going to leave us to die?”

 When they saw that Qin Feng’s team did not stop for them but were charging ahead, their eyes were filled with despair . They threw stuff down from the building angrily, wishing that they would die .

 Even Liu Xue’s communication device was damaged!

 She was helpless .

 Wang Chen was escorting Liu Zhenshan and his wife . They were quite close to where Liu Xue was .

 “If it were me I would’ve destroyed the communication device, or I might end up dead from all the distraction . I’ve saved you once pretty girl! Don’t kill me now…” Wang Chen complained .

 Liu Xue’s face was pale . She forced a smile . “Thank you!”

 “No need, just stay out of trouble . These people need your protection . It’s impossible for our team to clear the buildings . If they don’t even have the courage to come down then it’s out of our hands as well!”

 As Wang Chen spoke, he saw a few kids throwing down bedsheets from a building above . The children were climbing down the bedsheets . A swarm of beetles flew toward them, wishing to consume their tender, young flesh .

 Bam! Bam! Bam!

 Wang Chen fired his gun and obliterated the bugs instantly to aid the children’s escape .

 When the city had fallen, only the brave could survive .

 Qin Feng was clearing the path up ahead . He frowned as he came to a street .

 “Prepare to detour!”

 Qin Feng said in a low voice .

 They came to a market in Han Town . There was a constant supply of meat and vegetables in the market . The market contained a large cache of food . When the town fell, the insectoids gathered here at this place . The market was now the insectoid’s hive .

 Furthermore, it was a hive for the ant insectoids .

 The blacksteel ants were twenty centimeters in length . Their chitins were similar to steel . There were almost tens of thousands of them around . Qin Feng did not plan to alarm these bugs .

 Qin Feng led the group away from the hive . But obviously, it was rare to have so many food show up . The ants were not planning on letting Qin Feng and the group go .

 “Run away, Xiao Bai, clear a path for us ahead!” Qin Feng yelled . He let the group escape first .

 “Right! You guys come with me!” Bai Li was like a demanding queen . She flew ahead instantly . Some of the fearless insectoids appeared in front of her .

 Bai Li raised her hand . Before the crowd could notice anything, a white light flashed past their eyes . The insectoids had been sliced in half!

 Her fingernails were all it took to deal with creatures of this level . She did not need the space blade .

 Even the F-tier ancient warriors thought that Bai Li was using some kind of claw technique . Although they were rare, there were still people who practiced the skill .

 Qin Feng who was riding on top of the umbra stallion leapt over the crowd and went to the back of the line . The large army of blacksteel ants had reached them .

 The last in line was instantly attacked .


 A blacksteel ant chomped on the person’s leg with its sharp mandibles .

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 The man wailed in agony . He had lost a tiny piece of flesh from his feet that had on a pair of slippers .

 The pain slowed him down . More and more ants were surrounding him .

 Like a black tsunami, the man was consumed and he fell onto the ground . Within the surging black wave, the man’s struggling body turned into a skeleton in an instant!

 Such was the terror of a bug wave!

 Qin Feng took a deep breath and his consciousness level drastically expanded .

 “Carpet Hellfire!”


 A fierce patch of scarlet flame appeared in front of Qin Feng . The flame covered an area like a rug .

 Be it the fire that had torched the insectoids within the hotel or the hellfire that consumed the whole street on the previous day, Hellfire had evolved along with Qin Feng’s gradual mastery of the ability . It had now developed into a powerful new ability .

 Carpet Hellfire was the official name given by Qin Feng .

 Like a carpet from hell, the blacksteel ants were like walking over hellfire . They were torched by the flame and perished instantly .

 Carpet Hellfire spanned for fifty meters, putting the street into a lockdown . Fifty meters away, even the legion of blacksteel ants did not dare to give chase .

 Qin Feng saw that there were some other items on the street that would fuel his flames . If he did not collect back his fire runes, the flame could still last for another five minutes . It was enough to stop the blacksteel ant army .

 He quickly rode his umbra stallion to get ahead of the team .

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 Once again, a gigantic creature blocked the path of the team .

 It was the double-headed steel-back snail that Qin Feng had encountered before when he was about to escape .

 The crowd’s terror level reached its peak when they saw the humongous creature .

 Even the F-tier aptitude users were scared to go ahead . There were panicked looks in their eyes, as if they were waiting for Qin Feng to return .


 A wave of liquid had sealed off the path .

 The crowd retreated frantically .

 It was a steel-back snail’s ability that was strongly corrosive . The effect of coming into contact with the liquid was similar to touching a strong acid!

 Only Bai Li remained fearless .

 The one who should be scared was the double-headed steel-back snail instead . After all, Bai Li was a real beast king .

 But then again, the double-headed steel-back snail was an insectoid with low intelligence . It was only capable of taking orders . It had no idea how terrifying Bai Li was and that she had concealed her aura .

 Bai Li strutted ahead and stepped over the liquid .

 The people up front looked on anxiously .

 “Be careful, that’s a beast general!”

 “Ahh! She’s gonna die, shouldn’t we be helping!”

 “That’s Mr . Qin’s girlfriend!”

 As the crowd contemplated, Bai Li had already raised both her hands . The white light flashed past them once again .


 Blood spattered outward as the steel-back snail’s severed head rolled down the ground .

 Bai Li reached out her finger and slashed across the top portion of the two severed heads . She collected the water-elemental ability core before moving forward .

 The crowd who saw the scene in front stared ahead blankly .

 A black figure went past them at that moment . Qin Feng had already reached their side .

 “What are you standing around for, go now! Are you going to feed the bugs?”

 After being yelled at by Qin Feng, the team started running once again .

 They used to think that Han Town was tiny in the past . It was no bigger than the size of a palm with crowded streets and enclosed roads .

 Now, they felt that Han Town was huge!

 They were only halfway to their destination after moving for three hours, and Qin Feng departed at one in the afternoon . After the three hours, the crowd was hungry and tired . If they were to continue moving at this pace, the casualties would be much larger .

 “Here! Get into this mall!”

 The mall was a large market built in the slums . Now, instead of two hundred people, there were five to six hundred people who had joined Qin Feng’s exodus .