Master of the End Times - Chapter 122

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Chapter 122: Grimy Side of the End Times

Chapter 122: Grimy Side of the End Times

The hail of bullets was nothing to a powerful ancient warrior .

Furthermore, Qin Feng was an ability user .

His consciousness was locked on to the bullets . They were not guided by a gunner’s consciousness .

They were just an ordinary outpour of bullets that had no consciousness attached to them . What an utter waste .

But for Qin Feng, the act was similar to suicide .


He injected his consciousness into the bullets and controlled them remotely . The bullets turned around .


The bullets hit the shooters . A wail of agonizing pain came out from within .

But there were also sounds of people drawing their sword to block off the bullets .

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The speed of the bullets was not that fast . These people were able to shield themselves from the bullets . Their reflexes were pretty agile .

It was like how Qin Feng used to parry the bullets with his Verdant Emperor Saber when he fought with He Li .

At this moment however, the gate had been completely opened up . Within their sights, other than seven or eight corpses that were lying on the floor, there were three other ancient warriors who were wielding weapons .

These ancient warriors had the capabilities of an F-tier .

“You’ve got a deathwish!”

“Let’s do this together!”

“Kill him!”

The trio’s eyes were filled with a murderous intent .

But compared to Qin Feng, they were too weak!

“Burning Sword Glare!”

Qin Feng swung his Verdant Emperor Saber . The area was enveloped by the glaring reflection of the flaming sword before the trio was knocked back by his slash .


Qin Feng closely followed the trio who had been knocked back into the underground bunker .

Under the dimmed emergency lights, Qin Feng was able to see what had transgressed in the underground bunker . His pupils suddenly dilated before he shifted his eyes away from the scene .

Qin Feng stepped out from the room .

“Liu Xue, you should go in and console them!” said Qin Feng .

Liu Xue did not understand what he meant . But when she entered and saw what was going on inside, her eyes widened .


There were only about a hundred or more people in the spacious underground bunker . However, almost a hundred of them were clustered in an area . There were twenty over young girls whose clothes were tattered . They were dazedly lying down on the cold surface of the floor . It did not take much imagination to know what they had gone through .

There was also a pile of corpses in a corner of the room . Within a day, the corpses were already giving out a terrible stench .

Liu Xue quickly went over . She found the girls’ clothes and quickly helped them to dress up .

“You… are you here to save us?” One of the girls’ stammered, her eyes filled with intense hate .

Liu Xue did not know how to answer her!

“Yes, we’re sorry, we were late!” Liu Xue replied with remorse .

She did not even know what had transpired here .

After the girls had put on their clothes, Qin Feng looked at the other hundred people . There were adult men and women in the group . There was guilt written all over their faces as they cowered in silence . They did not even make a sound after Qin Feng had come in with so many people .

In one day, the whole world had seemingly collapsed .

“What happened here?” Qin Feng asked in a low voice .

The previous girl raised her head and looked at Qin Feng . Qin Feng was the first to enter . Although he did not kill the three F-tier ancient warriors, he had severely wounded them .

“It’s them! It’s them!” The girl gritted her teeth . “We were hiding in the underground bunker last night, they came and harassed us . My classmates came to stop them, but they were all killed by them, they deserve death, death!”

The girl weeped as she spoke . The other girls who were numb at first cried out as well .

The large mall did not only sell groceries . There were clothing and accessory shops as well as a cinema and karaoke center at the top floor . It was a large department store .

The girl had only been injected with the awakening potion early this year . She was a highschool graduate like Qin Feng . After the graduation, she had a gathering with her classmates . As it was a holiday, everyone got together to have a singing session . When everything started falling apart, they went into the bunker in an orderly fashion!

But no one would have guessed that this was the beginning of a nightmare .

As F-tier ancient warriors, the scene was all too familiar . Status came with strength . Including the people that they had rescued along the way, they had become kingpins of the bunker .

They molested one of the students who was good-looking . Some of the students who had been injected by the awakening potion had their ancient warrior potential awakened . As they were young and hot-blooded, a fight quickly erupted .

The fight was more like a massacre!

After killing the newbies, these people became even more reckless .

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“They deserve death?” Qin Feng appeared to be repeating the girl’s voice .

She looked at Qin Feng . There were mixed feelings in her eyes .

They did not know how Qin Feng would handle this matter .

After all, aptitude users were the prized treasures of the colonies!

If it were not the end times, aptitude users could ask for a settlement by paying them off with an amount of money that was considered trivial to the aptitude users .

As she thought about this, the girl went into despair .

But at that moment, they suddenly heard Qin Feng’s voice .

“As you wish!”

Although Qin Feng had knocked the three ancient warriors back, he did not kill them . He had only wounded them severely .

But right now, he was walking toward the injured trio without hesitation .

“What are you trying to do?” One of the F-tier ancient warriors put on a brave face .

“Mr . Qin! We did something wrong!”

They had seen videos of Qin Feng before . They knew how strong he was, but they thought that they would get lucky .

However, they were defeated the moment they met . It had crumbled whatsoever confidence they had .

It was hard to believe that this person could possess such powerful abilities .

Was he a gunner, or an ancient warrior, or an ability user?

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No matter what he was, Qin Feng’s abilities struck fear in them .

“Being sorry doesn’t mean anything with mere words . I personally hate sand that get stuck in my eyes . If you’re really sorry then pay the price!”

After saying so, Qin Feng swung his Verdant Emperor Saber . Another glaring flame ensued!

The glaring knife edge had sliced off his opponents’ necks . Their severed heads rolled on the floor but no blood came out from the wound . They had all been turned into char .

Qin Feng charged up his Asteroid Assimilation . The three F-tier ancient warriors’ internal energies were absorbed by Qin Feng instantly .

When they saw the scene, the girls who had been assaulted did not feel afraid at all . Instead, they felt much better!

Dead, these people who had abused them were dead!

“Are you going to break out of this encirclement with us, or do you want to remain here!” asked Qin Feng .

The girls went silent . Only the first girl asked him in a hoarse voice, “Will you protect us?”

“Only you can protect yourselves!”

Qin Feng raised his hand . He threw a pistol in front of her .

The girl stared at the pistol before clutching it tightly .

“I’m coming with you!”

At that moment, the girl realized something . She was never interested in killing before . But now, she was passionate .

Only by having power could she protect herself . The only person she could trust was herself!