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Master of the End Times - Chapter 123

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:40 AM

Chapter 123: Aura of the Beast King

Perhaps it was because of what had transgressed in the underground bunker, some of the people who were with Qin Feng abandoned their wish to stay in the underground bunker . They had decided to break through the encirclement with them .

 Among them were mostly young, beautiful women .

 Qin Feng came down with two hundred people . But when he left, he brought an additional fifty people with him .

 “Liu Xue, get them some clothes from the upper floors!”

 Their clothes were tattered and could barely cover the important parts of their bodies . There were three or four hundred people in the mall right now and Qin Feng did not want any additional problems to arise!

 Liu Xue nodded and took them for a change of clothes .

 Luckily, the floors had been cleared by Qin Feng so nothing eventful happened to them .

 Night had fallen and the smell of food was too intense around here . Insectoids had started to gather, and soon, the whole building was surrounded .

 Qin Feng was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed as he meditated on his dantian .

 His qi had increased after killing some people just now . Qin Feng used an absorption ability to harness the qi .

 After the sparsely spread qi were absorbed by the veins in his body, the qi underwent a refinement process and quickly became part of Qin Feng’s internal energy .

 “The Asteroid Assimilation is getting stronger!”

 Qin Feng could sense that as his internal energy increased, his Asteroid Assimilation skill was improving as well . He could feel a subtle field enveloping his body that was endlessly consuming the spirit aura from both heaven and earth .

 The people that he had slain had been turned into a total of five qi clusters this time around . Including the previous ones, Qin Feng’s internal energy qi clusters came to a total of fifty .

 His internal energy had exceeded an F9-tier ancient warrior’s by five times .

 The internal energy was strong and came in an endless stream .


 Qin Feng exhaled once and opened his eyes .

 At this moment, Bai Li was sitting beside him . She was so bored that she had started playing games on the communication device .

 On the other side, about five meters away from him, a girl had appeared as well . It was the girl who had received Qin Feng’s pistol in the underground bunker .

 “Mr . Qin, thank you for what you did!” The girl was emotionally more stable now . Although her eyes were still swollen, her lips cracked, and her face bruised, her eyes were glimmering .

 “I haven’t introduced myself, I’m Shang Na!”

 “Hi!” Qin Feng nodded . “I’m Qin Feng . This is my girlfriend, Bai Li!”

 Bai Li raised her hand in acknowledgement . She continued to be engrossed in her game .

 Shang Na smiled . “Your girlfriend is cute!”

 Qin Feng gave an approving ‘you’ve got good taste’ look at Shang Na .

 Shang Na was not trying to flatter Bai Li as Bai Li was really a perfect goddess that was impenetrable .

 Her perfection had made Shang Na feel ashamed of herself .

 “Our communication devices had been destroyed by those people yesterday, or we would have sent out word . I’ve heard about you from the team, you seem to be pretty strong! Bai Li as well!”

 Perhaps she was afraid that Qin Feng would think that her words were meaningless so she paused for a moment before continuing, “I was injected with the awakening potion this year as well . On the fifth day, I was able to awaken the ancient warrior talent!”

 Having an awakening on the fifth day meant that she had great potential!

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 Even Zhou Hao could only awaken after ten or more days .

 But of course, it was one thing to have a natural talent . Aptitude was a whole other story .

 Shang Na smiled bitterly . “I was afraid of danger and I didn’t dare to go into battles . I never wanted to train, I was afraid of pain and injury, that’s why I hid my own strengths . But now I realize how foolish I was!”

 Such was the way of the world . There were people who could not get what they wanted even if they begged for it . But there were also people who did not appreciate what they could get easily .

 “Qin Feng, I know that you are an ability user as well as a very powerful ancient warrior . Can I learn ancient martial arts from you? I’ve heard that you have a colony of your own!”

 All these while, Qin Feng had been quietly listening to her . The girl had a terrible past . He even felt that without the awakening, the girl would have died in the city!

 Qin Feng’s act today had undoubtedly changed the history of Han Town .

 Many people who were supposed to die were rescued .

 Many people who could have lived died instead!

 Qin Feng looked at Shang Na’s determined pair of eyes . He then finally spoke .

 “If you manage to get out from Han Town alive, you’re welcomed in my colony!”

 It meant that he did not reject Shang Na .

 Shang Na was, of course, overjoyed!

 “Thank you so much!”

 She did not stay around and disturb Qin Feng . She needed to rest and fill herself up with food, or she would not be able to escape the next day .

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 Furthermore, she would have to defend herself with a gun .

 After resting for a while, Qin Feng once again sprung into action!

 Night was the best cover . It was also Qin Feng’s domain .

 As night befell the fallen city, the umbra stallion leapt silently into the building .

 Qin Feng brought Bai Li along in the darkness .

 This time around, they were not hunting for targets . Along the path, they did not attract the attention of any ultra beasts .

 “Found it!”

 It was an entrance to a transport hub .

 To put it accurately, it was like a transport depot in Chengbei colony . Vehicles would depart from here . There were still about three trucks remaining .

 Since these vehicles had to travel into the wilderness, the glasses were reinforced . There were also strut bars outside the truck and a machine gun on top .

 Qin Feng leapt into the truck . There was no key inside, but it was not a difficult task for Qin Feng .

 He tinkered around with the circuit and soon the truck came into life!

 The insectoids naturally swarmed the truck as they heard the engine .

 “Bai Li, scare them away with your aura!”

 “Oh! That’s a piece of cake!”

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 Bai Li channeled out her aura instantly . The insectoids could sense her beast king aura and retreated in fear .

 After starting up the truck, Qin Feng towed another vehicle and headed straight for the orphanage .

 After twenty minutes, the truck stopped outside the orphanage . The insectoids had been scared off by Bai Li’s aura . Qin Feng focused his consciousness on the orphanage . There were no insectoids around, but there was no living person around as well .

 Of course, it did not mean that everyone in the orphanage had already perished . On the contrary, they were unharmed and hidden in the basement .

 Qin Feng could not care less about those people who cried for help in the communication device, but that did not mean that he was aloof . The orphanage in Han Town was tiny, there were only about a hundred over children inside . These two trucks were enough to carry them .

 “Bai Li, can you leave your aura here to keep the insectoids from closing in?” Qin Feng asked .

 What would she use to assert dominance in the area? The thought of what she might use made him feel rather devious!

 Bai Li nodded .


 Hence, under the careful eyes of Qin Feng, Bai Li plucked some hair from her head that looked like a patch of beautiful fur .


 She blew the hair, scattering them across the trucks and the ground .

 “With these fur, the insectoids wouldn’t dare to close in!”

 Qin Feng suddenly felt that he had been overthinking it .

 “Let’s go!”

 He rode the umbra stallion and went back with Bai Li .