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Master of the End Times - Chapter 124

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:39 AM

Chapter 124: Carpet Hellfire

Chapter 124: Carpet Hellfire

There was not a single human soul out in the middle of night, but there were more and more insectoids gathering around the mall .

Even if there was beast repellent scattered about, the collective breaths of the people were still being dispersed . With adequate food around, it was a possibility that the insectoids wanted a full meal or to hunt to feed their offspring .

To leave them alone until morning would mean that the insectoids could break in at any moment and kill everyone .

Liu Xue and the others were patrolling vigilantly, looking through a small window .

“What should we do? Should we clear some out?” He Ling suggested nervously .

The people around him did not respond . Nobody knew what was the best course of action . Even Liu Xue would not dare give suggestions right now as the price of a wrong decision would be someone’s life .

“Boss isn’t back yet?” Wang Chen kept glancing at the communicator on his hand . He was looking at the time .

Wang Chen naturally had Qin Feng’s communicator number, but things had not reached a critical moment just yet . If he rashly called Qin Feng, and ended up with nothing definitive, then it would only show that Wang Chen was not very useful .

So he endured on .

He could only wait for time to pass and hope that Qin Feng would return soon . It was not just him, those around him were also thinking the same thing .

“Why isn’t Mr . Qin back yet?”

It had only been twelve hours and Qin Feng had become a pillar for these people to rely on . Without him, they would not have been able to hold out here, neither would they have had the confidence to escape .

“Beast general! There’s another beast general!” Wang Chen quietly sounded out, with a trace of fear in his voice .

In the darkness, they could see the silhouette of a beast general knife-edge mantis .

Previously in the hotel lobby, a beast general knife-edge mantis had appeared as well . It moved at a neck-breaking speed, the dizzying strikes of its sickle-like claws harvested up to three lives .

With the existence of something like this, there was nothing that could be done to deal with it .

The beast generals were not as patient as the insectoids, and they would not be deterred by the beast repellent powder . Rather, they would begin their rampage toward the mall and start killing everything in sight .

As for right now, five beast generals were spread out in all four directions of the mall .

One would not dare imagine what sort of scene would ensue if they were to break through!

Only this time, a burst of flame suddenly came from down the streets .

Dark red flames rose up into the night sky, but the burst of flame did not fill the air with light . The dark flames swallowed the disturbed uproar that was the swarm of insectoids on the streets .

The flames ignited everything around them, but there was no smoke cover, nor was there a wave of heat that would warm its surroundings . Everything would have been in a calm quiet if it were not for the pained screeching of the burning insectoids .

Qin Feng walked through the flames . This fire was made by him, naturally he would not be harmed .

Carpet Hellfire was not a be-all end-all ability, it would not be enough to kill off some of the stronger beast soldiers with strong vitality!


That only made the insectoids angry!

“Nice . I don’t need to go looking for you!”

Qin Feng watched as a knife-edged mantis flashed its wings and flew toward him . Its wings were thin like a cicada’s, but it stretched itself outward and pressed forward . The way it handled its sickle-like claws indicated that it was quite skillful with them .


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No matter how skilled it was, facing Qin Feng meant the end .

The Burning Sword Glare erupted outward as Qin Feng and the knife-edged mantis moved past one another .

It was not until Qin Feng had moved ten meters away that the huge knife-edged mantis collapsed onto the ground and got consumed by Hellfire .

Knife-edge mantis beast general! Slain!

It was just a momentary face-off and Qin Feng had killed the knife-edged mantis within seconds . He did not stop moving, continuing his advance, not even stopping to look at the mantis .

The dark umbra stallion once more entered the darkness, Qin Feng’s position changed and another street was engulfed in flames .

All four directions were cleared, and Qin Feng took down four beast generals! With all the necessary materials collected, his body also felt the comfort of advancing .

“F6 tier!”

It seemed like fighting for an entire day had its rewards!

Of course, as Qin Feng’s strength increased, the energy he absorbed after killing ultra beasts also increased . Before his rebirth, Qin Feng’s combat ability was brilliant . No matter how seriously injured he was, his wounds would be repaired after killing something .

As a result, death was not something serious to him .

The moniker of ‘Madman Qin’ was stuck with him for a very long time .

Nowadays, his kind of combat method had advanced . Thanks to his darkness ability, Qin Feng was free to come and go without being worried about getting injured .

After clearing the four directions, the other insectoids were spooked enough to start retreating with their tails between their legs, and Qin Feng returned to the mall .

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Looking at the time, it was already 2am in the morning .

“Boss! You’re back!”

“Mr . Qin, we truly need you . The beast generals were like paper paste!”

“What do you mean the beast generals were like paper paste? It’s clearly Boss being strong, that’s what!”

Everyone was talking one after another, a string of excited chatter filled the air as they felt relief over the fact that the beast generals were gone, their words becoming louder and bolder .

Of course they were excited!

Qin Feng, this man, was a rising legend!

To have fought together alongside him, which perhaps in the future, would become something to boast about .

It was like playing a game, with one god-figure guiding the rest ahead and the way being cleared, the relief was overflowing .

“Everyone go back and have some rest, we will move at 7am tomorrow morning to find something good to eat!”

Qin Feng interrupted the people’s enthusiasm . After all, after a full day of fighting, nobody’s body was made of steel . The same applied to aptitude users .

Qin Feng was naturally arranged to be in the most luxurious place . There were several places in the mall that sold beddings . The mattresses and futons were all brand new . He also took the liberty of bringing Bai Li with him .

“Not bad, I wanna buy one when I get back . Hubby, yours looks so ugly!”

Qin Feng was speechless, it was not like he chose a defective product, but as a man, choosing some lacey, frilly pink sheets[1] was not something he would do!

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“Alright alright, if you like it then set it up yourself . This is free after all!”

“You mean things like these can be free?”

“Only in small towns occupied by the enemy . Don’t try this in any of the stores in Chengbei!”

Qin Feng and Bai Li went on to discuss several common sense subjects . Bai Li was smart and could make her own analogies . This saved Qin Feng a lot of time .

The next morning, when Qin Feng woke up, he could not find the soft and delicate body beside him . He furrowed his brows and immediately came to his senses .

Qin Feng’s consciousness twitched and he sensed Bai Li’s location . She was upstairs .

What was she doing upstairs? Qin Feng called the other one’s communicator .

“You’re awake!” Bai Li quickly said, soon after that, her appearance popped up on the communicator’s screen .

Only thing was, she was actually wearing a set of sexy lingerie[2]…


Qin Feng felt that the morning’s firepower was a bit too strong, to the point where blood was almost gushing out from his nose .

[1] Pink is a very romantic color, the laces and frills only emphasize how masculine it is . Its 2020 . Nobody’s gonna judge .

[2] Isn’t she…like…an…airfield?