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Master of the End Times - Chapter 125

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:37 AM

Chapter 125: Escaping Han Town

Chapter 125: Escaping Han Town

“What are you doing?” Qin Feng tried to maintain a straight face .

“I’m looking for the clothes I like! There aren’t any as good as the ones we have on our side, I don’t want any!” Bai Li said with a huff, putting her clothes on and leaving with disappointment .

An entire night wasted thinking about it and ending up with nothing good!

Qin Feng . : “… Well, next time I’ll take you shopping at a better place, come down first!”

Seeing that the light of spring had been covered up, Qin Feng felt a sense of regret .

The transportation in Han Town was not very developed, it was nowhere as modern as the large cities . The backward industry also led to the simplicity and antique-style of the clothing here . While Xiao Bai was vain, she was no cheapskate . The clothes were decisively abandoned by her .

After a rushed breakfast in the morning, the remaining five hundred people continued to set off . This time, the teams were reorganized and the people were able to follow in a neat fashion . Everything was progressing smoothly .

Perhaps it was because Qin Feng only accepted those who came on their own and did not save the survivors trapped in the buildings, the people entering the group were significantly fewer than the people blindly escaping yesterday, but there were more aptitude users and people with normal combat abilities .

As they got closer to the orphanage, the number of people breaking out began to skyrocket . Where was this place? It was a slum!

Everyone had to fight hard, otherwise the next day they would just be another body in the stinking ditches . So their combat potential was stronger and their drive for survival higher .

“Retreat to the orphanage’s largest building and rest!” Qin Feng gave the order and the crowd flooded into the orphanage . This was Han Town’s orphanage and it was not designed to accommodate so many people at once .

After resting for a while, the insectoids eventually gathered . The people that barely had their stomachs filled began to flee again .

Qin Feng took Wang Chen ahead of time and went around the corner of a street to get the two trucks .

“Boss, you were not spending your time getting these last night, right?” Wang Chen looked at Qin Feng with amazement .

“We don’t have time for nonsense, you drive one and keep up with me!” Qin Feng said .

“Yes, Boss!” Wang Chen quickly got on a truck and drove after Qin Feng, following left and right until they entered the underground parking lot .

The underground parking lot of the orphanage was very small and as it was not used very much, no one cleaned it up . It was dark and damp in there .

The darker and damper, the more likelier there would be plow worms .

As the trucks moved forward, the roars of the engines startled and mobilized the plow worms .


A plow worm erupted from the ground, intercepting the truck by coming up in front of it . Qin Feng did not hesitate to expand his conscious energy .


A blazing beam shot forward, impacting the body of the plow worm .


The plow worm was blown into pieces by Qin Feng’s firebeam and even the burning bug flesh exuded a scent of fragrance . The plow worm’s body contained a high quantity of protein and it had highly nutritious meat .

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Qin Feng gave Bai Li a glance .

Bai Li naturally grasped the idea . When the truck was further away from the area, Bai Li used her spatial manipulation to put the body of the plow worm into her pocket space .

Not only that, all of the plow worms that were still burrowing around in the dirt in the general area were sliced by the Space Blade, and the fragments were sucked into Bai Li’s space .

Above ground, Wang Chen, who had been following Qin Feng’s truck, did not know what had transpired .

After a few tens of meters, they smoothly drove to the gate of the defensive facility of the underground parking lot . Qin Feng had already contacted the orphanage’s teacher’s communicator by then .

“Ms . Liao, you can come out now!” Qin Feng’s communicator broadcasted . After a while, the big metal gate slowly opened up .

A mature beauty with a pair of gold-rimmed glasses came walking out, following her were several young children, all holding tightly onto her hands or surrounding her . This was the orphanage’s volunteer teacher, Liao Ying, a G3-tier ancient warrior .

“Mr . Qin, thank you for your help!” Liao Ying thanked him quickly .

Qin Feng’s face remained serious . “Now’s not the time for that . Ms . Liao, take the children into the truck . Everyone else, get ready to go!”

Qin Feng drove the truck in front of the group without hesitation . While it seemed dangerous, with Qin Feng’s help, this was the safest option . The cars that were blocking the road were arbitrarily or directly removed by him .

Maybe it was because of Xiao Bai’s fur, or that the insectoids have not moved into the periphery, their exit was very smooth .

The moment they left the city walls and Han Town’s moat, the people were actually excited seeing the wilderness .

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“We’re out! We’re out!”

“We’re saved!”

“We’ve finally left . Dad, mom, I will live on for you!”

After a brief cheer came a stream of sobs and tears .

There were people who were confused about their future . Most ordinary people had never left the colony and did not know where to go .

On the other hand, the rich people who had already gathered contacts were eager to get to other colonies and lie low until all the fuss was over .

It was day three since the spatial rifts had opened up . The Coldstorm Battalion heard the news and had arrived as a response . At this time, they saw more than two thousand people appearing and were surprised by the turn of events!

The leader of the Coldstorm Battalion quickly welcomed them .

“Liu Xue!”

“Commander Jiang Chi!” Liu Xue quickly walked over .

“You rescued all of them? Liu Xue, you’ve done us a great service this time! Such is a task worthy of our Han Town’s most beautiful, and most incredible captain!” Jiang Chi complimented with a hint of yearning in his eyes .

Jiang Chi was thirty two years old, strong physically but had never been married . As the regimental commander of Han Town’s army, he was F7-tier in power, second only to the mayor .

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At this time, Shi Tianhai had also come over . In three days’ time, Shi Tianhai seemed to have grown ten years older .

It was because this was a devastating blow .

“Liu Xue, you did well, it’s all thanks to you this time . The people from Fu City will be here in two days . Then, you and I can reclaim lost grounds!”

The Coldstorm Battalion became a stationed troop, but then for the small Han Town, this troop only consisted of five hundred people . Of the five hundred, only ten were F-tier . If they were to encounter a dozen blood-thristy beetles, the entire army would be wiped out .

“I cannot take credit this time . Fortunately, because of the crystal shell beetle a number of aptitude users arrived at Han Town, otherwise we would not have been able to break out!” Liu Xue said bitterly .

Shi Tianhai’s face hardened . “If it weren’t for them, our spatial stabilizing device wouldn’t be damaged and you’re still thanking them? I think they should be held accountable, my town wouldn’t have been destroyed if it weren’t for this!”

Of course, him being angry was useless .

They did not even know who did it . Even if they did, how would the other party afford to make reparations?

The aptitude users with their new lease of life ignored Shi Tianhai . After leaving the dangerous Han Town, they planned to part ways .

Qin Feng spotted Liu Xue in the crowd along with Shi Tianhai and Jiang Chi .

He came over, the aura of his body was unsuppressed . The aura of an F6-tier ancient warrior made Shi Tianhai and Jiang Chi carry themselves more properly .