Master of the End Times - Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: Gathering the Orphans

Chapter 126: Gathering the Orphans

“Hello, Mayor Shi!”

Qin Feng stretched his hand out, the steady expression on his face stunned Shi Tianhai for a while, but he shook hands with Qin Feng out of habit .

“Hello, and you are…”

“Mayor, this is Mr . Qin Feng who brought us out . He was the one that helped us out a lot, and even rescued the children from the orphanage!” Liu Xie said enthusiastically .

The corner of Shi Tianhai’s lips twitched slightly, and a bit of impatience flashed in his eyes . He was already in deep water, and Qin Feng had to go save a group of inconveniences . How was he supposed to deal with all of this?

These rescued children, would they not just add on to the mountain of problems they already have?

How could Qin Feng have not noticed Mayor Shi Tianhai’s expression? His face hardened, and he decided to no longer be polite .

“Mayor Shi, I think Han Town is in a dire situation . I just happen to know a colony that can take these children in . Han Town is occupied by the enemy and until it can be reclaimed, I’m sure I can find a safe place for the orphans . So leave it to me!”

Shi Tianhai was overjoyed when he heard this .

“Okay, since this is the case, I’ll hand this to Mr . Qin . A truly virtuous move from you, Mr . Qin!”

“It’s as I should!”

Qin Feng did not want to be courteous with the other party, so he excused himself for needing to deal with the orphans and left .

Jiang Chi felt a sense of wariness in his heart, especially when he noticed the expression on Liu Xue’s face when she was complimenting Qin Feng and showing her admiration .

“Liu Xue, who is this Qin Feng guy? And what about the other colony?” Jiang Chi asked .

Liu Xue smiled bitterly . “Even I don’t know that, what I do know is that he’s very powerful . He took down a steel-limb broodmother all by himself . His strength is incredible . Oh Mayor, Jiang Chi, I also intend on leaving with Mr . Qin!”


The two shouted in unison, in utter disbelief that Liu Xue would actually say that .

Regardless of how Liu Xue proceeded to explain to the two of them, Qin Feng, who had returned back to the crowd, had gotten even more frustrated .

There were two thousand people that had escaped from the colony . After arriving in a safe place, it had turned into a mess . Many people did not know what to do in the future, after escaping, they did not eat nor drink but instead could not help but start worrying .

“The Coldstorm Battalion will handle it!”

“Wait for them to solve it? Dream on! They didn’t try to help out before!”

“Onwards to Lixian Colony! I happen to have relatives there!”

“So long as there’s money in my communicator, anywhere is okay!”

“Are we really leaving? Han Town’s finished just like that? How am I supposed to live on?”

For the poor, this was a disaster . For the aptitude users, it was merely a new beginning!

At this time, a group of aptitude users wanted to leave, but it was the question of how they would do it .

After all, they had successfully escaped but there were only two trucks available, which were a rare commodity now . Very soon, a quarrel ensued .

“There’s no place for the orphans to go, why are you asking us to get off the trucks?” Lian Ying asked angrily .

“Can’t I use it to go to another colony? Why are you being such a nuisance? Back off or I’ll kill you!”

“No! The bus is not for you!” Liao Ying was obviously angry too .

It was at this time that Qin Feng returned . “What’s going on?” Qin Feng asked calmly . His aura was unsuppressed, anyone would know that he was seething with rage .

One of the aptitude users suddenly rushed over, offering a cigarette .

“Mr . Qin, we’re planning on using the truck to leave this dump . Do you want to join us?”

Qin Feng sneered . “The bus is meant for carrying the orphans . ”

“Didn’t we already escape? Just pass them over to Han Town’s people and call it a day! We helped save people, it’s not too much to demand for a truck from them!” the man said in a rather pompous manner, believing that what he said was justified .

Qin Feng gave a stiff smile and said, “You saved other people? On the contrary, I think I was the one who saved you, so if I were to demand for your life right now, that wouldn’t be too much to ask would it?”

The man finally got the meaning behind Qin Feng’s words . “Mr . Qin, what are you talking about?!” He looked at Qin Feng anxiously .

Qin Feng looked around, there were still a bunch of F-tier aptitude users around him, almost half of the ones that came to Han Town before the crystal shell beetle attack . Undoubtedly, these were outsiders, not local Han Town aptitude users .

“From today onward, these orphans belong to me . They are my, Qin Feng’s, people . I want to bring them with me, on my truck, and you want to take that from me?”

The people were shocked .

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“No, no!”

“Mr . Qin! I was wrong! I didn’t know!”

“Yes, Sir . I didn’t actually want to take the truck, I just… came over to take a look!”

The group hurriedly tried to come up with excuses for themselves while the loud and arrogant one did not dare to speak up, quickly apologizing and slinking into the crowd .

Liao Ying was very surprised .

“Mr . Qin, you want to take care of these orphans?”

Everyone was worried about where they were going to go next, as a teacher of the orphanage, Liao Ying must have been even more so .

The person in charge of the orphanage had run away long ago, leaving her alone as a volunteer . When she heard Qin Feng’s words, she felt at ease .

Qin Feng was a strong person . A person this strong, with a small sum of money, it would be enough to find a place for these people .

Qin Feng nodded at Liao Ying, and looked at those around him and said, “I have a newly built colony, which is still under construction . Those of you who are currently facing a life dilemma, you can come with me and help out in the urban defense and development to become residents of the colony . You can receive a residential area free of charge according to the population and may even work in the new colony in the future . Those people who want easy work, don’t like to work, or those who want to spend their days idle are those that I dislike and are not coming with me!”

Qin Feng’s remarks caused a sudden uproar among the crowd . Qin Feng actually had a colony?

If a new colony were born, would that mean new developments?

Undoubtedly, as the first batch of citizens, they would get better treatment and perhaps with a change of place they would be able to change their destiny .

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“Mr . Qin, where is your colony?”

“Mr Qin, what’s the colony’s name?”

“Are you the colony’s mayor?”

Qin Feng answered the questions one after another, and then handed the matters to Liu Zhenshan to let him count the number of people .

As for Qin Feng, he naturally went back to Han Town to grab a few more vehicles to drive back . He even brought over large tents and sleeping bags for people to sleep in .

Except that this very night, many were not exactly able to fall asleep easily .

In the early morning of the next day, Qin Feng came out of his tent and saw a group of people waiting near it .

Other than Liu Zhenshan and Liu Xue, he first saw Wang Chen, those three that cooperated with him before, the newly awakened girl that they rescued from the mall, Shang Na, and the teacher of the orphanage, Liao Ying .

“Boss, for your colony, do you need aptitude users? What do you think of us?” Wang Chen said with a wide grin on his face .