Master of the End Times - Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: Returning to Chengbei

“You are greatly welcomed!”

 Without a doubt, Qin Feng had reaped quite a haul with his return to Han Town .

 Among them were more than thirty aptitude users that followed Qin Feng, with four of them being F-tier aptitude users .

 There were about six hundred commoners that followed Qin Feng to Fengli colony .

 These people were impressed by Qin Feng’s words . In fact, most of the poor were homeless, and they had been paying attention to the news of a new colony, but the wilderness was a dangerous place . Few people left for another colony with only the clothes on their backs .

 Qin Feng’s request did not just ensure them a safe journey, it also offered them a new lease of life .

 The most important thing was that they saw just how powerful Qin Feng was .

 “Mr . Qin is an ability user, his future achievements are definitely going to be good!”

 “Such a leader would be able to protect us! Better than that Shi Tianhai guy!”

 “Liu Zhenshan is going too, Captain Liu will surely go as well!”

 “The new colony is definitely better!”

 With these ideas in the minds of the masses, they journeyed with Qin Feng .

 Due to the large number of people and the limited number of hovertanks, Qin Feng led everyone through the longer way there . Perhaps it was also Bai Li’s vigil that deterred the more aura-sensitive ultra beasts from attacking the convoy, which allowed them to go through smoothly!

 A week later, Qin Feng finally returned to Fengli colony . At this time, Fengli colony was being built up rapidly, because of the invasion from the extra-dimensional beings many materials have undergone ground-breaking changes . For example, the addition of the mucus of a type of insect in the cement greatly increased its firmness and had it drying faster .

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 All kinds of building materials had been upgraded to have a greater effect .

 A ten-story high rise building could be built in as fast as a month’s time, and a colony would be formed within half a year with a sufficient labor force!

 When Qin Feng arrived, Xue Xingfu had already arrived to greet him . It had not been half a month and Xue Xingfu still looked the same, while Qin Feng had become even more enigmatic .

 “District governor, it’s been half a month since you were gone! You’ve really become someone who just puts work into other people’s hands, huh?”

 The head of this colony was naturally divided according to Chengyang City .

 The colonies surrounding Chengyang City were also the strongest colonies . There were also colonies much further away, but they were far away from Chengyang City, much like Han Town to the Fu City .

 Qin Feng’s Fengli colony was not that far away, and a public route was set up which had become a new district . Naturally, the head of the district was Qin Feng .

 “I’ve troubled you greatly, but I’m afraid moving forward, you’ll be even busier!” Qin Feng said with an apologetic smile .

 “I’m exhausted!”

 The two people discussed the current situation, and Qin Feng handed over the six hundred people to let Xue Xingfu figure it out . Among them, Liu Zhenshan and the others were the most important .

 After that, Qin Feng took three cars full of people and headed to Chengbei colony .

 This included more than a hundred orphans and some young women, including the mother and daughter who taped their mouths shut that time they first escaped with Qin Feng .

 These were pretty much those under his special care .

 At the gate of Chengbei colony, the three vehicles entered and the garrison immediately stopped Qin Feng’s car after realizing the situation .

 “Come down and accept the inspection!”

 The duty of the garrison troop was to protect the colony . If a group of people were to rush into the city, this was something worth investigating .

 Who knew what sort of diseases they could be carrying, or what parasites, which may threaten the entire city .

 Qin Feng opened the door and got out of the car . Without him even saying a word, the other party was dumbfounded .

 “Uh… Mayor Qin! H-hello!” The man quickly saluted when he recognized Qin Feng .

 Qin Feng froze, then thought of what Zheng Yang said to him back at Zimu Mountains . To others, the dark rifts had only been gone for half a month . There was no way to carry out construction on those two mountains and they had become part of Qin Feng’s backyard so to speak . For outsiders, it was unclear what this meant .

 As someone who had performed exceptionally well while on the battlefield, Qin Feng seemed to be a hero .

 “Hello, these people are orphans I’ve brought back from Han Town . I plan to send them to the orphanage here!”

 “I see!” The garrison trooper hesitated for a moment then put his foot down, saying, “Then, you can go ahead first, I will inform the doctor and tell them to go ahead with the examination and prepare some antibiotics . ”

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 “Thank you!”

 “No, Mayor Qin . Just doing our duty!” The trooper quickly waved his hand .

 Qin Feng returned to his car and drove into the colony . Chengbei was naturally more prosperous than Han Town . It was so close to Chengyang City that it could basically be considered as a neighboring district, many things here were synchronized with Chengyang City .

 Towering buildings, brightly dressed crowds, aptitude users that were uncommon in Han Town were all over here, there were even many children who happily went to school . 1

 When passing by a building, a video was playing on a big screen on the outer wall of a large building .

 In the video, there was the scene of Qin Feng wielding the Verdant Emperor Saber, slashing away at F-tier zombies . Not only that, he also killed a Burning Ghoul . Due to the drone’s overhead shots, the shot was perfect, beautiful and exciting to watch .

 When the screen was doing a playback, a deep voice rang out .

 “Heroes, always on the road!”

 “Heroes, immortal in battle!”

 “Heroes, fearless and persistent!”

 “Heroes, are there among you!”

 It was a promotional video by Zheng Yang! Although it was not specifically naming Qin Feng as a hero, there was without a doubt that after the Corpse Corps incident on Zimu Mountains that everyone recognized him as a hero .

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 Not only that, he had also become the leader of a colony .

 Then the picture changed, and it was actually an image of Qin Feng . He was not sure when this was taken, but he was holding Bai Li’s hand, tugging her along as they stood on a gray, ashy land and looking off into the horizon .

 Then several large letters emerged: Fengli colony, waiting for you to create!

 After seeing that, Qin Feng suddenly felt very dissatisfied!

 Xue Xingfu was actually advertising this here . He even put an image of Bai Li . Qin Feng was not informed about it at all!


After realizing that pretty much everyone had seen Bai Li’s face, he felt very unhappy! The little fox was his!1

 When Qin Feng’s expression became gloomy, those in the car with him were completely stunned . Although they knew Qin Feng was powerful, being on this large screen was obviously different .

 “It’s Mr . Qin!”

 “Boss, that’s so cool that you get to be on the big screen!”

 “So it turns out that Ms . Bai Li’s a superstar? Very photogenic!”

 Once again, everyone felt that Qin Feng was unfathomable!

 Qin Feng was utterly speechless .