Master of the End Times - Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: Qin Feng was Dead Last

Chapter 129: Qin Feng was Dead Last

Li Yaoyao was surrounded by her peers . They were chatting feverishly .

“Here come the new recruits of the abilities class . ”

“Is Qin Feng with them?”

“Perhaps . However, despite being an outstanding ancient warrior, he may not be an ability user in equal . ”

“Yet I heard that his conscious energy level is off the charts . He can even use telekinesis!”

“Is that so? Nonetheless, ability user or not, he would still make a formidable teammate . Our university is going to take the first place for sure this time!”

Lee Yaoyao was looking dejected . ‘Too bad we are not in the same year . Or else, I could join him at the Spring Hunting Ground this time and mend our relationship . ’

In the middle of the square, the headmaster of Chengbei University, Deng Nian, had once again taken the center stage .

“This evaluation depends greatly on what kind of teammates you manage to recruit . There’s only one way to gather strong allies, which is by having considerable strength yourself . Thus, I hope you will give it your best and bring out everything you have learned in the past month . Don’t be shy to demonstrate the best of your abilities in front of the crowd!”

“Now, we welcome the first class of the 69th batch to showcase their talent!”

The first class would undoubtedly be the abilities class .

Qin Feng walked down the participant seats and was ushered to the square with the others .

Cheng Chao was standing beside them, and he announced proudly and spiritedly, “Release the runes!”

It was like this had been rehearsed multiple times . The students standing beside Cheng Chao became serious and triggered their strong conscious energy to unleash the runes stored within them .

The released runes covered their masters and beamed in different colors .

Their class rep, Zhao Yu, was the one with the best rune affinity . She scored A in that category, meaning that Zhao Yu was capable of absorbing fifteen runes in ten minutes and ninety runes in an hour . However, restricted by her consciousness, the maximum time Zhao Yu could perform meditation and absorb runes was capped at two hours per day .

Besides, concentrated runes usually came with a hefty cost . The efficacy would plummet further if one were sensing and harvesting runes that dispersed freely in the surrounding .

Even so, Zhao Yu had still attained more than one thousand runes in one-month . She also now possessed three G-tier fire abilities .

Zhao Yu was the student closest to G-tier in the entire class . She was no doubt a destined prodigy .

She would be the sole spotlight of the 69th batch if Qin Feng had not emerged .


The red-colored runes climbed above one meter high and surpassed everyone on the stage . Her red runes were the most eye-catching among the color palette .

She was the undisputable first in her class .

Aside from her, there was another alien among them . Naturally, that would be Qin Feng .

He had not taken part in the class before and knew nothing about the details of this exhibition . Hence, he was one step behind everyone else .

Qin Feng realized what he had to do only when others had already pushed to their limits to ascend their runes .

‘I see . So we are asked to demonstrate our runes? I better not reveal too much about my ability . ’

Qin Feng would not be shy of flexing his muscles on other occasions but his dark flame would stand out too much amidst the orange-red flames of other students .

As such, Qin Feng only slightly activated the most basic level of fire runes and appeared unpromising .

He was on the other extreme end as compared to Zhao Yu so he ended up with the same amount of attention from the audience .

“Ah, why is Qin Feng’s rune so timid in size?”

“I heard that he has a low affinity to begin with . Moreover, he seldom attended class . That explains his subpar ability . ”

“That’s truly unexpected . So he is mediocre after all . ”

Cheng Chao felt helpless seeing that Qin Feng had become the center of attention .

Qin Feng’s affinity was only at G-tier, which was lower than most ability students .

Cheng Chao believed Qin Feng would fare better if he had chosen the path of a gunner or an ancient warrior .

“At ease!”

Though he had such thoughts running through his head, Cheng Chao did not forget that they were in the middle of an exhibition and continued to give out orders .

The students retracted their runes swiftly . It took a toll on their conscious level to materialize the runes . Besides, most of them were overextending their power to impress the audience . To maintain the rune output in such a state for more than half a minute was the best the students could manage .

Qin Feng also quickly put out the rune flames around him . He did not look upset despite the crowd’s doubtful stares .

“Qin Feng’s ability is unexpectedly underwhelming!”

“Well, ability and rune affinity are not the only things that matter inside the hunting ground . Qin Feng’s prowess in martial arts and gunfights is not to be overlooked . He is still a strong first-place candidate there . ”

“I agree . Even without the talent of an ability user, Qin Feng is still better than a lot of them . Don’t forget, he single handedly challenged an F-tier beast king!”

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Now that they had witnessed his rune capacity, the audience was curious to find out who Qin Feng would choose to be his teammates next .

Ignoring the murmuring crowd, Cheng Chao continued to give out instructions to the students . The abilities class this term only had thirty students . Five of them took a step forward to demonstrate their unique abilities first .

This was the moment one could tell who was the real deal .

Some could release flames, fogs, gusts, or falling rocks, which were all considered useful . Nevertheless, the brightest spotlight once again belonged to Zhao Yu!

She first released a ball of flame, followed by three simultaneous burning bolus in three separate directions, and she ended her performance with a fiery ring around her . Those attacks hit all rubber dummies prepared by the university and set them on fire .

A lot of ancient warriors and gunners noted her name down mentally and wanted to invite her to their team .

Qin Feng was naturally the last to step up since he had rehearsed nothing .

He did not move a finger after the other four students that shared the stage with him had done their parts .

He could mask his true ability by exhibiting the most basic runic power but any skill of his level now would immediately give out his disguise . Yet, if he were to do nothing, then he would be looked down upon .

He contemplated and finally stepped forward .

In front of the rubber dummy, Qin Feng directly swung his fist and hit the dummy with his inner power . Two countering forces immediately exploded and formed a whirlpool of energy .


The loud bang that resulted from Qin Feng’s fist landing on the dummy stunned the crowd .

The rubber dummy first twisted in shape, then burst into pieces .

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The impact of Qin Feng’s fist was as deadly as explosives!

On the grandstand, Deng Nian’s mouth slightly curved upward .

‘From the looks of it, Qin Feng has once again become stronger . But he is an abilities class student . Why did he use martial arts instead? How is he going to be ranked in this case?’

The training dummy was actually also a measuring tool . It would translate a student’s power into a number after it had received the attack from the student . Qin Feng’s battle power reached 5,000 points after he shattered the dummy with his bare fist .

“The maximum limit!!”

“So Qin Feng is as powerful as a G9 user now?”


“Indeed, even without fancy ability, Qin Feng is still the strongest!”

Unsurprisingly, Qin Feng was dead last when the final ranking of abilities class came out .

After all, the ranking was based on ability and not martial arts!

His classmates would be infuriated if Qin Feng were ranked top using an unqualified move set .

“I only got 890 points . That’s way off compared to Qin Feng’s power . ” Zhao Yu lamented . Her classmates around her quickly gathered and patted her to console her .