Master of the End Times - Chapter 131

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Chapter 131: Lin Kai’s Threat

Chapter 131: Lin Kai’s Threat

Better be safe than sorry . There were also chances that they might clash with students from other universities .

While they were discussing the next candidate to invite, the ranking of the six gunner classes was finally released .

“Everyone, march to the field!”

Under the teachers’ lead, the students left their seats and walked toward the square . The students’ sight jumped from one line to the other, apparently searching for their suitable teammates .

“You may team up now . Party with five members should come forth and register with the teachers . ”

The crowd immediately scattered about after Deng Nian gave the order . A lot of students swarmed around Qin Feng .

Qin Feng hastily clarified, “I already have a team . We only need a gunner with scouting skills now . ”

This left those from the ancient warrior class in great disappointment . Students from the abilities class also looked at Qin Feng and Zhao Yu enviously .

They understood that it was meant to be . It was only natural for the strong to group together to achieve the best possible result .

Soon, Zhou Hao came and joined them along with the classmate he had mentioned earlier .

He was a gentle-looking teenager wearing a pair of gold-frame spectacles . His shirt was snowy-white while his pants were made of linen . He matched his clothing with a pair of white canvas shoes .

Though it was a common outfit any sixteen year old teenager would have chosen, this guy was too clean to the point where Qin Feng thought that he might be a neat freak .

“Hi! My name is Zhang Tianche . I studied a type of neigong called Revitalization . It could be used to treat an internal wound and replenish lost internal force . Other than that, I have also picked up basic medicine and first aid . ” The new guy introduced himself .

“My name is Qin Feng . This lady here is Zhao Yu . From now on, we will work as a team,” Qin Feng said .

Zhang Tianche nodded . “Both of you are widely well-known throughout the campus . It’s nice to finally meet you two in person . ”

Qin Feng quietly labeled him as a calm and steady person . Though he did not know about his background, Qin Feng guessed that he must be from a prestigious clan .

Honestly, after he had time traveled ten years back, he could hardly get along with his classmates .

After all, Qin Feng was ten years older in age . The thinking and action of his peers at this age were too immature from his perspective .

Qin Feng figured that Zhang Tianche might be different from the rest . He might have finally met someone that shared the same level of maturity as his .

Zhao Yu was slightly embarrassed by their solemnness and giggled beside them . “Stop acting so serious you two . We are going to be friends and comrades in the future . Ease up . We still need to look for another teammate . ”

“Yes . We better be quick . Or else, we might be left with little option . ” Zhou Hao chipped in urgently as well .

This was when an arrogant voice approached them . The crowd had consciously made way and opened up a path in the middle .

A greasy-looking teenager walked over to them . He was wearing an expensive outfit and was escorted by several guys, who were obviously his followers .

He did not even attempt to hide his pompous and egoistic behavior .

“So you are the famous Qin Feng?” The teenager measured Qin Feng with an equal sense of scorn and jealousy .

“And this is Zhou Hao? The first of the ancient warrior class I heard? Not bad . Come join my team . But of course, I will be the team captain . ”

The bystanders were dumbfounded .

If these words were to come out from someone else’s mouth, naysayers would definitely step out and rebuke him or her .

However, everyone knew who the bragger was after studying at this university for one month .

He was none other than the infamous son of the deputy mayor .

Lin Kai was his name . He held the highest status among the students of the 69th batch . This was all thanks to his father being an E-tier aptitude user . In other words, he had the backing from one of the top dogs of Chengbei colony and thus no one dared to go against him .

Chen Ming was standing right by his side . He smirked while looking at Qin Feng . He obviously enjoyed watching how his master was making fun of Qin Feng publicly .

Qin Feng stared at them and was undeterred .

‘So my little friend over there has found himself a powerful backer . Perhaps I could find more clues about the laboratory on them?’

Qin Feng sneered . No matter how desperate he was in wanting to fish out the next lead, Qin Feng was not going to bow down to them .

On the contrary, Qin Feng was going to show them the consequences of provoking him once they were inside the Spring Hunting Ground .

“My team has four members now . I am afraid we are unable to accommodate you and your gang,” Qin Feng replied .

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Lin Kai narrowed his eyes and scowled at them . He saw Zhang Tianche and Zhao Yu beside him . He obviously had heard of Zhao Yu so he turned to Zhang Tianche and bellowed, “You, scram!”

Zhang Tianche did not move . He remained calm as if Lin Kai was just an insignificant passerby . He maintained eye contact and smiled back politely despite the latter pointing at him furiously .

Qin Feng scoffed coldly, “Lin Kai, right? Are you deaf? Or are you just daft? Even if my team only has two members, trash like you will still not be welcomed . How dare you point your finger at my comrade? You wish to lose a finger or two?”

Lin Kai’s eyes widened in disbelief . The crowd was equally taken aback .

Apparently, Lin Kai had never been humiliated by others this way since the day he was born . His face went red immediately and he burst out in anger .

“What did you just say?! I dare you to say it one more time . ”

“So, you really are deaf . ” Qin Feng curled his lips in disdain .

“Qin Feng!” Lin Kai shouted furiously, “Know your place! Who do you think you are, acting so high and mighty? You are just lucky to appear in one of the promotional footages . One order from my father and you are nothing, you piece of sh*t . ”

Lin Kai did not believe one bit of the propaganda showed . To him, those were just tools used by politicians inside the colony to exert their influence .

Such examples were aplenty . Lin Kai had seen it himself numerous times . Whenever his father wanted to promote someone he favored, he would publicize and exaggerate the contribution made . The person only needed to be slightly packaged and he or she would be given a better position in the government . Even Lin Kai already had a bright future laid down for him by his father .

Qin Feng awakened at the same age as him . How was it possible that he could be that strong?

Those were just sweet lies to please the people .

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The people around them were swayed by Lin Kai’s words .

“What? So those videos are just for show?”

“It’s only logical that way . How is it possible that Qin Feng could become so powerful in such a short time?”

“I thought that Qin Feng has been given the mayoral position at Fengli colony? If so, then why does he need to come back to school? The more I think of it, the more unreal it gets . ”

Suddenly, the majority of the crowd began to doubt Qin Feng .

Lin Kai was utterly pleased . He looked at Qin Feng conceitedly and thought that Qin Feng would become terrified and beg him not to do it .

Unfortunately, Qin Feng disappointed him .

“Go ahead . ” Qin Feng was afraid of nothing . “Call the deputy mayor and bring down the propaganda this very moment . Better still, summon the patrol unit and seize me . We shall see who would be mutilated more then . ”