Master of the End Times - Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Person Team

Chapter 132: Four-Person Team

“Qin Feng, I am not joking when I say I am going to bring you down!” Lin Kai was fuming with rage .

Qin Feng couldn’t care less and glanced back coldly .

‘We’ll see!’

Perhaps the clamor was too much as the teacher had decided to intervene .

“What’s the matter? Why would a simple task of finding your teammates lead to such ruckus??” Cheng Chao frowned when he saw the two bands of people that were involved in the row . ‘This is problematic . ’

Just as he was looking for a solution, the crowd exclaimed in shock yet another time .


“It’s the headmaster!”

Deng Nian had come down from the grandstand!

Though Lin Kai was boastful, he was not that stupid to stand up against someone as powerful as his father . Neither did he want to stay and be lectured . He scowled at Qin Feng one last time before he left .

“Mark my words . If anyone from the gunner class dares to join your team, I’ll abandon my surname!” Lin Kai left after leaving those harsh words behind .

His subordinates followed him with their heads held low . They never expected their boss to be intimidated . It was always the other way round .

Chen Ming was exasperated too . Not only did Lin Kai fail to tame Qin Feng, he was even more aloof than before .

“Qin Feng, as a brother that came out from the same orphanage, I have to warn you that Lin Kai is not someone you wish to upset . You would definitely regret today’s event . ”

“Brother? Do you really mean it?” Qin Feng snorted .

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Zhou Hao furrowed his eyebrows hearing Chen Ming’s words . “Qin Feng, there’s no need to reason with this type of people . I bet he has asked his master to humiliate you this time but too bad, it backfired terribly!”

Chen Ming’s face reddened in an instant . Zhou Hao had probably guessed it right .

“Zhou Hao, stop being so full of yourself . You will know the consequences of mocking us soon . ” Chen Ming diverted his anger toward Zhou Hao .

“Make it quick . I don’t have much patience . ”

As the fight was about to escalate, Deng Nian finally reached them .

“Why are you people gathering around here? Have you all found your teammates? Move!”

The crowd dispersed rapidly thanks to Deng Nian’s intrusion .

Deng Nian nodded warmly at Qin Feng and left without saying anything . This was not the right place to hold a conversation .

Qin Feng’s communicator vibrated right after that . He glanced at it and realized it was a message sent by his headmaster . He was asked to be present at the headmaster’s office after he had finalized the team . That did not surprise Qin Feng .

When he raised his head, he found that Zhou Hao and Zhao Yu were troubled by something . They were frowning out of obvious anger . Zhang Tianche, on the other hand, maintained his usual tranquility .

“What’s the matter?”

Zhou Hao told him angrily, “That bastard really went ahead and threatened the students from gunner classes to not join our team!”

“How could he do that!” Zhao Yu felt angry and helpless at the same time .

“Let me try . ” Qin Feng unlocked his communicator . After the ranking was released, students could directly contact others on the list . There was also a filter option, where one could bar students below a certain rank from contacting them .

Qin Feng had blocked everyone previously . He called up the setting and switched it back on . But most participants knew that Qin Feng’s team only lacked a gunner now .

Not a single gunner attempted to contact him .

Qin Feng was unperturbed and proceeded to send an inquiry to several gunners that ranked in the top ten .

He was asking politely whether they had formed a team .

Some outright ignored him while others replied after a while, claiming that they had already found their respective teams .

Was that so?

Of course not . The reason was because one’s name would be taken off the list immediately after they had registered their teams .

After ten minutes, not a single gunner had responded to his invitation .

The majority of the students had registered by now .

“No point in waiting further . Let’s go . ” Qin Feng finally gave up .

Zhao Yu was clearly worried as she said, “We will be vulnerable without a gunner . A sniper could easily take us all out . ”

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Gunners were the trump card in a long-range skirmish . No matter how powerful you were, you would not be able to defeat an enemy beyond your reach .

“Have you forgotten that I am a gunner myself?” Qin Feng asked reciprocally .

Zhao Yu was enlightened as she came to the realization . ‘That’s right, Qin Feng was the one that had outclassed our firearms teacher before!’

“That’s right . Qin Feng is extremely good with firearms too . We could gain more points this way . We should really get going . ” Zhou Hao had grown sick of waiting in the square . He especially couldn’t stand it when students around began to look at them sympathetically . Some must be still thinking that Qin Feng was a fraud and was merely an actor used by the government in their propaganda .

‘Bunch of idiots . ’ Zhou Hao did not bother to explain to them . The truth would be out of the bag eventually . These people would know how stupid they were by then .

The four of them reported to Cheng Chao . The latter was slightly surprised but he believed in Qin Feng .

“All the best . Our honor depends on you . ” Cheng Chao tapped on Qin Feng’s shoulder .

“I will do what I can . ” Qin Feng answered humbly .

After the registration, some teams set off to continue training while some opted to take a rest . The one-month intensive training before this had taken a huge toll on everyone . They had to assemble back here by 8 am the next day and depart to Spring Hunting Ground by mobile .

“Should we undergo some special training?”

Qin Feng shook his head . “Let’s have a good rest . I still have something to attend to before we depart . ”

“Alright, see you all tomorrow . ”

“See you tomorrow . ”

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They went their separate ways after saying their goodbyes . Qin Feng headed directly to the headmaster’s office .

Inside, Qin Feng sat down on a couch and shared a pot of tea with Deng Nian .

“I was told that you have brought back some refugees from Han Town recently . You even slaughtered an F-tier broodmother by yourself?” Deng Nian asked .

These things would not go unnoticed . Though Han Town was far from Chengbei, communication through the network still existed between the two clusters .

After it was invaded, Han Town had been demanding for more aptitude users to go over and help with the rebuild . Naturally, Qin Feng’s heroic performances were leaked out in the process .

“That’s true . ” Qin Feng admitted .

Deng Nian lamented, “That’s remarkable . You are going to outdo me soon . ”

“That’s an exaggeration . My achievement is nothing compared to yours . ”

“There’s no need to be humble . I am only speaking the truth . I am glad you are willing to join this mission . I have high hopes for you . Please be other students’ example and lead them . We are often the subsidiary in an event like this . ”

Deng Nian was straight to the point . Chengyang University in the federal city was always the leading institution among the five main universities . They had three times the number of students as compared to other institutions . As a result, they also produced more elites throughout the years .

Who would have thought that a generational talent like Qin Feng would be awakened in Chengbei this year?