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Master of the End Times - Chapter 134

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:26 AM

Chapter 134: : Assembly of Five Major Universities

Chapter 134: Assembly of Five Major Universities

Before Qin Feng’s rebirth, he had even witnessed cities that were larger than Chengyang City .

Suddenly, Qin Feng felt something swiping at his shoulder .

It was Bai Li .

Bai Li had woken up and was staring at the various merchandise along the streets with her little fox eyes that shone like black glass, attracted to everything along the streets!

Chengyang City was assuredly better than Chengbei colony!

“Alright, alright, alright, I’ll bring you here for these as soon as the competition is over!”

Qin Feng brushed Bai Li’s fur while he assured her using conscious energy .

Bai Li felt satisfied and nodded .

The vehicles soon arrived at the inner parts of Chengyang city where the military base was located . It was like a fort, densely enforced with metal and steel, and the giant square was already heavily crowded .

Students from the other colonies had already arrived .

Students from the Xita colony were in dark-green uniform .

Students from the Dongling University were in sky-blue uniform .

Students from the Hunnan University where in orange uniform .

Those that were from Chengbei colony were in dark-red uniform . Soon after, students from Chengyang University that was the nearest were the last to arrive!

The crowd watched as luxurious vehicles drove into the military base .

They had a sleek body shape that seemed to be fully made from metal, while the front part was inclined and connected with a rounded glass . This feature highlighted a special function when travelling at high speed where the images from the surroundings would be slowed down to prevent dizziness .

Furthermore, it was obvious to the crowd that all of the vehicles that were driving in were hover cars .

Rich and imposing!

Chengyang University had already displayed their strength to the others from their grand entrance .

All four of the other districts were in discomfort when comparing themselves to Chengyang!

Not long after that, students from Chengyang University got off from their vehicles . They were wearing snow-white uniforms combined with golden collars and cuffs . Under the rays of the sun, their uniforms were even emitting a pale-white halation .

“Those uniforms are made from top tier materials from combat fatigues!”

“Chengyang University is too wealthy!”

“This is why they are not afraid to use white color materials!”

The freely distributed uniforms from Chengyang University were combat fatigues that were designed to repel raindrops, sweat, as well as cold and hot temperature . As it came with an expensive price, it could even repel fine dust, or else they would not have chosen white .

Students from the other universities that wore different colored uniforms seemed to belong to an inferior army .

Students from Chengyang University got off with full confidence and looked at the others in disdain .

“Purplish-red color from Chengbei University looks gay!”

“Blue color from Dongling University makes them look like they are waiters!”

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“Those that are from Xita look the same as the army from the military . ”

“Yellowish-orange color? Isn’t that too old fashioned?”

Just like that, all four districts were criticised .

All of the other universities were infuriated by the criticisms and planned to teach them a lesson as soon as they cross paths later!

Students from Chengyang University were not bothered by such threats they deemed unworthy of their attention .

After all, they outnumbered the others .

Did they think that it was four against one?

Definitely not .

“Assemble, fall in!”

The teachers gave their instructions while students got into their formations . As soon as the students were lined up accordingly, every university from the east, west, south, and north could see the large number of students from Chengyang University .

There were two thousand of them .

Chengyang University had outnumbered the others by six hundred students even with all four other universities combined!

“Next, I will be announcing the rules!”

An elder took the lead with a deep and thick voice .

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Qin Feng was able to sense that the elder was an E9-tier ancient warrior and was getting close to D-tier .

“Rifts in the Spring Hunting Ground are stable and safe, and you may gather any loot and treasures that are filled with spirit aura, and those that you are able to gather would be yours!”

The crowd was delighted by the news and their eyes were wide opened in excitement .

“Of course, there will be ultra beasts that have strong capabilities, and I do not need you to defeat them . The most important thing to do is to avoid them and survive!”

The students instantly became gloomy, while the faces of the students from Chengbei University were pale as they were still terrified by their wild boar encounter .

Any ultra beast would be harmful by nature and they would threaten the lives of those that had yet to obtain G-tier .

“However, your capabilities have definitely increased from past training, and so, there will be a challenge for everyone, and it is known as the Spring Hunting Ground Survival Challenge!”

“Every student will have to remain in the hunting ground for three days and strip off name tags from the others, every name tag obtained will be recorded as one point, while those that had their name tags stripped off will be automatically disqualified by the space expulsion of the Spring Hunting Ground!”

“Now, distribute the name tags, remove your communicators, seal off the space rune equipment!”

The teachers carried out the task as soon as the instructions were given .

“Qin Feng, this is your name tag, remember, pay extra attention to those from Chengyang University!” Cheng Chao said .

“Teacher, don’t worry!” Qin Feng nodded and took his name tag .

It was about the size of a palm and had a purple base that was encircled with a golden ring, and it was labelled with the number 21 .

Zhao Yu had a similar one that was labelled number 1 .

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Zhou Hao and Zhang Tianche received their purple-color-base name tag that was encircled with a silver ring .

When looked carefully, there were also others that had black rings that indicated gunners .

Every university was differentiated by the color of the name tags, while the ring would differentiate aptitude users, and numbers would represent rankings .

Furthermore, the name tag was also a spatial passage device in itself, and this essential tool for the Spring Hunting Ground was rarely available .

“Communication would be impossible without the communicator, hence, it would also be difficult to detect if anyone were to cheat!” Zhao Yu felt anxious about the restrictions .

Zhou Hao was also puzzled with the situation .

“Without the communicator, how would the performance be recorded? Would it just be as simple as stripping off name tags from the others? If that were the case, can we also strip off name tags from students that are from our university?”

“It’s the wilderness, would it still be fair for everyone?” Qin Feng looked at them and replied calmly, “The teachers have already sealed off the rune space of the gunners to restrict usage of certain giant-sized firearms, or else, all of you would be in a much more dire situation!”

Zhou Hao recalled the moment when Qin Feng battled against the gunner and launched three bombs that covered the entire top part of a hill; if these students were there, they would definitely not be able to make it out alive .

“Alright, students, there is no need to discuss the rules, all you need to do is to adapt to it . ” Cheng Chao told everyone with an unpleasant expression .

It was unknown how many among these students would not survive through this annual event .

During such a post-apocalyptic time that was filled with uncertainties ahead, the younger generations would have to adapt and grow at a faster rate .

Or else, how would they rise up stronger and protect the colonies?

“Every single one of your backpacks have a bottle of water, a compressed biscuit, a protective helmet and vest, and also a wireless communicator . If you were to face any dangerous situation that is beyond your ability to handle, you can just take off your name tag and you will be automatically excluded from this challenge . ”