Master of the End Times - Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Ambush

Chapter 136: Ambush

However, Chen Ming was quick to regain composure, hopping back up to his feet and running toward Lin Kai saying, “Young Master Lin, I’ve got a feeling that Qin Feng went down this road, but now he’s burying bombs in the ground to affect our speed and cause some damage to us . I’ve got a plan . We destroy the weaker teams first, we’ve got the number and the firepower . After collecting enough points we’ll go face off against Qin Feng, this will reduce our energy consumption!”

Chen Ming’s words were very reasonable . He had yet to face Qin Feng and he had already lost two of his combat powers, facing off against Qin Feng would result in a bigger loss and by then Lin Kai would not even have the guts to keep up with him .

“Fine . Let’s go rob the others first, this time I will definitely be in the top ten!” Lin Kai was not a reckless man even though he did what he wanted . This time he chose to listen to Chen Ming’s words .

The top ten could directly obtain a G-tier aptitude certification .

Getting to the top ten was much easier than killing two hundred G-tier beasts![1]

The most important thing was that Lin Kai was actually a little bit afraid .


Qin Feng’s ears perked hearing that explosion just now . It must have been set off by someone touching the mines he placed!

Qin Feng let out a frosty laugh, it seemed that Lin Kai had not given up yet! If Lin Kai were to show up again, Qin Feng was definitely not letting him go!

“Go!” Qin Feng patted Bai Li’s forehead . Bai Li swooped off Qin Feng’s shoulder and rushed into the undergrowth . In such places, it was difficult for Qin Feng and the rest to maneuver around, but for Bai Li it was like a fish in the sea .

Zhou Hao was surprised . “Bai… Uh, why did Xiao Bai leave?”

“To go get the good stuff!” Qin Feng gave a sly smirk . Qin Feng was right, the five major universities would not allow students to bring in spatial rune equipment out of the fear that the students might resort to rampant looting and emptying out the Spring Hunting Grounds .

Bai Li’s space however, could not be detected by the people who were invigilating .

The good things would of course be directly taken away by Bai Li . Otherwise, why would Qin Feng have come this time? To face off against the students from the other universities?

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The Spring Hunting Garden was a huge forest but everyone entered from a single point so very quickly Qin Feng’s group met their first group of people .


The sound of a sniper rifle bullet leaving its muzzle rang out in a deep and resonating noise . Qin Feng had always been in the forefront, that bullet seemed to shriek as it soared toward his chest .

The shot was on point, even if he was wearing a protective vest, Qin Feng would still have been injured .

Only that the strangest thing happened, the bullet stopped a meter in front of Qin Feng’s chest . Qin Feng flicked his hand, sending the bullet flying elsewhere about four to five meters away .


A blast came ringing in the distance . It turned out that the bullet Qin Feng deflected impacted a landmine .

“Damn!” Zhou Hou let out a string of curse words, getting ready for combat .

Bang bang bang!

A series of bullets poured out . This time it seemed to be a dense volley .

“Take cover!” Qin Feng roared . Zhou Hou and the other two slipped behind a big tree . Only Qin Feng did not stop moving .

The bullets soared past him, none of them actually finding their mark on Qin Feng .


Qin Feng swung his leg at a tree, and with one kick the large tree was cut off by the trunk .


The large tree toppled over, and the people on it naturally came down with it . Such a scene caused the other party to scream out loud .

Qin Feng did not hesitate .


He put a foot down on his opponent’s rifle . What was a gunner without their guns?

Qin Feng’s move was the equivalent of cutting off the other one’s hand . Not holding back, he suddenly changed his direction .

“No way! That’s too fast! I can’t even lock on!” The ambushing gunner started to have cold beads of sweat rolling down his brow . The scene where Qin Feng kicked down the tree just now was terrifying!


The gunner suddenly felt a great force coming in his direction and was shaken out of the tree!

“Ahh!” With a yell, he immediately face-planted on the ground[2] .

“When…” He did not even get to finish his sentence before Qin Feng appeared . Qin Feng jumped off the tree and landed nearby, just as he was about to get rid of the gunner, a wind slash more than a meter long came whizzing by .

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Qin Feng frowned and instinctively jumped away .


The slash hit a tree, immediately cutting up a gash that was up to five centimeters in depth but was more than a meter long . If it were to hit someone, that would have cut their heads clean off .

Qin Feng looked at the other party with rapt attention .

The person was wearing a dark-green school uniform, a nametag framed with gold was pinned to his chest . On it was number 3 .

No wonder they dared to attack Qin Feng, it turned out to be Xita University’s ability course’s number three .

“Ability class number 21? Only knows ancient martial arts . You must be the lowest rank!” The boy exclaimed .

“Zhang Hou! Slice off one of his legs, how dare he step on my gun!” The gunner who got his gun snapped in half by Qin Feng’s kick called out, his face was ashen and full of rage .

Under the person’s uniform was a sturdy piece of armor, and the gunner was a local tyrant, probably the child of one of the powerful families within the Xita district . Zhang Hou’s eyes flashed with a glare of disgust . He was strong but born into a poor family . This time he joined the other party because he was told that if the team ranked top ten, he would receive one million .

Right now he was being directed to do something and that displeased him greatly .

“Go help the others . Leave this one to me . Just now that team had a number one in the ability class but it’s a damn shame they’ve brought a piece of sh*t!” Zhang Hou called out .

At this time, there were four people attacking Qin Feng with ten others who had split off to go attack the other three . Zhang Hou naturally felt that Qin Feng was not afraid, and letting the others leave was also his method of making sure they did not get in the way .

This ambush was not set up with one team against another . It was three teams against one .

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“I kinda feel sorry for you . Who would have known you all would meet me!” Qin Feng let out a frosty chuckle .

A look of disdain flashed across Zhang Hou’s eyes and he chuckled, thinking that Qin Feng was all talk . “You talk big, but let’s see if you can handle this!”

Zhang Hou urged his consciousness . His power was indeed very strong, not as good as the first or second, but close enough . Everyone had their faith in Zhang Hou .

“Wind Shear Vortex!”

In Zhang Hou’s hands, a spiraling sphere manifested . When he pushed his hands out, the huge spiral transformed into gale force winds and rushed toward Qin Feng at a very fast speed .

At this time, Qin Feng raised his hands, palms facing the wind .

Everyone who was watching Qin Feng’s movements had one thought floating through their heads .

“He’s crazy!”

Would Wind Shear Vortex be that easy to handle? Qin Feng’s hands were going to be ruined .

[1] That explains why some G-rank aptitude users are incompetent . No field experience .

[2] The Chinese metaphor used also means ‘eating sh*t’, which basically means suffering a nasty fall .