Master of the End Times - Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Dragging People Under

Chapter 137: Dragging People Under

However, as quickly as the thought sprang into these people’s minds, the wind spiraled into Qin Feng’s palm and a red light burst from his hand .


A huge gush of flame rushed forth and the whirlwind collapsed instantaneously . Not to mention the turbulent winds that raised the flames high up as the huge wall of fire rolled toward Zhang Hou . In the next instant, an ashened figure could be seen being sent up to ten meters away before disappearing into the tall grass .

Qin Feng gently withdrew his hand, the several other Xita University students were stunned .

“You can either give me your number tag yourself and just walk away, otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

The remaining three looked at one another and one of them shouted, “Scatter!”

Apparently, they had not given up yet and felt like they could escape!

Qin Feng could not give them the chance as he compressed the flames into three fist-sized balls and sent them shrieking toward their fleeing targets, exploding on impact .

His inspiration came from the whirlwind ability . Firebeam’s destructive power was too strong, by condensing the flames into a smaller compact form, then causing an explosion was a much easier and less energy consuming method .

The backs of the three were badly mutilated by the explosion, even the one wearing that rune inner armor from before was blown away .

Nobody could withstand that blow!

Qin Feng approached to pick up their combat backpacks and took away their name tags . With the removal of the name tags, a click sounded as the button connected to their clothing shifted . A spatial passage then swallowed them whole . They would be returned to the military base . Of course, they were deemed failures and were eliminated .

Even the third place of Xita University’s ability course? Not at all a challenge to Qin Feng .

“Qin Feng!” Zhou Hao’s voice came from the distance, soon the three others appeared within his sight .

“All clear?” Qin Feng asked .

“Of course, these rookies wouldn’t ever be able to face me!”

Zhou Hao was a true G6-tier ancient warrior and had faced off and arrested criminals . Those who have not even reached G-tier would find it impossible to be his opponent .

“Great!” Qin Feng gave him a thumbs up, not being stingy with his praise .

Zhou Hao grinned and said, “This group is basically blind, thinking that the only strong one in our group is Zhao Yu . Absolutely nobody came at me, then they got a swift boot to the face!”

As Zhou Hao was wearing a cloak that had an ability to hide its user, after applying internal force into the cloak, the silver light surrounding him made Zhou Hao undetectable by the naked eye .

“There’s enough food for all of us!”

After collecting the food from the three teams, the amount would be enough to feed them for three days .

“Looks like it’s going to get dark soon, and there are two days left . Let’s not rush, there’ll definitely be danger at night . We’ll rest here, good thing when they set up the ambush they placed beast repellants!”


“Okay, you’re the boss!”

Among them, Qin Feng was considered as the leader .

Technically speaking, these people did not deliberately set up an ambush for Qin Feng . Instead, this was where they were planning to rest . Then the gunner playing sentry spotted Qin Feng . At first glance, Qin Feng was just an ability user ranked twenty-first, thinking that they were the lowest rank, the ambush was set in motion .

Who would have thought Qin Feng was a wall of steel?

The four found shelter and began to eat some biscuits, which merely left their mouths feeling dry .

At this point, a clattering sound came from among the grass . Zhang Tianche and Zhou Hao were immediately alerted .

Very quickly a white blur rushed out of a clump of grass and flew toward Qin Feng

“Be careful!”

The white blur was too fast, but Qin Feng did not make any attempts to retaliate, when the white shadow stopped, they saw that it was just a white Pomeranian .

“Oh, it’s just Xiao Bai!” Zhou Hao dropped his defensive stance .

Xiao Bai did not return alone, in its jaws was a fat rabbit much larger than its entire body .

“Looks like we can add something for dinner tonight!” Qin Feng said with a smile .

“Good, good! Some roast rabbit meat!” Zhou Hao was also very happy .

With a fire ability, making a fire was no problem at all . Zhao Yu released a fireball, igniting the collected dry branches . Zhang Tianche’s scalpel swished, quickly skinning the rabbit and removing the offal, then he slathered the meat with the juiced sweet berries they found earlier to give it a rich taste .

Soon, the fragrance of roasted rabbit wafted into the air .

Zhao Yu was starting to get a little bit emotional . “I don’t think we’re here to fight, but for a walk in the park!”

“An outing in the wild, but that still depends on strength!” Zhou Hao chuckled .

Soon the rabbit was roasted, and the sky had turned completely dark . The four surrounded the warm fire, heartily eating their delicious barbeque . While they were comfortable and relaxed, the others were terrified .

The night was when the nocturnal ultra beasts came out one after the other . They had all arrived for their annual carnal feast .

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Humans, in their eyes, were food!

“Awoo…”[1] A long howl came from the distance .

“Awoo… Awoo…” One after the other .

“Wolf pack!” Zhao Yu’s face paled . “It’s not too far away from us!” Qin Feng sat up straight .

The situation did not look good, worst still, it was happening a short distance away from them . The wolf pack was running through the forest, and soon a scream pierced the air .


“Hey! Don’t leave me alone, help!”

The sound quickly disappeared . It was unclear whether they were killed by the timber wolves or they removed their name tag in order to get transported out of the Spring Hunting Ground through the spatial passage .

Their faces became solemn as they knew that the sound was coming toward their direction .

Qin Feng and the rest were openly cooking their meat, those gunners were not stupid and would have seen them while they were patrolling .

After meeting the wolf pack, they started sprinting toward Qin Feng and the others . Whether or not they managed to save themselves, they knew that if they dragged more people into this mess there would be a small chance that they could survive .

“Up the tree!” Qin Feng ordered while climbing up a big tree .

Zhou Hao and Zhang Tianche grabbed Zhao Yu and hopped up the tree after him .

Their internal forces and consciousness surged, condensing in their eyes . In the darkness, their eyesight greatly increased and they quickly spotted the figure in the distance .

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It was someone wearing a dark-green school uniform, a student from Xita University . This was to be expected, the location they entered was right next to Xita University’s . After entering the forest, those that they meet would surely be from that university .

Zhou Hao’s face twisted with anger . “They’re gonna drag us under! I’m gonna kill them!” He prepared to line up a shot against them .

“Zhou Hao, don’t . In this situation, he’ll die!” Zhao Yu tried to stop Zhou Hao . However, at the same time, the sound of a gun rang out beside the two .


The sniper rifle sounded boomingly .

“Ahh!” The Xita University student who had been running for his life suddenly dropped to the ground .

[1] Translator’s Thoughts: I’d never thought I’d reach this stage of my life where this sound has to be taken seriously because of the context . I blame the Internet .