Master of the End Times - Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: Cruelty or Mercy

Chapter 138: Cruelty or Mercy

The shot found its target on the student’s thigh .

Zhao Yu and the other two subconsciously looked at the other big tree, also wanting to know just who in the world was the one that fired the shot .

Qin Feng had a sniper rifle in his hands, it had been looted from the Xita students that ambushed them before . He did not bring any firearms when he came, and those that he had were in Xiao Bai’s space which would have been an inconvenience to take out .

Guns or not, that was a perfect opportunity, why not seize it?

At this time, Qin Feng’s face was calm and seemed to not have a reaction after firing at the other party but Zhao Yu and the rest already knew what the future had in store for that person!

Torn apart by wolves .

This time, another round was fired .


From where Qin Feng was looking, a timber wolf had pounced out into his field of vision and was instantly shot at, blood blossoming from its scalp .


The wolf howled and collapsed to the ground .

Bang bang bang!

The sound of gunfire kept blaring out and the wolves were killed off one by one .

The Xita University student that was in despair lay on the ground, mouth agape, watching as it went on around him .

There had already been four timber wolves that were shot dead the moment they showed themselves! He suddenly felt a trace of hope .

“This can’t be a gunner from our university, right? To have this kind of power in the dark, they must be very strong!”

Despite his leg injury, he started to crawl forward .


A bullet was shot right in front of him, dust covering his face . This was a warning shot! Warning him to not move!

At this time, the gunshots sounded again and several more wolves were killed . This time around, there were nine dead wolves, the rest tucked their tails between their legs and ran off .

Food was tempting but life was more important, they did not want the entire pack to get wiped out like that .

The wolves withdrew, and the scent of blood filled the nose of the Xita University student .

Soon, four figures came into the student’s view . The moment he saw the four of them, his face twisted into something rather ghastly .

“Are you gonna move yourself, or do I have to hit you first to make you move?” Zhou Hao flexed his wrists . .

“I’ll go! I’ll go!” the student quickly said, then hesitated before adding, “Please thank your gunner for me!”

The student dejectedly took off his nametag and threw it at Zhou Hao’s feet, then he was consumed by space runes .

Zhou Hou curled up with laughter, “Qin Feng, you shot him and the result was him thanking you!”

The person did not recognize Qin Feng as the one who shot him, after all the four that appeared were two ability users and two ancient warriors . As for the ‘gunner’, since they used a sniper rifle, they probably would not reveal themselves!

In the end, the Xita University student did not know who the other person was, only thinking that Chengbei University had such a gunner, a truly impressive person .

“Hurry up and clean up the battlefield, we’re changing resting places,” Qin Feng said as he ignored Zhou Hao’s ridicule .

Zhou Hao nodded and the four quickly gathered their spoils and went in another direction .

This was not destined to be a quiet night .

The Spring Hunting Ground was incredibly peaceful place during the day, but at night it suddenly shifted into what felt like hell* . The wild was truly a dangerous place .

Those who had already stepped into the middle of the Spring Hunting Ground were afraid to step back to the outer circle and some even exited the forest entirely .

At this time, the student remembered the words of the wise .

“I don’t need you to beat them, just as long as you can survive and escape!”

Many people thought this to be the truth and faltered in their advances . The first night, the number of people from the five universities were reduced by a thousand for various reasons .

Half a night passed by in the blink of an eye, Qin Feng got up and gave Zhou Hao and Zhang Tianche a pat on the shoulders . “You two get some rest!”

Out of the fear that ultra beasts would attack at night, they had agreed to taking turns in keeping vigil . Zhao Yu was a girl and more importantly an ability user so she needed all the rest she could get, which was why she was not playing sentry .

The first half of the night was Zhou Hao and Zhang Tianche’s shift, and now it was Qin Feng’s shift .

“Call us if there’s something!”

“Yeah, go!”

After the two had left, Qin Feng climbed up a larger tree and his surroundings seemed to become darker .

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Ability, Darkness Shroud!

Bai Li jumped off Qin Feng’s shoulder and landed on another branch .


Bai Li transformed into her human shape, and Qin Feng, whose eyes had become adjusted to the dark, was affected by another kind of assault . Fortunately, out of habit, Bai Li pulled out her clothes and quickly put them on .

Qin Feng waited until after she was done before asking, “How was it?”

“Burp!” Bai Li let out a burp . “Good, there are a lot of fruits!”

Qin Feng was speechless . ‘You’ve eaten so much that you’re burping, how much is there exactly?’

“What about conscious fruit?” Qin Feng asked .

“Yours!” Bai Li raised her hand and very quickly a huge fruit fell into Qin Feng’s arms . The fruit was about the size of a watermelon, almost twenty five centimeters in diameter, but it had strange lines on its surface, making it pitted .

“I left three back there like you said!” Bai Li said .

The number of fruits produced by the conscious tree varied from year to year, but this year had a full harvest . There were thirty fruits this year and Bai Li only left one tenth of what was supposed to be there, what a pitiful number .

Qin Feng was left with no choice .

“Hopefully the teachers don’t find out!”

The conscious fruits were supposed to be the rewards, to have them stolen would make Chengyang’s people flip . After all, the students were not particularly strong, they would have only been able to get a few .

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“Eat, it’s delicious!” Bai Li seemed to highly recommend it . Qin Feng took out the Verdant Emperor Saber and carefully cut open a palm-sized opening . The inside of the fruit was actually liquid, in the translucent liquid there were thin threads floating around, like a bowl of vermicelli soup .

“So this is conscious fruit!”

Before his rebirth, Qin Feng had never seen it . After all, this kind of thing was only meant for ability users, and as an ancient warrior, Qin Feng was not interested . Such things were not normally found in the wild .

Today, he would get a taste of what it was like!


Qin Feng took a long sip from the edge as a sweet milky taste wafted along . Very quickly, the fruit was gulped down by him .

His stomach swelled up and Qin Feng felt a burst of strength converging in his mind . His consciousness was rapidly growing .

His consciousness that had not been promoted in a while rose little by little, soon Qin Feng felt that his consciousness had reached a new height .


His perception had greatly increased, within one hundred meters, everything was clearly visible . Through gun control, his consciousness could be extended past four kilometers .

“Not only that!”