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Chapter 14

That was also one of the reasons why Chen Ming returned to the orphanage .

 Chen Ming might have been envious of Qin Feng and had developed a deep-seated dislike for his childhood friend, but he would never disregard the old director Lin Derong .

 However, so it would also appear that Qin Feng was destined to be in opposition with Chen Ming in this lifetime .

 Whether it was the torment Qin Feng had suffered in the previous life or from a terrorist group like this, neither of them should have even existed in this world .

 3Once he was done with all the procedures, Qin Feng packed a piece of barren and worn luggage, which consisted of three sets of clothing before leaving the orphanage .

 This time, he really had nowhere to go .

 2But as long as he had money, there was nothing for him to worry about anything wherever he went . He mulled over the issue for a while before deciding to check into a hotel on Chengbei’s fifth street, which had pretty good security and a pleasant environment .

 The charge per day was 200, quite pricey, but value for money in that economy .

 Comfort levels here were like heaven and hell in comparison to the orphanage . He had booked a spacious room with a cozy double bed, a private toilet, a kitchen, and a minibar . They even included a multifunction training machine with small testing instruments .

 This room was predominantly set up for ability users, and since he had just awakened, these small perks were only a necessity .

 If he went to those specialized training facilities that were even more well-equipped, who’s to say he won’t be splurging even more for those .

 Settling in, he gently pulled out his little pet .

 “Go out and play on your own . But remember, if you need to poop or pee, go to the toilet . I know you understand what I’m saying!” Qin Feng placed Xiaobai on the floor, letting the little thing roam free around the room .

 1Xiaobai did a little dance – like a curious toddler, everything around it was new and exciting!

 Qin Feng took out his communicator and punched in Zhou Hao’s number .

 “Qin Feng, how has your training been? I’ve already used a strengthening potion . I feel like I can reach 80 in Attack now!”

 Qin Feng was both surprised and uninspired at the same time .

 “Not bad, continue to work hard! Remember to learn about meditation!”

 “Mm, but it’s so dull!” squirmed Zhou Hao, being the kind of person that could never sit still!

 “Ability users are slightly stronger than ancient warriors . Oh, by the way, if your abilities have awakened, remember not to go around telling other people about it . I heard from Xue, our team captain, that some from the anti-humans have penetrated the colony and might be targeting those just awakened!”

 This was the lie that Qin Feng had been mulling over .

 “What?” Zhou Hao sounded terrified . “The colony has been having such bad luck lately . Sigh, do you think that someone sabotaged the spatial stabilizer?”


 1“Then, don’t go to school anymore . Come stay at my house . I’ll bring you to the training facility, okay?!”

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 2Zhou Hao’s father worked in a training facility . Having the perks of an employee, he could train on any machine and get advice from elects without having to pay anything .

 “No, the machines in the orphanage are enough . Take good care of yourself! See you in a month’s time!”

 “Alright!” Zhou Hao insisted no further as he knew how highly Qin Feng held himself .

 Qin Feng, on the other hand, was simply relieved that he had managed to warn his friend .

 1After hanging up, Qin Feng immediately tried out the testing instrument .

 With both feet planted securely on the ground, waist rotated, and arms swinging, Qin Feng threw a solid punch at the machine .


 The spring-loaded device in the machine specially designed to withstand punches dented inwards, prompting a frantic jump in the numbers on the screen .

 [Current attack test data: 1213]

 “Phew!” Qin Feng’s stiffened biceps relaxed .

 His physique was 15 times that of Zhou Hao’s, but regardless, Zhou Hao was still very talented .

 The federation had stipulated that in the aptitude test, the rating of an average person under the age of sixteen who had not been injected with the awakening potion was around 10 Attack .

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 There were some differences between males and females, but through consistent training and hard work, they were bound to be better than those who were talented but were untrained .

 In middle school, Qin Feng, Zhou Hao, and Chen Ming were some of the most talented students, and each one alone could reach around 20 Attack .

 This meant that the three of them were twice as good at combat as other people – not in a one-versus-two, but in a one-versus-ten scenario, Qin Feng alone could beat all his peers of the same age without breaking a sweat .

 After the injection, the average result for both males and females was at least 50 .

 In a month’s time, once they’d reached 100, they would become qualified gunners .

 2Ancient warriors, on the other hand, had to have their meridians examined by highly specific instruments and were obliged to practice neigong . Only then, would their qualification to be an Ancient Warrior be determined .

 Ability users were very different from these two categories of people .

 Once their element cores were awakened, even if the person’s Attack was a pathetic 10, he or she would still be considered an ability user .

 “Let’s give mediation a try! Hmm, I’m not sure if that neigong of mine still exists!” Qin Feng thought . He could not help but feel excited . But this was not the time .

 1Qin Feng used his communicator to get into the alliance network, which was also the battle net . He signed in using his ID, then downloaded the meditation skill . Of course, he didn’t leave out the beginner-level Neigong training technique, although, in the previous life, his neigong had already reached Rank C, and his Ancient Warrior’s badge had reached B3 tier as well .

 Qin Feng sat crossed-legged on the floor, quietened his mind, and concentrated his consciousness until there was nothing but engulfing darkness . There, the diamond planet reappeared .

 Ability core!

 Qin Feng controlled the ability core with his consciousness, and slowly, the whole thing began to spin .


 Only people whose abilities had not been awakened would think that meditation was gibberish – which was why Zhou Hao was so reluctant to brush up his meditation skills . His ability was not awakened yet and was naturally unable to appreciate its wonders .

 As the ability core spun around on its axis, strange little grey specks began to appear in the darkness .

 These little dots were actually mystic symbols – the element runes .

 The ability core drew the runes into the planet . As these sigils multiplied, the ability user would have more abilities .

 Qin Feng’s consciousness was still fragile . After 10 minutes, he had only managed to collect around ten of the grey element runes . To make matters worse, they looked like they were useless .


 He came around with a jolt, emerging from the exhausting trance . This time was drained him even more than the last . Qin Feng crashed, his mind shutting down completely, and he fell into a deep slumber . At least, the hotel was safe .

 When Xiaobai, who had been playing on its own, saw Qin Feng climbing into bed, it jumped up to join him .

 Even though it was only a one-day-old, it already possessed a shocking level of control and speed . One could only imagine the full potential this creature possessed within it .

 Qin Feng only slept for two hours, continuing his silent meditation afterward . He only had one meal in between .

 He was extremely curious about his abilities with revenge, his motivation .