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Master of the End Times - Chapter 141

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:16 AM

Chapter 141: Got Their Asses Whooped

Chapter 141: Got Their Asses Whooped

“Are you guys even trying? You couldn’t even lay a finger on the worst student of our ability class . Our batch only has twenty one ability users this term and you are beaten up by the weakest of them all . Yet, you say you want to challenge our top student? Don’t make me laugh . ”

Those who came from Xita University were fuming .

Zhao Yu contained her laugh and followed through . “That’s right . You are not worthy of challenging me until you defeat him . ”

“Bullshit . I don’t believe he is the last of your class . You jesters from Chengbei are clearly cheating!” Qian Tao bellowed, “Show them no mercy and annihilate them!”

Qian Tao decided to go all out on them . They had lost enough face along with three of their ability users . There was no need to hold back now .

Lin Mao was the first to attack after Qian Tao lifted the restraint . The cruel look in his eyes showed that he was aiming to kill .

“Giant Woodlock!”


The ground rose high up and multiple giant vines subsequently broke through it . The vines came alive and whipped straight at Qin Feng and co .

Zhou Hao and Zhang Tianche dodged reflexively while Zhao Yu summoned her fire ability to protect herself . The vines caught fire when it came into contact with Zhao Yu’s flame and rapidly turned into ashes .

Pow! Pow! Pow! Pow!

As the side with the advantage in numbers, it was only natural that the Xita group had several gunners in their team . Bullets showered on Qin Feng and his teammates as soon as the fight erupted .

“I was hoping for fair competition but I guess that’s too much to ask for . Since you all were the ones who violated the battle code first, then I no longer need to withhold my power,” Qin Feng said emotionlessly but his outgoing attack was extremely hostile .

“Carpet Hellfire!”

Fire runes immediately covered the nearby lands and engulfed every enemy around Qin Feng .


The students from Xita University groaned in pain .

Their shirts were charred . Their legs were burned . The fire even lit the bomb that they carried .

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The chain explosions set off blew them off their feet .

Birds resting in the shrubs were startled and took flight immediately . Other students nearby that heard the explosion were also terrified and consciously distanced themselves from the battlefield .

Qin Feng leisurely raised his hand at the center of the calamity .

“Hellfire, dissipate!” The fire vanished instantly with a poof .

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All thirty enemies around him were devastated by the ruthless blaze . They had completely lost their will as well as the ability to fight .

“How brutal! How violent!” Zhou Hao shook his head while stepping on the ground that was still steaming . He checked on the victims and figured all of them had survived the explosions . The teachers must have mitigated the power of the explosives . Otherwise, these people would have been blown into oblivion .

“Off you go!” Zhou Hao snatched a bag from one of the ancient warriors and removed the name tag on his chest .

“Damn you! You are coming down with us!” Some of them tried to retaliate but Zhou Hao easily neutralized their last resort and took their name tags too .

In the process, Zhou Hao’s cloak slid open and revealed his identity as the best ancient warrior of his class .

“Damn!” Qian Tao cursed . He was hoping to bring at least one person down with them but unexpectedly, the guy who was hiding beneath the cloak all this while was actually the No . 1 ancient warrior student in Chengbei this year .

They thought that they were lucky to bump into a group of lambs but it turned out that they were four ferocious wolves!

“I am leaving by myself . ” Qian Tao removed his name tag resentfully .

Soon, a spatial passage wrapped around Qian Tao . Before he was sent away, a silver light was seen dropping out of the portal . It was his name tag .

The reason Qian Tao retreated willingly was that he hoped to bring along the name tag out of the hunting ground with him this way . He did not want to benefit Qin Feng, but against his wishes, the examiner had foreseen such foul play and enchanted the name tag with spatial rune beforehand . In other words, nobody could smuggle the name tag out .

“Leave your bag and get out of my sight,” Qin Feng ordered the remaining students .

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Lin Mao still refused to concede and threatened him, “You can’t be the last of your class . I am going to report you for cheating . Just you wait . ”

“Be my guest . Please remember to spell my name, Qin Feng, correctly when you do that . ” Qin Feng reached out and snatched Lin Mao’s name tag .

He did not care even if he was going to be disqualified . With his capabilities now, it did not even matter even if they were to emerge as champions . After all, he had achieved his main purpose in coming to the Spring Hunting Ground .

The thirty students from Xita University were all done for . Their elimination left Qin Feng’s party with more than a hundred name tags . Other than that, they also gained a few bully bananas and other goodies .

“Qin Feng, you are really powerful . We don’t even need to move a finger teaming up with you . ” Zhao Yu lamented . She then remembered something and laughed . “You are really cunning, Qin Feng . You did it on purpose during the exhibition so that you would be ranked last, right?”

“That’s the only way we could lure in some greedy morons . Looking at their dejected faces when they found out the truth greatly amuses me . Haha!” Zhou Hao said with a large grin .

Zhang Tianche collected the loot quietly . He alone was carrying five big backpacks .

“At least I am of some use . ” Though his medical skills were not needed, Zhang Tianche was happy that he could still contribute as a transporter .

The four of them moved on joyfully under Qin Feng’s lead .

The beautiful and usually quiescent Spring Hunting Ground had turned into a deafening battleground following the arrival of twenty thousand students .

“Rawr!” A giant tiger shrieked out in pain .

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“Windbreaker Sweep!”

“Jet Palm!”

Zhou Hao and Zhang Tianche’s attacks landed on the tiger beast aggressively . It spurted a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground eventually .

It was a G-tier beast general on the verge of becoming a beast king . Yet, the monster was quickly dealt with by the team thanks to Qin Feng’s containment .

Other students would be in grave danger if they were to come across such a ferocious creature .

It was the beast’s misfortune to cross paths with Qin Feng’s party .

“Let’s call it a day . ”

They gained a lot today and could no longer stuff more items into their bags .

The team was slowly closing in toward the center of the hunting ground . They had defeated seven teams from other universities in one day to reach here . These included students from Dongling, Hunnan, and even from their own Chengbei colony .

They were relieved as nightshade had finally fallen .

“Hooray! We are leaving this place tomorrow afternoon . It feels like forever,” Zhao Yu said, her face wane .

Though they had earned a lot, it was still extremely unsafe to stay in the wild . The only good thing about this place was perhaps that no rift would occur spontaneously .

“You should rest early tonight,” Zhou Hao suggested . It was her first time camping in the wild last night . Hence, she did not sleep well, which in turn lowered her fighting performance today .