Master of the End Times - Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: Traces of Z

Chapter 146: Traces of Z

In Chen Ming’s point of view, was everything that happened merely his way of compromise in order to obtain what he wanted?

Qin Feng thought that he and Chen Ming had developed true friendship, however, it seemed that it was merely his own assumption!

Qin Feng felt even more tranquil and calm than he ever was .

He maintained a calm expression and was about to find out what he had wished to know all these while!

“Since you have already obtained such an ability, why would you still get close to Lin Kai?”

Chen Ming knew that he was about to die, and he replied with a sneer, “Why would I tell you! I will never satisfy your curiosity . ”

Surprisingly, Qin Feng nodded and replied, “True, if you do tell me, I might even explore further to find out, as the saying goes, curiosity kills the cat . ”

Chen Ming was unbothered by the reply .

Qin Feng continued, “Since you are in contact with the superior of the organisation, would that also mean that he has sent you over to spy on Deputy Mayor Lin? Did they assume that it was Deputy Mayor Lin that has taken away the experiment findings from the destroyed laboratory? Or perhaps the materials?”

Chen Ming, who was originally nonchalant, suddenly looked at Qin Feng .

“How did you know?”

Qin Feng started to laugh .

Chen Ming’s reaction had affirmed Qin Feng’s assumption!

“It is because I was the one… who destroyed the laboratory!” Qin Feng moved closer to Chen Ming and lowered his voice with internal strength, and only allowed Chen Ming to capture his words .

Chen Ming’s eyes widened in disbelief .

“Ha…haha…ugh ugh ugh…” Chen Ming spitted out blood from his mouth .

Chen Ming did not think that this would be his end!

Chen Ming did not give up even after he had lost his legs to Qin Feng, he even knew that Lin Kai was the cause of the experiment on those people that were being captured .

Therefore, after Chen Ming had volunteered himself to be strengthened via the experiment, he was assigned by the superiors to spy on Lin Kai and find out whether he had any information regarding the experiments, and also to revert back on the information obtained .

However, Chen Ming did not know that he was wrong from the beginning!

It was Qin Feng, and not Lin Zheng, that had destroyed the laboratory .

“Qin Feng, I can never understand you, why would you know about these? Furthermore, why would you destroy the laboratory, was it revenge for the students?” Chen Ming questioned .

Qin Feng would not answer that .

He would keep the secret of his rebirth forever!

“Therefore, I am aware of the secret, and I also want to destroy it, just assume that I am meddling in other people’s business, who is your superior? Do you really not want to let me know?”

“Would you find him, and kill him?” Chen Ming let out a mocking laugh .

“I will!” Qin Feng replied without any hesitation!

Suddenly, Chen Ming felt a sense of anticipation .

Many have said that before one dies, the final words the person leaves behind would be good ones .

Chen Ming was different .

Chen Ming looked forward to Qin Feng paving his own path toward death by going after his superior .

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“His name is Liang Kan! I still have his contact saved in my communicator!” Chen Ming suddenly burst out in laughter, “Qin Feng, you have to keep your promise to look for him!”

Liang Kan was an E-tier and had strong experimental genes that had dramatically boosted his combat power .

Qin Feng could never go up against him with his capabilities now .

Chen Ming laughed till his final breath took him away!

Qin Feng witnessed the mixed feelings of hatred and satisfaction from Chen Ming’s expression, however, he remained unbothered by it and released the flames .

Chen Ming was immediately devoured by the flames, and even if the spatial passage had teleported him outside, there would only be ashes left from his body .

It would be best to keep Chen Ming’s mutation as a secret from the others as the implications were wider than anyone would expect .

Qin Feng stood up and there were no traces left on the ground .

The remaining three people were looking at Qin Feng .

“Let’s clean up the battlefield!” Qin Feng gave his order .

“Okay!” Zhou Hao nodded solemnly .

Zhao Yu felt anxious and thought that there might be some alarming secret that had yet to be revealed but she kept it to herself .

“How’s your wound?” Qin Feng looked at Zhan Tianche .

“It will be easily taken care of once we are safe!” Zhan Tianche nodded . There was an arrow pierced through his shoulder, obviously, it was caused by a crossbow .

Most of the time, for aptitude users, hidden weapons were more threatening when compared to ordinary firearms .

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“I am sorry, it was all because of my incapability!” Zhao Yu felt guilty .

Zhan Tianche wounded himself when he was protecting Zhao Yu during their retreat . Although he might not be highly skilled, being ranked twenty first in their course was no easy feat, he could have easily protected himself from such attacks .

“We are in the same team, don’t you feel bad about this!” Qin Feng calmed Zhao Yu down, “Go and get the name tags, I will take care of Zhang Tianche’s wound . ”

Qin Feng was quite experienced in first aid treatment, combined with Zhang Tianche’s remaining arm that was unharmed, both of them took care of the wound swiftly and Zhang Tianche managed to recover to a better state by tuning his neigong .

Zhou Hao and Zhao Yu returned with their loot .

Indeed, the loot was in abundance .

Most of the students remained at the outer ring during their first day, while the inner ring was mostly dominated by capable students that were after the conscious fruits . However, with the presence of Chen Ming, none of the students were capable of going up against him .

Therefore, Chen Ming led Lin Kai and the others on an annihilation streak along the way and obtained more than three hundred name tags .

With the four hundred name tags that were obtained by Qin Feng, and two hundred name tags that were obtained during the battles from the past two days, Qin Feng and the others had accumulated more than nine hundred name tags that had been fully fitted into five backpacks .

There were also about six backpacks that were filled with all sorts of spirit herbs and fruits, the amount was indeed overwhelming!

“The Spring Hunting Ground is about to end, let’s take a rest here!”

There were about three thousand participants that participated in the battle, and they had already obtained more than nine hundred names tags in the elimination round; therefore, it was obvious that they had the highest chance of being the winner .

Soon, the survival in the wilderness for three days and two nights finally ended at noon sharp .

Suddenly, a giant spatial passage appeared in the sky and silver light rays that shone from it enveloped everyone on the ground .

Students that were still in the Spring Hunting Ground were all wrapped by spatial runes and disappeared from where they stood .

There were only three hundred students that had survived the annual Spring Hunting Ground, it was equivalent to one tenth of the total number of students .

There were two crucial factors that had contributed to the scenario, it was Chen Ming that had been active in the outer ring, and also Qin Feng that had looted the conscious fruits .

Qin Feng’s team aside, the remaining teams were just lucky to have survived as none of them were even able to meet half of the expected requirements of a competitive team .

All top tier teams from the four major universities of Hunnan, Xita, Dongling, and Chenyang were eliminated .

Hence, as soon as Qin Feng returned from the hunting ground, he was aware of the hateful glares from the surroundings .

It was at that moment, there were students that spoke up with anger .

“Principal, I would like to make a report, it was them, they were way beyond our league, I suspect that Chengbei University has committed fraud by allowing the use of their senior students!” A student from Chengyang Colony that was wearing a white-gold uniform stared furiously at Qin Feng .

“Yes, it was them!”

“He had even worn a number 21 name tag as disguise and duped us with this false impression!”

“It was all his fault!”

The crowd that was pointing their fingers at Qin Feng were all wrapped up in bandages and supported by plaster casts, it was obvious that they were the elites from the three major universities that were attacked by Qin Feng’s Asteroid Assimilation earlier .