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Master of the End Times - Chapter 147

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:08 AM

Chapter 147: Taking down number 1

Chapter 147: Taking down number 1

However, the elites ended up in a pathetic state .

Frankly speaking, the results from the Spring Hunting Ground were out of everyone’s expectations as every core team that had high hopes placed on them were eliminated .

Those that had survived were the unusual ones that had not been under the spotlight .

Of course, the teachers and principals could not interfere with the results if all the teams were eliminated .

However, there was a team that seemed to stand out among the others, and the dissatisfaction toward them had escalated quickly .

“What had actually happened?”

Qu Kun, the principal of Chengyang University, asked in a deep voice .

It was the same person that had declared the rules of the Spring Hunting Ground before their entry to the grounds, he was an E9-tier ancient warrior .

“That’s right, Principal Deng, shouldn’t you give us an explanation!”

“All of our students were wounded by internal strength, this student must be an ancient warrior!”

Many among the crowd that were also dissatisfied questioned openly .

The pressure from the crowd had escalated quickly as their dissatisfaction had risen higher .

Deng Nian did not care about the crowd as he was extremely satisfied with Qin Feng’s harvest, as well as his accomplishment of eliminating students from other universities!

“I can’t help it, as I can’t stop the students from performing well, however, it is true that he had just been injected with an awakening potion earlier this year, all of you should have heard his name before!” Deng Nian smiled as he said, “His name is Qin Feng!”

“You are Qin Feng?” Qu Kun frowned and focused on Qin Feng, “The current mayor of Fengli Colony?”

There were a few ambitious E-tier aptitude users from Chengyang City who wanted to advance so they went to the war against the Corpse Corps in hopes that they could emerge victorious and lead a new colony . However, the opportunity was taken by another youngster .

Furthermore, the outstanding achievement in eliminating the zombies single-handedly that made him stood out from the crowd had caught the attention of the higher-ups .

They acknowledged Qin Feng’s F-tier capabilities, and he could even achieve E-tier in the near future .

Qin Feng heard Qu Kun speak to him, and he replied .

“Yes, I am, it’s my pleasure to meet you, Principal Qu!” Qin Feng reacted neither haughtily nor humbly as his identity as the head of a colony had been discovered, he was no longer an ordinary student!

“So it was you, but I have never heard about you being an ability user!” Qu Kun replied with a slight hesitation in him .

Qin Feng’s capabilities had exceeded everyone’s expectation, therefore, their curiosity had driven them to find out more about Qin Feng .

Qin Feng replied, “There’s nothing significant about my ability, and my results are not good during the test, I was able to take down the rubber dummy by using ancient warrior skills . Therefore, I was numbered as twenty first by the teachers!”

Lin Mao and the others who were staring at Qin Feng were all infuriated .

“He is lying, how could that be insignificant, his ability was definitely overpowered! All twenty of us were defeated by a single hit of his fire ability that covered the radius of more than ten meters, he is trying to fool us!”

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Zhou Hao sneered unintentionally at the side .

“Although you are telling the truth, I do feel that it would be better to not diminish your own pride and acknowledge the achievements of the others, just keep it to yourself!”

Lin Mao was instantly enraged and hatred was reflected on his reddish face .

It was as if Lin Mao was advocating Qin Feng’s powerful ability while degrading his own status!

The Principal of Xita Colony was solemn .

“Forget about it, students were ranked to help them in finding a better team, while Qin Feng might be ranked as number 21, you should never underestimate your enemies, honour them, and it goes the same to your own life, never belittle anyone!”

Qu Kun ended the dispute with those words .

Subsequently, everyone started to record the number of name tags that were obtained as it would represent their accumulated points .

Without a doubt, Qin Feng and the others who had absolute competitive edge secured the champion title .

“Top ten teams of the Spring Hunting Ground would be automatically entitled a G-tier aptitude user badge”

“First place will be entitled for a G-tier purple ray rune equipment, a choice from a selection of secret manuals ranging from martial arts knowledge, ability knowledge, conscious energy practice, or firearm practice, and also an additional scholarship of 100,000!”

“First and second runner-up will be entitled a blue ray rune equipment, a choice from a selection of secret manuals ranging from martial arts knowledge, ability knowledge, conscious energy practice, or firearm practice, and also an additional scholarship of 50,000!”

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“Fourth to tenth place will be awarded with a set of T3 combat fatigues, a choice from a selection of secret manuals ranging from martial arts knowledge, ability knowledge, conscious energy practice, or firearm practice, and also an additional scholarship of 10,000!”

Those who were awarded would definitely cheer for themselves, however, those that were not were not frustrated as they had obtained quite a lot of herbs in the Spring Hunting Ground, and it might even be more rewarding than the awards given .

Communicators were returned by the teachers, and Qin Feng purposely approached the class of gunners and explained Chen Ming’s situation .

“Just leave it to me, and I hope that I can have Chen Ming’s communicator!”

The teacher who was merely an F-tier became indecisive when standing before Qin Feng who had revealed his true capabilities with his performance earlier, his identity of being the mayor of Fengli colony was also taken into consideration .

“Let me put it this way, I’ll give you the communicator, however, you will have to inform Principal Deng about this, as the mutant experiment is quite a significant issue . Furthermore…” The teacher frowned and became worried . “Furthermore, this is related to Deputy Mayor Lin!”

The teacher was aware of the death of Lin Kai and his body that was teleported out, and he also knew that something big was about to happen!

“Hmm, I will inform Principal Deng personally!” Qin Fen nodded .

The battle that lasted for three days had finally ended, some were heavily wounded, while some were extremely exhausted . However, they would still need to return to their colonies immediately .

For those who were ranked within top ten, they could pick their rewards directly from their communicators . Qin Feng immediately picked a pair of G-tier purple ray rune boots and gave it to Zhou Hao as it was not useful for him .

However, he browsed through the secret manuals of motion arts and found a secret manual of Spectre Motion Steps .

“Spectre Motion Steps was improvised by the later generations into a powerful motion arts, such as, the Phantom Motion, Spooky Phantom Motion and others . ”

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“Adding on to that, with the Brahma Sword being the prerequisite, there would be more opportunities to integrate cultivation methods with runes . ”

“Spectre Motion Steps is the exact match for Dark Runes, it will then explain the usage of my dark abilities!”

“This is it!”

Qin Feng confirmed his selection and immediately obtained the cultivation method .

“Qin Feng, thanks to your contribution!” Deng Nian had a big smile on his face as he was satisfied with Qin Feng’s performance in eliminating the other four major universities and also earning respect for Chengbei University!

“It was an easy task for me, however, I do have a favor that I need from you, Principal Deng!” Qin Feng explained the case of Chen Ming, and there was also the presence of the others that had witnessed how Chen Ming had killed Lin Kai!

However, Lin Zheng might put the blame onto Qin Feng as he was the one that had killed Chen Ming .

Even if this had not happened, Lin Zheng would still have hatred for him, and now, the hatred would be multiplied by ten times!

Deng Nian became worried when he heard about Chen Ming .