Master of the End Times - Chapter 150

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Chapter 150: Combat Pit of Chengyang

Chapter 150: Combat Pit of Chengyang

“Combat pit? Even if only one of us is going to walk out alive at the end of the day?” Qin Feng scoffed .

Xin Jiasheng was even more agitated after seeing Qin Feng’s haughty attitude .

“That’s right! Only one will remain standing!”

“Very well . We’ll settle the score there!”

Qin Feng was fearless in the face of his opponent .

“Manager, allow me to pay for my girlfriend’s items!”

“Yes Sir, right away!”

Hoping that these two muscle-headed men would leave his shop as soon as possible, he hurriedly completed their transaction .

“There is no need for you to pay . From today onward, I will be the one paying for that lass behind you . These things that you bought, I’ll throw ’em all away!”

Qin Feng chuckled .

“You’ve got a pretty vivid imagination, don’t you?”

Qin Feng raised his arms and stored everything that they had just bought into his own spatial rune equipment before exiting the store .

Xin Jiasheng too, left the place but in contrast, he climbed onto a rather luxurious roadster waiting for him outside .

It was also another form of a hover tank .

Qin Feng stood on the curb and it looked quite obvious that he did not possess a car, which gave Xin Jiasheng a chance to sneer at him . “What’s that? You don’t even have a…”

Halfway through his sentence, Xin Jiasheng was interrupted by Qin Feng raising his arm . With a simple wave, a hover car materialised out of thin air in front of his eyes .

Xin Jiasheng had no choice but to take back his words, which almost made him choke on his own spit .

The most important thing here was not how badass Qin Feng’s car was . No, it was the fact that he had a spatial rune equipment!

How much did a spatial rune equipment eight square meters in size cost, you may ask?

Well, it far exceeded the price of a hover tank itself . It was something that even Xin Jiasheng could not afford!

“You lead the way!” Qin Feng said nonchalantly, as if ordering a small child to do something .

Xin Jiasheng was reaching his boiling point!

“God damn this man! Why the hell is he so c*cky!? I’ll show you, regardless of whether it’s your girl or your possessions, they’ll all become mine!” A greedy look appeared in Xin Jiasheng’s eyes .

The hover tank floated into the air before moving forward at a jaw-dropping speed .

Qin Feng followed closely on Xin Jiasheng’s six . Despite where they were headed toward, he was focused more on the question of “how to maximise my gains from this fight” .

The combat pit of Chengyang City!

What an exciting turnout of events!

Like the underground arena of Chengbei Colony, the combat pit of Chengyang City was a place for aptitude users to slug it out . However, unlike the former which was seen as illegal hence the “underground” in its name, the latter was a place where the rich and wealthy came to entertain themselves as the people below fought for their opponent’s blood .

Here, fighting was done more formally . It was a place where the abilities of aptitude users were tested to its full extent! Thus, its official name was the Chengyang Colosseum!

While the place did not reek of irony blood, the death rate of its participants surged higher by the day .

This combat pit was where internal conflict was settled . In fact, the four big families would allow their young ones to slay each other right here every year . This ensured that the men above would remain untouched, thus allowing them to focus on reaping new benefits by engaging in deals with each other .

To settle disputes would be less ideal in other places due to a variety of factors so most people would think of the combat pit, which provided a sense of certainty, whenever instances such as the one Qin Feng was facing right now arose .

For the past few weeks, Qin Feng had been facing a wall which stopped him from further growing his internal strength . Who would have thought that the solution to his problem would conveniently present itself in front of him today?

Sitting beside Qin Feng in the vehicle, Bai Li pouted . “Why are you guys getting into a fight!?”

Qin Feng laughed . “Why, of course it’s because of you!”

Bai Li would not have understood what Qin Feng meant by that but because it was not exactly her first time facing this sort of situation, she was able to grasp what had actually happened .

“Are you two fighting over who gets to mate with me? I’m not even mature enough to breed!”

Qin Feng’s hand froze, which almost caused the vehicle to smash into a nearby skyscraper . Luckily, his reflexes were quick enough to steer the vehicle back on course . Immediately after that, he activated the auto-pilot system built into the vehicle to free up his hands, which he used to stroke Bai Li’s white, flowing hair .

“You’re still young yes, but you seem to know a whole lot about other things, don’t you?”

Bai Li sulked . “You’re going to that combat pit place . Judging from its name, I know that it’s a place for fighting . We, silver foxes, remain monogamous throughout the rest of our lives so we pick only the strongest mate to produce the best offsprings . Fighting to the death and all, how could I not know about that!?”

Bai Li wore a Missus know-it-all expression on her face, which left Qin Feng speechless .

Was Bai Li really too young?

With a little bit more time, this smart-alec would develop an ability for cheekiness!

“Alright alright, you understand everything!” Qin Feng said in defeat . He had a complete grasp on where Bai Li triumphed!

To be thinking about mating at this age, it was utterly devilish!

Xin Jiasheng was riding on a roadster in front . Looking back through the rear-view mirror, he observed the duo in the vehicle behind him, conversing and laughing as if they were having a good time . The scene sparked a bonfire within him, prompting him to step mercilessly on the gas pedal .

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Driving at such speeds, it was not too long before they arrived at the colosseum .

“I want to observe firsthand, just how much power you can come up with! When we’re in the fight, best don’t kneel down and beg for mercy!”

Qin Feng was too lazy to think of a comeback . Instead, his eyes studied the structure of the combat pit .

The arena was a vast space with an open-air design .

The total width of the arena was nearly two hundred meters, and there were many stages for sparring matches within . The smallest ones were around ten meters across while mid-range ones were about twice as wide . The biggest however, was a great forty meters wide . Surrounding each stage were platforms for observers, so looking from afar, these stages would appear as little craters that dotted the entire arena’s floor . Of course, there were also rooms that were level with the stage itself, reserved for private bookings from wealthy people of Chengyang .

With Xin Jiasheng in the lead, Qin Feng went to the designated counter for the registration of participants .

The facilities here were not at all inferior to the Aptitude User’s Verification Hall . In fact, it appeared to be much more comprehensive .

The rule here was that there would be rewards for every victor . However, to prevent people from hiding their true abilities and to promote fair fights, each aptitude user would be tested accurately in terms of their consciousness, their raw muscle strength, their internal powers, etc .

Luckily they did not test their rune abilities, or else Qin Feng would refuse to come here!

Also to prevent fraudulent matches where the combatants would collaborate with each other prior to the match, no rewards would be provided in such matches if the scheme were revealed . Apart from that, each participant must pay ten thousand yuan up front and would be given only half an hour to end their match .

However, ten thousand yuan to regular aptitude users was considered a small change .

Xin Jiasheng was evidently not your average Joe in Chengyang . As soon as he had arrived, the manager of the place hurried over to greet him respectfully .

“Young Master Xin, I see you have time to spare today . You’re here to play a match or two, right?”

Xin Jiasheng was not in the mood for small talk . Using his communicator, he picked a battle serial number and with a cold voice, he announced, “There’s an ignorant fool who’s sent himself here to die today! I’ve no choice but to teach him a once-in-a-lifetime lesson!”

“Ha!” The manager did not hesitate to kiss the man’s ass . “I can’t believe someone can be so ignorant . From what I’ve seen, no one can defeat Young Master Xin! Please give me a moment, Young Master Xin, I’ll quickly arrange for you a ring to fight in!”

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The manager hurriedly set off to do his task . In just a short moment, a crowd had already formed around the two rivals . These people knew who Xin Jiasheng was, or at least, heard of him, so they all came together to witness his strength .

Suddenly, Xin Jiasheng was caught under a spotlight .

On the other hand, the observers scanned Qin Feng and Bai Li from head to toe with sympathetic eyes . There were however, some that smiled sadistically, thinking that they were about to meet their demise .

“Young Master Xin? So the one you’re gonna teach a lesson to is this kid? He’s got balls, don’t he? Calling you out to the floor and all . ”

“A G-tier? How can this piece of shit even compare with Master Xin? I bet I can take him down with one arm tied!”

“Bah! I can take him down with both arms tied! One kick’s enough to cripple this fella!”


Xin Jiasheng looked at the people throwing shade at his opponent arrogantly, which actually disgusted him to the point of gagging .

“He’s no G-tier! His strength is a force to be reckoned with!” Xin Jiasheng declared, shutting the crowd up . “But so what about it? I will beat him down from the stage regardless!”

It would appear that these words alone were enough to prop his confidence up .