Master of the End Times - Chapter 151

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Chapter 151: The Invincible Hero

Chapter 151: The Invincible Hero

The sound of the hooligans cheering for Xin Jiasheng erupted in the hall .

Qin Feng remained unyielding despite the lack of support .

His lack of reaction backfired on Xin Jiasheng, who was already nearing his limits . It felt to him as if he had smashed his fists into a pile of soft cotton, doing zero damage to his opponent .

“What’s the matter? Are you pulling out now? Your battle numbers are nowhere to be seen . Chickening out I suppose?”

Xin Jiasheng proudly displayed his battle number which quantified his raw strength, internal strength and other specifications . As arrogant as he might be, his stats clearly stated that he was a “talent-class” challenger, meaning he was quite the capable fighter .

His title was not given to himself which was kind of surprising given his narcissistic personality . It was obtained via a unique test available only in this combat pit . The different classes of fighters were, respectively from the bottom, average-class, elite-class, talent-class, hero-class and lastly, the invincible-class .

One could say that for Xin Jiasheng’s current abilities, the chance of advancing into an E-tier user in the near future was pretty high . Should that day come, he would undoubtedly consolidate his position in Chengyang City .

Qin Feng was not chickening out . It was just that he did not have a battle number .

After all, it was his first time coming to such a place .

Qin Feng switched on his communicator and linked up with the public network .

“Welcome to the Chengyang Colosseum . Our Colosseum proudly uses state-of-the…”

The voice sounded warm and welcoming . It must have been officially recorded using professional equipment specifically for the combat pit . The voice thoroughly explained to the newcomer the requirements of entering the combat pit .

Xin Jiasheng and his goons were speechless .

“He’s a first-timer?”

“Hey, maybe he ain’t from Chengyang!”

After coming back to his senses, Xin Jiasheng’s anger only grew larger .

For a member of the great Xin family to be casually challenged on the streets by a literal nobody! This was an outright assault on his pride!

“Country bumpkin! I guess you’re new to Chengyang Colony huh? No wonder you’re challenging me! I’ll make sure you die in the most agonizing way possible!”

As the saying goes, even the strongest dragon cannot defeat a mere snake that knows his surroundings . Qin Feng, being the outsider that offended Xin Jiasheng, was no doubt, heading toward his own death!

The people standing around could already foresee what was about to unfold!

“Son, you don’t need to listen to every word this thing says . There’s a machine over there that gauges aptitude users’ abilities . It’ll scan your entire body once you stand on it . You’ll get your own battle number and it’ll be announced when it’s time for you to get on the battle stage . You’ll be initiating the fight with Young Master Xin, so you just need to confirm that the number called matches yours!”

Hearing the man’s words saved Qin Feng quite a significant amount of time . Without hesitation, he stepped onto the equipment placed within the great hall .

It was just like what the man had said . A beam of light from the machine scanned Qin Feng from head to toe .

In the next moment, a series of beeping noises echoed across the hall .

[Bone age test: 16 years old]

[Raw muscle strength: Hero-class]

Hero-class . He was a dragon among men, a challenger chosen by the heavens!

What was more was that Qin Feng was only sixteen! At most, it must have been only three months since his powers had awakened .

Without allowing these people time to react, the machine read out loud .

[Consciousness waves detected . ]

[Consciousness: Hero-class]


The onlookers started questioning if the machine had been busted!

This was because the raw muscle strength that the machine calculated represented one’s overall physical strength . For Qin Feng to possess such levels of power, they were sure that he was an ancient warrior .

And yet, it was hard to imagine that his consciousness was hero-class . The men could not believe their ears .

On the other side of the hall, a stunned expression surfaced on Xin Jiasheng’s face .

He had been constantly provided with an endless amount of resources since young and it was only due to this that his abilities were able to advance into the tier of F6, the capability of a “talent-class” fighter . This came as no easy feat, even for him .

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It was precisely because of his achievement that Xin Jiasheng acted the way he did, looking down on Qin Feng as if he was nothing but a bug on the ground .

No one else should be able to reach his level, let alone surpass him .

However, right at this moment, all the confidence he had built up was shattered into a million pieces in the face of Qin Feng .

Just what kind of a monster was he? Could a mere sixteen year old be able to command powers that matched his own?

It was not over yet!

[Ancient Warrior Disposition Detected . ]

[Internal Strength: Invincible-class . ]

This was the pebble that would result in a thousand waves!


Who would have come to expect that someone from the Invincible-class to be standing right before them?

If a parallel was drawn between the five classes of fighters and the ultra beasts, then a monster standing shoulder-to-shoulder with an Invincible-class fighter would be a beast king!

Only a D-tier user would be able to possess such a title . The human form of a beast king—it was an utterly terrifying entity .

Cold sweat started pouring out of Xin Jiasheng’s pores .

[Analysis Complete . ]

The machine announced .

The information had completed installation of itself into Qin Feng’s communicator and subsequently, a new combat pit account was created under his name; all the paperwork needed before a match was complete .

Qin Feng stepped down from the machine to find Xin Jiasheng’s face as white as a sheet of paper .

“Let’s start this thing!”

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Qin Feng kept his words concise . However, these words sounded in Xin Jiasheng’s ears like the devil’s curse itself .

‘Let’s start this thing?’

‘What is there to start?’

‘Start my slow march toward demise?’

Xin Jiasheng could no longer keep up his composure . The opponent was Invincible-class in terms of both internal strength and consciousness while his raw muscle strength was Talent-class . Did he really have a choice to refuse when someone this strong was challenging him?

“Son, looks like you’re in luck . Just you wait and see, you won’t be able to defeat me with your powers alone . Insulting me and my family will only spell disaster for you later on!” Xin Jiasheng bellowed .

Qin Feng’s facial expression had finally changed .

“What? Did you swallow your own words? I thought you and I were supposed to see this through till the end, where either one of us will remain standing!? Are you chickening out?”

Qin Feng’s attitude reflected just how irrelevant his opponent was in his eyes!

Xin Jiasheng, who was blinded with rage, almost responded to his provocation but stopped midway .

He was too afraid of the consequences!

He feared what would result if he were to clash with Qin Feng . There was no way to go around it, he was chickening out at the last minute .

Feeling that he had already lost all the dignity he had, Xin Jiasheng uttered random words that came into his mind .

“Stay here if you have balls!” These words echoed clearly through the hall but Xin Jiasheng turned and walked away immediately after saying that, as if he was running away from a tidal wave .

Xin Jiasheng had run away . The people who initially cheered for the coward wore awkward looks on their faces—none of them dared to look Qin Feng in the eye .

Despite them trying to hide mentally from the challenger, Qin Feng pointed his finger toward a random hooligan .

“You! Didn’t you say that you could take me down with a single hand?”

Being pointed out so suddenly, the man desperately tried to save himself from humiliation .

“No no no, my class is miles lower than yours . There’s no point fighting me!”

Qin Feng sneered and just like Xin Jiasheng from moments ago, the man started running for his life .

Qin Feng then shifted his gaze to another man .

“You . Wanna have a match? Both hands tied right? One kick would take me down right?”

Beads of sweat decorated his forehead .

This man appeared to be of a higher tier than Qin Feng, at F7 . However, his raw muscle strength was just that of a regular person . So what if his level was higher than Qin Feng? In an actual combat situation, he would be decimated within the first minute!

“Ah, I gotta go take a shit! Owh, it hurts! I gotta go to the loo!”

That man ran off with his tail between his legs!

Most of the people there knew that rationally, this was the best choice to make . Pride did not matter when one’s concern was that of survival .

“Is there anyone here that would like to step up to the challenge? I, a COUNTRY BUMPKIN, came here from a humble village and would like to learn a trick or two from you masters by way of the fist!”

Qin Feng emphasised on the words country bumpkin .

None of them believed that Qin Feng was a country bumpkin anymore!

At such a young age, with such powers, even if Qin Feng were to say that he hailed from the one-and-only Emperor Dragon City of the Eastern Mainland, they would all eat it up like the idiots they were .

“Hehe, I think I left the stove on at home!”

“Ah, my favorite TV show is premiering live right now!”

“Hello? Wifey? Ah, you’re going into labour? I’ll be there in a sec!”

Within a matter of moments, these people acted as if they did not even know who Xin Jiasheng was, nor sneered at Qin Feng just minutes ago . All of them, at the same time, had matters to tend to elsewhere and after giving extremely lame reasons, they scattered off like rats when a cat enters the barn .