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Master of the End Times - Chapter 153

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:36:00 AM

Chapter 153: Insane Win Streak

Chapter 153: Insane Win Streak

Soon, Xin Jiasheng returned to the combat arena and entered the private room . When focusing the internal force in his eyes, the wide area of the private room allowed him to see Qin Feng in the ring below .

Of course, if someone did not want to use their internal force, there was also a large screen in the private room that allowed the user to switch to whichever combat platform at any time .

Qin Feng was on stage number three which was not small, and it was surrounded by quite a number of spectators . Qin Feng easily defeated his third competitor, and the spectators grew ever more excited while those who were lower rank aptitude users drew close, hoping to learn some combat techniques .

The colosseum’s biggest benefit came from its expensive ticket prices, many lower rank aptitude users could use combat competitions like these as a good learning platform .

This was the essence of the big city .

“Three consecutive wins!”


“Those moves and reactions, that’s inhuman!”

“His stance seems to be the Spectre Motion Steps, how is it so strong? Isn’t the Spectre Motion Steps only a stance with E tier potential?”

“Maybe it depends on who’s using it!”

People were discussing amongst themselves, Qin Feng proceeded to challenge his next opponent . After facing three people, he had yet to face a strong opponent and only had been warming up .

Within the private room, Xin Jiasheng sullenly said, “These were the people you looked for, nothing as good as me! A pile of waste!”

With cold sweat dripping down his forehead, the manager quickly said, “Fret not Young Master Xin, even you know that this person’s strength is not bad . Nobody in the same rank as him could face him, but since he’s winning so easily he definitely will take the rank bypass challenge . Then, we will send someone in to stop him, this is completely justified!”

Xin Jiasheng’s expression did not improve, but instead his bad mood seemed to have gotten worse!

How could the manager not, at this time, understand that Xin Jiasheng had realized that this person was too strong so he escaped! Now that the other party was getting stronger, how could he not feel jealousy and anger?

This really was a hot potato .

On the third ring, Qin Feng surmounted all of the obstacles, every fight lasted no longer than five minutes . The remaining two F6-tier fighters were both defeated by him!

[Congratulations on your five match win streak, double your rewards, double your points and continue to challenge!]

To win five matches in a row, the rewards were five thousand, ten thousand, fifteen thousand, twenty thousand and twenty five thousand . It just so happened to be a reward of one hundred thousand .

“Continue!” Qin Feng did not hesitate about his choice .

At the same time, the broadcast around the arena had also garnered more publicity .

[Dingdong! The Third Ring has achieved a five match win streak! Rank bypass challenge incoming!]

There were announcements like this everyday, but whenever there was the call for a rank bypass challenge, people would pay extra attention to it .

The audience were attracted one after the other, checking the news update on the third ring and seeing that those defeated ones were F6 aptitude users, which made them all excited .

The largest form of income for the colosseum was the tickets which were worth five thousand yuan each . It was not cheap and most of the audience were aptitude users who had come to watch and learn from the experience of their seniors .

Now, there were more and more people spectating Qin Feng’s ring and his prize money had increased tenfold .

The sixth match started with fifty thousand, then one hundred thousand, then a hundred fifty thousand, two hundred thousand and five hundred thousand!

[Ding Dong! Your battle serial number has been inserted into the ring…]

After seeing that Qin Feng was continuing on with the challenge, the manager was extremely excited .

“Big K! Get him!”

The manager had already made preparations and rigged the battle serial number to match the new challenger’s serial number .

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Qin Feng very quickly welcomed his new opponent .

“Boy! Prepare to die!” This person’s attacks were fierce . It was as if he really did want to kill Qin Feng as the battle started to get intense .

Qin Feng also got pretty angry, “It seems that you really do want to kill me . ” He let out a frosty laugh as he approached his opponent while using a voice that only the two of them could hear .

Big K grinned . “Who asked you to offend someone you should not have offended?”

Qin Feng was enlightened by his words . He seemed to be Xin Jiasheng’s people .

Perfect timing . At that moment, Qin Feng gave the man a smile .

In Big K’s eyes, that smile made his heart get this weird feeling and a chill ran down his spine . It was as if he was being stared down by a massive feral beast .

“Murderer, murderers will be killed!” Qin Feng violently struck out .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Before, Qin Feng had been holding back, he did not want to use Asteroid Assimilation but since this person wanted to kill him, Qin Feng decided that he was going to be merciless .

The move burst out, and a large wave of absorption power came out from Qin Feng’s hands, pulling at Big K’s body, making the man feel as if he was getting electrocuted, trembling and shaking with no power to resist against it at all .

His internal force was under the control of Asteroid Assimilation, and his limbs could not be controlled, only bending to the other’s will .

“Argh!” Big K screamed in horror, his internal force had been drained away! It was too late!

Qin Feng relentlessly absorbed the other party’s internal force, the F7-tier Big K had seven groups of internal force mist and each one was very solid!

This kind of solid energy also allowed Qin Feng’s own force mist to increase rapidly .

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After the absorption was completed, Qin Feng did not hold back and killed Big K .

“Puh!” Big K spat out a bit of blood, let out a gasp and collapsed onto the ground looking very much dead . The attendants around the ring quickly rushed up to drag Big K’s body off the ring .

In the private room, both the manager and Xin Jiasheng felt a chill run down their spines and a cold hand grasping their hearts .

Qin Feng continued the challenge .

Sixth match, win!

Seventh match, win!


Tenth match, win!

All the matches were won by Qin Feng . Among them, Qin Feng would compare notes and battle tactics with those randomly matched against him, but once he learned that someone had entered with the intent of killing him, he would not hold back .

Therefore, everyone that the manager dispatched to kill Qin Feng were all killed by their target!

“Find someone else!” Xin Jiasheng said with a fierce expression . Qin Feng’s strength made Xin Jiasheng extremely wary . Such a force was to be reckoned with and should be smothered early before it could cause future problems .

“Yes, yes!” The manager wiped sweat off his face and found another group of people . This time they were F8-tier combatants .

Actually, within the colosseum, there were not that many people like that . Only with the manager and Xin Jiasheng’s intervention, Qin Feng’s battles kept on going .

After killing several people, Qin Feng’s body was full of internal force . His opponents’ energy was all absorbed away by his ability, recovering his body to a state of full strength and not feeling even the tiniest bit of exhaustion!

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The eleventh match!

Qin Feng’s body was like that of a beast king’s, his internal strength was invincible and four times stronger than the average F9-tier aptitude user . It was just that mechanical estimation had its limits, Qin Feng’s invincibility was not just within the F6-tier . F8-tier challengers were no match against him .

While his opponents were indeed getting stronger and stronger, Qin Feng seemed to be getting more and more carefree!


“Another victory!”

“Fifteen consecutive wins!”

The group of people spectating was pleasantly surprised . It seemed that the ticket they bought this time really was money well spent! Qin Feng’s skills and resilience really astounded them!

Now, Qin Feng’s prize money had reached up to 11 . 1 million!

“Challenge Round 16!”

This time his opponent was F9-tier . For him, there was no difference between someone in F8 or F9-tier, his opponent was taken down and killed without a moment of hesitation .




Qin Feng once again won three matches in a row, advancing forward .