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Master of the End Times - Chapter 155

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:58 AM

Chapter 155: Victory, Next Challenge

Chapter 155: Victory, Next Challenge

Tao Shichang was a person that hid in the dark, assassination was his strong suit . Fighting in the ring meant that he was at a disadvantage .

“I didn’t want to use this, but… there is no other way, you have to die!”

Tao Shichang suddenly poured his internal force into the device, aimed it at Qin Feng and pulled the trigger .

The moment Qin Feng saw what he was holding, his body became highly alert .

“Fescue Needles!”

A concealed weapon!

Among ancient warriors, there were some special magical armors as well as weapons that brought great harm . In particular, when these weapons were injected with internal force, the effects would be horrifying . These were all rune weapons, not something that could be compared to ordinary firearms .

Qin Feng had been around for quite some time before his rebirth, how could he not know the power of such things .

At the moment, the release mechanism was activated, Qin Feng called upon his consciousness . Then, a dark drizzle was sprayed toward him .

“Asteroid Assimilation!”

Qin Feng pushed forward all of his internal energy This internal force combined with the previous absorptions meant that its mass was at least a hundred times bigger, nine times the number of the other party’s .


The huge wave of force was sent out, curling wildly toward the fescue needles .

The tiny, hair-like needles were used to break the internal energy’s protection on the body, but Qin Feng’s Asteroid Assimilation was able to absorb existing internal force . The internal force within the needles were swept up and sent back to its sender .

Poof poof poof!

Tao Shichang’s face was then covered in tiny red pockmarks . When he looked closely, he realized that they were pinholes made by the fescue needles .

His aura had been extinguished, Qin Feng’s absorption ability began to activate and devour the other party’s internal force and strength!

Tao Shichang died with his eyes still open!

It was not until Tao Shichang was killed that the audience around him started to breathe heavily, as if someone had been strangling their necks .

Qin Feng sat cross legged without hesitation in the face of many onlookers and adjusted his aura . His inner power was out of balance, his face was pale and he seemed to have exhausted a lot of energy, his forehead was covered with sweat .

Everyone else also thought that he had used a lot of his energy .

In actual fact, while he had exhausted a lot of his energy, the harvest gained was even bigger . Since Qin Feng’s meridians had been engulfed by the internal force he had previously absorbed, the recovery speed was extremely fast . The originally exhausted internal force was restored, with the addition of Tao Shichang’s internal force, Qin Feng’s dantian felt like it was boiling .

Maybe it was when he was in G-tier, he trained himself well, combined with the forty solid mist groups from before, Qin Feng’s dantian was able to keep itself stable!

At this time the dantian was filled with mist . A quick scan and one might realize that there were now seventy four new clusters in the newly added mist group .

“Ability, absorb!”

Qin Feng called on his ability and frantically devoured the internal force . Soon, a part of the internal force expanded his meridians and the other part was returned to the dantian .

After such a long period of use, Qin Feng knew that after each absorption the return was about a quarter or a third . This time the weakest challengers were still elite F-tier ancient warriors . The internal force that was returned was more than thirty clusters .

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The internal force of a standard F-tier in their peak was only ten clusters . Qin Feng’s was now seven times that!

Not only that, with so many people slain, especially Tao Shichang being the last one, Qin Feng’s body had also begun to experience changes .

“F7 tier!”

The audience erupted into uproarious applause and cheering .

An on-spot tier-up! Everyone that was around were extremely impressed!

While it seemed that it was easy for Qin Feng, in the eyes of the others it was an extremely difficult task .

Moreover, every step of the climb took time and effort, unlike Qin Feng, who, within a few hours of combat matches, had tiered-up in one fell swoop!

Of course, the tier-up would not affect Qin Feng’s winning streak or raise the requirements . According to the rules of the combat pit, Qin Feng could even take a day off after five matches and then continue the next time . As such, being able to tier up within a week was normal, otherwise having to fight fifteen people in a row would be extremely exhausting .

Qin Feng exhaled . He opened his eyes, the surrounding audience watched him with eager faces as if waiting for him to continue on with the next challenge .

What they did not know was that in that period of time, there was a hidden silver light floating around the area . Bai Li had created a space around Qin Feng that separated him from his surroundings, if anyone were to enter that space they would be decimated .

It was a good thing nobody approached him .

“Will he continue?” Everyone was asking the same question deep down .

It was at this time that Qin Feng’s communicator made a beeping notification noise .

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[Serial number XXXX challenges you! Rank: F9, can be added to win streak!]

At this time, a figure was already standing at the side of the ring .

“Qin Feng, how are you? I’m Cheng Zhou, an ability user . I was wondering if I could spar with you? Of course, I will try my best to interrupt your streak . I hope you would not mind!”

The voice of the person beside the ring naturally came into Qin Feng’s ear . He looked to the side at the other person, realizing that this person’s aura was slightly cold, the way he spoke was also very stiff and his pupils were a dark-iron like color .

Not waiting for Qin Feng’s reaction, the people around suddenly screamed .

“Cheng Zhou!”

“The Cheng family’s youngest generation prodigy!”

“He’s already reached F9-tier at twenty years of age!”

An ability user who was on the cusp of becoming E tier .

It was known that combat was usually carried out among ancient warriors . The number of ability users was low and they were a rare breed . They were also not good at close quarters combat skills .

Gunners facing off against each other would also use a lot of bullets, and their battles were too destructive . This required large venues as the local tyrants liked to play sniper, but it was all for entertainment . In the words of the poor, it was like using money to light fireworks .

As such, gunners were banned from combat pits and ability users would not participate in them . It was just that Qin Feng’s eighteen consecutive victories had caused a stir in Chengyang City . Of course, after killing Tao Shichang, it was already nineteen!

After seeing Qin Feng release his ability, Cheng Zhou wanted to compete with him .

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Qin Feng also understood the meaning behind Cheng Zhou’s eyes . This person probably was not sent by Xin Jiasheng to embarrass him . If so, then Cheng Zhou could directly match up with him whenever he wanted to .

Thinking of this, Qin Feng simply nodded .

“Sure!” Qin Feng pressed the ‘Confirm’ button on his communicator . Cheng Zhou, outside the platform, finally had the right to step into the ring!

“I will apply for a venue, a place like this is too small for us!” Cheng Zhou said .

Qin Feng also had no objection .

Qin Feng’s effective range was within three hundred meters, meaning that Qin Feng’s abilities could be extended to that far of a range!

In the beginning, he could only use his Hellfire Carpet to cover a small street, which was spectacular enough . Now, what he could do was three times that of a school’s track-and-field runway!

The two ability users’ attacks would not be intentionally huge and exhaustive, which was a wasteful use of their consciousness, but it was definitely not something the current combat pit could accommodate!