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Master of the End Times - Chapter 156

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:56 AM

Chapter 156: Versus Cheng Zhou

Chapter 156: Versus Cheng Zhou

The audience in the stands felt a slight quake and the stands began to recede back . Steel plates on the ground layered on top of each other as the ring quickly expanded by an extra one hundred meters .

The battles on the other rings had already stopped, everyone’s eyes now fell on the two of them in the ring .

Nobody had expected to see a battle between two big shot ability users .

In the private room, Xin Jiasheng saw that Cheng Zhou had stepped into the ring and his face became pale . Tao Shichang was dead, Xin Jiasheng was already at a loss for words, and now Cheng Zhou had arrived .

Qin Feng looked like an arrow at the end of its flight, at least to everyone that was watching .

Cheng Zhou would definitely win . After all, he also had a Hero-class consciousness . He was a true genius among the four major families . Younger and stronger than Xin Jiasheng . How could something like this not make him uncomfortable?

Now, even if Cheng Zhou were to defeat Qin Feng, Xin Jiasheng would not be happy . This would become Cheng Zhou’s prestige and it would have nothing to do with Xin Jiasheng making his reappearance!

No matter what, Xin Jiasheng felt suffocated, even with the wide ring, the distance between Qin Feng and Xin Jiasheng was incredibly short .

“It would be best to give me your all . Of course, I hope that you will use your abilities to face off with mine, I’m pretty sure yours are not weak!” Cheng Zhou said as a large glove appeared beside him .

The gloves could almost wrap around the entire arm . Under the control of his consciousness, it levitated in the air . After Cheng Zhou put on the glove, the red crystal on the back of his hand shimmered with a ray of light .

Metal rune!

F9 Steel Torrent, a silver light rune equipment .

Qin Feng sheathed his blade, hanging the Verdant Emperor Saber at his waist . “You have a metal based ability, in this case, you might lose!” Qin Feng said, raising his hand to summon the Scarlet Fire Claw!

Easier said than done, in reality, Qin Feng had to stay vigilant . Ability users hardly dueled, their destructive powers were terrifying, one false move or a misstep and the results could be yards of devastation .

Qin Feng equipped the Scarlet Fire Claw on his left arm and his entire body ignited with flames .

Cheng Zhou seemed to be well-informed .

“Your flame seems to be a mutated version . In that case, it is indeed stronger . Still, my strength is stronger than yours so we’re evenly matched!”

Qin Feng nodded, and since the other party did not mind, the battle could begin!

Both of them immediately backed away from one another, jumping back about fifty meters . With the confirmation that the battle had started, the two of them raised their hands .

Fire runes and steel runes lept from their arms and began to condense . The shimmering images were more than three meters high!

“Steel Cannon!”

Black steel quickly condensed and was shot at in Qin Feng’s direction .

“Fire Impact!”

A large burst of flames exploded from Qin Feng’s hand, forming a straight line of fire .

The attacks collided against one another with a loud bang . Looking closely it seemed that the two abilities were comparable in strength .

Sparks floated down to the ground, burning the steel and the ground was splashed with layers of molten metal .

“Condense . spear!” Cheng Zhou’s consciousness shifted, and so did the molten steel on the ground as it rushed toward Qin Feng .

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Qin Feng took a step and instantly hopped in another direction . The large, roaring Steel Cannon was like a massive dragon snaking its way toward him . Not only that, the spear that was made out of molten metal was nailed where Qin Feng originally stood .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

To not reciprocate was against etiquette, Qin Feng sent a wave of hellfire rushing toward Cheng Zhou .

The hellfire’s area of effect was very big, Cheng Zhou wanted to dash out but he would end up eating a full brunt of the attack . The ability user’s body was weak, so that meant that he would definitely get injured .

Cheng Zhou was a genius ability user, maybe it was because of age, or strength, or combat experience, he thought of a way in an instant, pressing his hands to the ground .

Suddenly, an iron pillar erupted from the ground, shielding him from the fire attack .

Qin Feng’s consciousness was also very fast, as the flame wrapped around the pillar like it was a large fire snake, rushing toward Cheng Zhou as if trying to swallow him in a single bite


Cheng Zhou quickly formed a meter long metal disc near him and stepped on it, he swiftly evaded the attack with the flight of the disc!

Qin Feng let out a laugh as his consciousness surged . There was an ability that allowed gunners and ability users to snatch objects out of the air so the ability users could control anything that was in flight, even people .

The fatal flaw was that if the opponent’s consciousness was higher than his own, he would be robbed of the control over the object .

Just like the time when the four major universities were fighting over the conscious fruits, no one could be his opponent .

Cheng Zhou knew that Qin Feng was strong but he thought that Qin Feng’s consciousness would not be able to match his own, which was why he flew up .

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But was Qin Feng really unable to match that?

Cheng Zhou’s consciousness may be of the Hero-class, Qin Feng’s talent potential was already at the SS tier, and was able to have more acute control .


Qin Feng’s consciousness struck out, instantly striking that metal disc .

Cheng Zhou was stunned and rolled off . Fortunately, he was only two meters above the ground, and he even rolled to break his fall so that he would not suffer much damage .

He had also left the effective range of the Hellfire Carpet!

“Copper Wall, Iron Bastion!”

With one wave of Cheng Zhou’s hand, a two meter high wall was erected in front of him, and at this time Qin Feng happened to send out his fire beam . The beam impacted against the wall and if Cheng Zhou had done it any second later he would have been hit!

“Such a pity!”

Qin Feng smiled, he did not mind much . He could see Cheng Zhou’s position clearly because of his perception and the flames condensed again!

In an instant, the flames fell from the sky and surrounded Cheng Zhou!

Cheng Zhou raised his hand, and the previous steel wall immediately extended horizontally over him to intercept the fire above his head .

This time Cheng Zhou was completely safe, but he also felt like a tortoise retreating into his shell .

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The battle of ability users was a dazzling mess for the eyes, but it was a dazzle that you could not peel your eyes away from . Not only that, the battle confirmed one thing . The lethality of the ability users was tremendous, one man who could take a hundred was not an exaggeration .

From the beginning, the battle between the two people only had Cheng Zhou attacking once and was forced into retreat by Qin Feng . There were only so many available runes, before mobilizing them again they would have to take their runes back, then launch another assault . Things like this took time .

However, those with many runes in their hands could unleash tens of abilities and had no need to recycle them, making it difficult for people to fight back .

The battle had only gone on for ten minutes . Even people who did not understand could see the difference between the two .

“Qin Feng is actually pushing Cheng Zhou back!”

“He’s got more runes that Cheng Zhou!”

“How can this be?!”

They could not believe what they were seeing . With how talented Cheng Zhou was, who would have expected such a twist?

The battle raged on and both of them had reached the battle’s climax but Cheng Zhou’s forehead had begun to sweat .

He had expended too much energy .