Master of the End Times - Chapter 160

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Chapter 160: tier Aptitude User Test

Chapter 160: F-tier Aptitude User Test

Qin Feng stopped his hover car abruptly .

The three men behind him did not understand why he did not run for his life instead . They did not hesitate for long and quickly surrounded the car .

Qin Feng came down from the car confidently . Bai Li had come down from the other side as well .

Unexplainably, the three pursuers suddenly felt a sense of chill as if a giant beast had just laid eyes on them .

“Give them what they came here for . Be careful not to taint the car,” Qin Feng said lightly .

The three men did not understand why Qin Feng had said so . They were expecting him to plead for his life .

Before they could make sense of what had just happened, a silver radiance flashed in front of their eyes .

In the next moment, they could no longer feel their legs and they crumbled to the ground .

“Argh!!!” The three of them shrieked in pain and could not believe what had just happened .

‘How is this possible!’

Their limbs had been detached in an instant . They did not even know who the assaulter was .

Qin Feng sneered and paced slowly toward them . “I did not expect someone to bring me such a great present as a parting gift . Three E-tier ancient warriors, not bad!”

Qin Feng raised his hand and placed it on one of the ancient warrior’s dantian .

Asteroid Assimilation

The victim’s internal power was being sucked out rapidly .

“My internal force!” The Xin elder rounded his eyes in shock .

The disappearing internal force was hard-earned through his forty years of endless training . But even with his internal force intact, he would be no different from a wasted man with his limbs torn off .

Qin Feng showed no mercy and snapped his throat after he was done with him .


He killed the other two the same way .

“Burn now!”

Hellfire appeared out of thin air and burned the corpses down . Qin Feng spared the spatial runes and took it as a windfall .

“Let’s move!” Qin Feng got back into the car . Bai Li followed suit and acted serenely as if she was not the one who had just cruelly torn off three people’s limbs .

She had used her spatial ability just now . Actually this could be defended if the opponent was prepared for it . But who would have thought the fragile-looking beauty was actually an E-tier humanoid beast?!

Qin Feng set the car on autopilot and entered meditation . He added another ten internal power mists into his dantian .

“I have eighty-three mists now and I need another seventeen to reach E-tier if the ten-fold rule still applies . ”

Qin Feng contemplated where he could get these seventeen forces next .

He could buy some Chakra Pills to boost his internal power but this item was usually restricted for military use . He might not get sufficient supply since he was not on the frontlines at the moment .

More importantly, Zheng Yang would be keeping a close watch on him for sure . On the surface, Qin Feng was an ancient warrior that had reached F7-tier and was entering E-tier soon . He was growing into a huge threat to Zheng Yang at this rate .

As such, he probably could not get his hands on Chakra Pills at Chengbei now .

‘Then I have only one place to go to!’ Qin Feng had the next destination in his mind .

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Fu City, the Dark Mercenaries . It was the corps where the person Qin Feng had contacted came from .

The car entered Chengbei colony and Qin Feng noticed that the billboard of the skyscraper had changed into a new objective .

Reclaim Han Town!

Qin Feng was intrigued and slowed down his car . He read the information carefully .

Though Han Town was under Fu City, it was not too far away from Chengbei colony . Such a huge war was usually accompanied by great rewards and ample resources to loot for .

Besides, there would be plenty of beasts around and it was a suitable place to achieve promotional missions . The government had even brought down the mission quota to encourage more soldiers to head to the war .

Before this, the quota was three hundred G-tier beasts in three days . Now, only two hundred forty insectoids would suffice .

‘It’s worth a visit . ’

Indeed, no other news was bigger than this in recent months . The effort to reclaim Han Town had become the hottest topic among the aptitude and ability users nowadays .

After he had attained E-tier, Qin Feng would need to go further if he wished to continue strengthening himself through the absorption ability .

Fu City would be an ideal location .

After he had made up his mind, he steered his hover car toward the aptitude certification hall .

His grand battle suit and the gorgeous dress on Bai Li attracted a lot of attention .

The onlookers bowed down as soon as they had a glimpse of the person walking by .

“Qin Feng!”

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“He is the mayor of Fengli colony!”

“Why is he here?”

“Why else? He must be here to get certification!”

They were paying Qin Feng a lot of respect .

F-tier was equivalent to a troop leader in Chengbei and possessed substantial power around here . Not only that, Qin Feng was an admirable mayor now .

More so, some of them paled in comparison to Qin Feng’s achievement . A month ago, these people attempted to invite Qin Feng into their teams when Qin Feng had obtained his G-tier certification . Some of the large company leaders had even stayed in this hall for several years at the same level .

Nobody could have foreseen such a huge improvement in Qin Feng in just one month .

“F-tier certification for me, she is taking the examination to obtain an F-tier badge directly…”

Qin Feng was communicating with the counter staff . It turned out that this was not the first time someone had skipped the G-tier certification and went straight for F-tier .

The staff confirmed their identities and directed them to the examination room .

“Attack power test . No . 413, please step up . ”

It was Qin Feng’s turn .

The candidate of F-tier certification should know how to use their internal strength by now . They would pass the test if the attack power exceeded 5,000 points .

Qin Feng punched the instrument .


The number stopped there precisely . Qin Feng passed the test unquestionably .

He did not use his internal force at all . The number would be much higher if he were to unleash his full force .

It was Bai Li’s turn after Qin Feng .

“Xiao Bai . Come . Remember not to hit too hard,” Qin Feng instructed .

“Okay!” Bai Li nodded . She poked the instrument lightly since Qin Feng said so .

The surface of the test instrument sank rapidly . Bai Li’s “light” force almost penetrated the machine .

The number on the machine increased rapidly .

Attack power: 10,040!

Ten thousand?

The examiner and other candidates in the room exclaimed out of astonishment .

Such attack power was close to F9-tier .

Some rubbed their eyes and could not believe the outcome . “This is the power of that skinny girl?? All she did was give it a casual poke!”

Qin Feng could hardly hold back his smile and ushered Bai Li to the next examination room .

Unlike Qin Feng who had reserved his power, Bai Li had no idea what the numbers stand for . Qin Feng was initially afraid that Bai Li might not be able to pass the test if she were to use too little force .

His worry was proven unnecessary . As an E-tier beast king, her strength was off the charts even with just a slight push .

That day, the news that Qin Feng had brought along a mighty female warrior to the certification center naturally spread through the colony like wildfire .