Master of the End Times - Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: Returning to Han Town

Chapter 163: Returning to Han Town

It was Liu Meng who had used Asteroid Assimilation in several murder cases, it had caused Asteroid Assimilation to be put under the spotlight for the wrong cause .

It was then referred to as one of the most famous evil cultivation methods!

Qin Feng would never do that .

Asteroid Assimilation would never be tagged as an evil cultivation method if it were not used on innocent people .

This neigong would certainly only suit Qin Feng and no others!

He would never expose the cultivation method to anyone .

Tan Yue was just the first one who had approached him with such an offer, and there would only be more of these offers in the future .

All Qin Feng needed to do was constantly grow!

He would have to grow at a faster pace so that none of them could ever catch up to him, or even pose a threat to him .

The churning sound of the train was heard as it hurtled through the wilderness, and finally it had arrived at the outer part of Han Town .

The area of five thousand meters away from Han Town had been formed into a smaller sized colony that was without any space stabilizing device, it was like a temporarily built camp .

Houses that were made from steel were scattered everywhere, while refugees, merchants, and aptitude users were all around, and the surroundings were in a rather bad shape .

However, it was at least a place for them to settle down .

Everyone was assigned to rooms with a simple setup, while their communicators were connected to the network of the operations room .

There were many drones that roamed around the sky of Han Town with all sorts of information that were being displayed, including members from the rescue teams, distribution areas of the insectoids, and even lists of main disaster areas .

“Boss, the rift is much smaller than it used to be, those who are from Fu City are also having a discussion on whether or not to build a permanent rift passage rather than to put it under a total closure . However, it is not an easy task to recapture Han Town now!”

Qin Feng nodded and continued to study the map of Han Town .

“This area…” Qin Feng frowned slightly, and before they left, there was already an idea in his mind .

Wang Chen immediately reported the information that he had obtained .

“It is the ants’ lair . Based on the observation from the past few days and the numbers of the blacksteel ants, it indicates that their queen has successfully advanced to beast king tier!”

Qin Feng was instantly alarmed .

He never had such an encounter before his rebirth .

However, the development was indeed logical .

No two lions were able to rule the same kingdom .

The insectoids were different from the Dark-Robed Ripper and the Emperor Knight as they were the king-tier creatures of an intelligent tribe, while being corpses themselves, they were most probably obeying the broken arm master and acted in accordance to the orders given .

Meanwhile in Han Town, the Steel-limb Broodmother who first appeared did not have any enemies around the area; hence, it was eyeing the massive amount of ants that was approaching, and upon the successful hatching of the spiderlings, it would definitely lead them to hunt down other insectoids!

However, the Steel-limb Broodmother had been killed by Qin Feng!

Without the presence of its natural predator, the blacksteel ants had grown stronger, and with sufficient energy resources, the beast king was then cultivated .

Furthermore, the reproduction speed of the queen ant was more horrifying than the Steel-limb broodmother!

“With this being the center point, the insectoids’ distribution around Han Town is clearly depicted, where would you like to head to?” Wang Chen asked enthusiastically .

There was also a sense of admiration and excitement from the question .

Wang Chen recalled the moment when Qin Feng went against the Steel-limb Broodmother alone .

Unfortunately, the battle was not witnessed by anyone!

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“It won’t be easy to take care of the blacksteel queen ant!” Qin Feng stated in a deep voice, “The number of ants is on another level!”

There were only about ten thousand ants when Qin Feng first left .

With time, and without the presence of its enemy, the number of ants had increased by fivefold .

Furthermore, the number would only grow higher as the reproduction process was supported by thousands of ants daily . They could easily survive on soil and wood chips . The food market that was initially the location of their habitat had become a wide area of gravel that was filled with faeces from the blacksteel ants .

It was an anthill .

Wang Chen’s passion was diminished after what Qin Feng said .

“True, we shall delay this discussion on taking down the queen ant’s lair, since it has not revealed itself either!”

“Hmm, I will not join the operation with all of you, be prepared to protect Zhou Hao and the others, and take the opportunity to bring up the newcomers from Fengli colony!”

“Understood, Boss!”

“Understood, I shall join the battle later to observe!”

It would be best to seek on-site experience rather than just rely on the map shown in the communicator . Furthermore, Bai Li was still required to complete the G-tier aptitude user badge mission .

Qin Feng immediately summoned the umbra stallion .

He grabbed onto Bai Li and placed her onto the horse while his conscious energy was activated, and the warhorse faded into blurred shadows as it started to travel at high speed toward Han Town .

Many around the surroundings were alerted, especially those who were in the free vehicle provided by Han Town .

During such end times, invasion of the rifts had caused all sorts of bizarre objects to appear . Although the umbra stallion might be considered as a mythical encounter, dragon rides were also a norm during such a period, but aptitude users that were at the lower tiers did not have the opportunity for such an encounter .

Soon, Qin Feng had arrived near Han Town that was not guarded by any army forces; hence, there were insectoids that were roaming around the city wall and had destroyed the entire little town into ruins .

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Plow worms had started to appear beyond the city wall, and they were also joined by other bottom-tier insectoids .

They were insectoids that were neither great in capabilities nor existed in large groups, hence, they were being forced out of Han Town, a town that was fertile and resourceful for the insectoids .

Actually, it was also challenging to confront plow worms .

It was a bustling scene to have several G-tier aptitude users siege against a plow worm .

The army was also cleaning up the surroundings .


One of them let out a scream as his body was being bitten by the plow worm as it was contracting its body, and was about to retreat back underground . It would be a death sentence for the victim if the plow worm were to succeed in the retreat!


“Don’t you dare harm him!”

The team members of the G-tier aptitude user roared and tried their best to alter the fate of their team member who was about to be devoured .

Qin Feng sprinted across on his umbra stallion .

“Fire bream!”

Qin Feng raised his hand casually and a dark-red fire rune light ray landed on the gigantic body of the plow worm, followed by a loud explosion upon impact .

The plow worm was blasted into half while the G-tier aptitude user was tossed out along with the halved body part of the plow worm, and a loud scream was heard when he landed onto the ground . However, he survived the blast .

It was a near escape from death!

Qin Feng acted as if he had done nothing and went ahead on his umbra stallion, he then entered through the main gate of Han Town .

The team were shocked by the scene as they could only look on at the retreating back of Qin Feng who had already passed by, they felt grateful and gave their salute to Qin Feng .

“This is great, it is all over now . ”

“It was an honourable F-tier aptitude user who has just saved you earlier . ”

“Aptitude users are indeed in God’s favor!”

“I must convey my appreciation if there is a chance to meet him in the future . ”

Qin Feng did it out of his convenience and did not expect anyone to show their gratitude, he rushed into Han Town and got off from his horse .

“Do you still remember what I have taught you? Keep a low profile . ”

“I do remember that!”

Bai Li nodded, and a snow-white weapon appeared in her hand .

It was a Ceramic Saber .

Of course, it was extremely firm and contained all sorts of materials from ultra beasts, it was similar to the thin and long shape of the Verdant Emperor Saber that Qin Feng had .

The only reason that Bai Li had chosen this weapon was purely because of its aesthetic features!