Master of the End Times - Chapter 172

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:35 AM

Chapter 172: Encircle and Annihilate the Anthill

Chapter 172: Encircle and Annihilate the Anthill

Two days later, the wall surrounding the anthill was finally completed . Today, the anthill was still calm, but nobody really knew what would happen next!

“Pour energy liquid!”

“Prepare the isolation web!”

“Ordinary civilians retreat!”

“Gunners, ability users, get ready!”

“Await the signal!”

One command came after the other .

Qin Feng and Bai Li stood on top of a large tower and looked down at the anthill below . It appeared as if the anthill had been placed inside a large bowl .

Beside them stood Chi Long, straight like a pole, and in front of him was a huge crystal energy cannon, emitting a dim blue glow under the sunlight . However, the most dazzling thing was not the huge fortress machine, but the bombshell propped up next to it .

The shell projected a silvery halo in the sunlight, with a missile more than two meters high and thirty centimeters in diameter . The weapon was made using a beast king energy crystal . Though it was not made completely out of one single energy crystal core, but one core that had been split to produce several bombshells, it was still extremely extravagant .

The E-tier beast king crystal core was worth at least 300 million .

“Hey, I’m not sure if this is a loss or a gain at this time . I’m only left with this baby over here,” Chi Long said with a dejected huff .

“There will always be gains!” Qin Feng said .

“You’re not wrong, dragging this on isn’t good for anyone . Best to pick up the pace!” Chi Long smiled .

Thanks to Qin Feng’s aid, Han Town had recovered very quickly . Once the anthill was dealt with then Chi long would definitely receive a reward from the higher ups, maybe something even better than the shell .

Thinking of this, Chi Long made up his mind and placed the shell inside the giant gun, aimed it toward the anthill and injected his consciousness into the entire shell .


In the next moment, Chi Long pulled the trigger and the shell flew out into the sky . He maintained his previous posture, his consciousness was like a whirlwind, the surplus power coming from it was breathtaking .

The shell reached high up, three hundred meters into the sky as it reached its apex before moving like its directions had suddenly been reversed, plummeting toward the ground!

It was getting faster and faster! Not only that, the warhead of the shell began to spin quickly . The force of the rotation made this shell like an excavator, rapidly falling and drilling into the land below .

This design was used against the gargantuan ultra behemoths, you could drill into their hides or scales and detonate the shell inside to cause even greater damage .

The defense of the gravel hill was nothing like the outer hides of ultra behemoths! The shell penetrated twenty meters into the ground in the blink of an eye!

Qin Feng’s consciousness followed this artillery shell and explored downward, getting shocked by the number of ants inside the anthill .

Thirty meters! Forty meters!

This distance was strenuous for Chi Long! It still had not reached the bottom of the nest . This made Chi Long’s face drain of all its color, it seemed like the day’s affairs would not be resolved so smoothly .

He gritted his teeth, and Chi Long suddenly mobilized his spirit!


What came next was a loud explosion, and after that the earth roared .


The huge vibration came from the center of the large bowl, spreading outward like a wave .

People who had been evacuated to a distance of thousands of kilometers away were knocked off their feet . Even the ordinary people who were several more kilometers away felt the effects and were knocked to the ground .

It was like an earthquake .

This kind of power was too great!

Not only that, the surrounding buildings suddenly collapsed in a chain reaction . The hills in the big bowl were filled with smoke . As the huge wave was sent out, all of the affected creatures were smashed into pieces in an instant .

This attack, from what it looked like, must have killed tens of thousands of normal ants and even injured their queen

Dust that rolled out made it impossible for people to see clearly .

“The northern defensive position has collapsed, head over there now!”

“Wind ability users activate your powers!”

“Water ability users, rainfall! Extinguish the smoke!”

“Hurry and find better terrain!”

The aptitude users in command shouted out their respective orders .

The building that Qin Feng and the others were on were also within the effects of the vibration but there were very few people on it and they were all strong . They could use their internal force or consciousness to activate Void Hop in order to evade the shaking on the ground .

Qin Feng and Bai Li sat steadily on the umbra stallion, feeling the water and wind ability users disperse the surrounding dust, but Qin Feng’s consciousness had not left the big bowl-like encirclement .

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“We’re heading off, Commander Chi!” Qin Feng said, looking serious .

Chi Long used a lot of his energy to control the weapon and he was bad when it came to melee combat, so he nodded . “Be careful!”

“Okay!” Qin Feng responded, urging the umbra stallion, and with a few jumps landed on the high fortifications below .

Once the dust in the large bowl had been settled, it looked like the anthill had been blasted into a flat land . Due to the crushing destructive force, it had become an almost desert-like sandy beach . Each piece of gravel seemed to have been crystalized and were emitting a transparent light* . Under the sun, the scene looked magnificent .

It was very beautiful!

This beauty was soon broken .

A patch of gravel sank downward, and a large hole soon appeared . Then came a scratching sound as a large blacksteel ant crawled out of the hole .

It was as if a signal was sent out as dozens of holes began to open up on the golden beach . Then, a dense wave of blacksteel ants crawled out, quickly gathering like a dark carpet .

This carpet was extremely angry and wanted to rip everything in its path into shreds .

“Kill them!”

“Don’t let them over the wall!”

“Fight! Fight fiercely!”

People roared out, knocking the ants that had reached the top of the fortifications back down into the incoming mass, but the blacksteel ants were like a tidal wave, it was like they were going to flood the place .

It was terrifying!

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People could afford little courage in the face of this number of insects .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

Qin Feng’s consciousness was mobilized and his power erupted, falling to the edge of the big bowl . The edge of the bowl was covered with energy fluid, the moment Qin Feng’s flames landed the fluid ignited and a wave of heat broke out along the edge of the bowl, sweeping through the ranks of the insectoids .


The flames roasted the insectoids, causing them to produce a sharp, meaty sounding pop .

After Qin Feng took action, the other fire ability users also followed suit, launching fireballs to ignite the edge . The spots that were not ignited before were set ablaze by gunners blasting energy liquid barrels at it .

The raging fire surrounded the insectoids completely, making it difficult for them to escape .