Master of the End Times - Chapter 174

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:33 AM

Chapter 174: Bai Li Attacks!

Chapter 174: Bai Li Attacks!

“Trying to escape?” Bai Li let out a tinkling laugh . High heels lightly tapping on the ground, her whole body moved faster than the Golden Queen Ant did, almost instantly catching up with her fleeing target .

Meanwhile, Chi Long, who stayed in place, swallowed hard on his own saliva as he suspected that there was something wrong with his eyes .

When he looked at Bai Li again, that feeling of dread could not be hidden!

Bai Li was absolutely terrifying!

“Commander Chi, are you alright?” Qin Feng’s voice crackled from the communicator . Since the previous battle, the higher rank communicators had been connected using the regional network!

“Well, I’m fine… that… your girlfriend, that Bai girl! She saved me!” Chi Long’s words were obviously laced with hesitation . He really did not expect that Bai Li would be so powerful .

Qin Feng had long expected this . If Bai Li could not handle the Golden Queen Ant then that would have been the joke of the day! She was an E-tier beast king, stronger than the Golden Queen Ant!

“Have Bai Li handle it . Commander Chi, if you’re still in good condition then come over to support us at the anthill . There are too many of them and we are taking heavy losses!”

“Okay! I’ll head back immediately!”


Qin Feng looked at the battle in front of him . After the queen left, the blacksteel ants all wanted to keep up . Some of the beast generals that had the ability to fly naturally also flew out .

The people besieging the place did not all have F-tier capabilities . Under the oppressing dark tide of the blacksteel ants, G-tier aptitude users were no more than paste . One hit would have sent them flying with broken bones and littering viscera .

The interception at this time really was handled by the flesh and blood from the bodies, using the sheer number of people to combat the swarm .

Qin Feng struck the intersection, continuously releasing Hellfire Carpet and slashing at the occasional beast general with the Verdant Emperor Saber, but there was still no way to make up for the losses .

Fortunately, Chi Long had finally arrived .

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

A bunch of crimson cannonballs was launched, exploding into a blaze of flames as it impacted the ground, and the surrounding temperature raised significantly .

Incineration burst shots!

Enveloped in flames, the blacksteel ants were quickly charred into ashes . This was an E-tier gunner attack, it was like using a cannon to fight mosquitoes .

Of course, after this battle, Chi Long definitely would not be able to recover from the cost of those!

Qin Feng’s abilities came one after the other . From the beginning, he had not stopped for a few hours . The other aptitude users of G to F tiers could not maintain their consciousnesses and had retreated to a safe place or started taking turns to continue the flow of battle!

They saw the way Qin Feng fought and only wanted to say that it was not something normal people did . This kind of fighting power was what an evildoer would have!

The insectoids that Qin Feng killed became more and more and he felt that his strength was getting stronger and stronger . In the previous days of cleansing, Qin Feng’s physical strength had already reached F9-tier . Now, as the blacksteel ants were being slain, his body was getting more and more powerful, even his bones felt like they were getting tougher .

He did not know just how many blacksteel ants inside the fortifications were killed .

The ants that Chi Long’s bombardment killed off were not absorbed by Qin Feng’s absorption ability, but the ones that came later, even if they were not killed by him, had their energy flown into Qin Feng .

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It was like a large invisible mouth constantly slurping up surrounding energies and strengthening Qin Feng . With so much energy gathering, Qin Feng felt his body tremble .

This trembling formed into a powerful wave, it was a kind of dangerous aura .

People called this kind of aura prestigious pressure!

Under this kind of prestigious pressure, the nearby aptitude users looked at Qin Feng with shocked expressions on their faces, they could not even breathe . Their bodies were doubled over in a seemingly state of worship .

“E tier!”

“Mr Qin advanced into E-tier!”

“Is this… is this the difference between a genius and an ordinary person?”

Combat was indeed the best and strongest motivator . Many people had found that after an insane battle, they were more powerful . Whether it was cultivation or physical strength, they would have gotten stronger .

In such a situation, people would call it mortality comprehension .

It was said that in constant battle, the bodies of those who had awakened would secrete a special enzyme to strengthen itself . Still, a breakthrough in the midst of a battle was rare .

Those who saw the blacksteel ants surrounding Qin Feng felt that this was no coincidence! He had worked hard enough and slain plenty . Qin Feng’s powers were the return after giving so much .

Qin Feng felt the power surge through his body and could not help but smile . He finally reached E tier!

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At this time, the blacksteel ants on the battlefield had begun to thin out, combined with the E-tier gunner, Chi Long, the clean up was even faster . However, now when an F-tier blacksteel ant dies, the energy integrated into Qin Feng’s body becomes weaker .

It was not the energy that was weak, Qin Feng now needed to strengthen his body in order to increase his capacity, to make it larger!

After reaching E tier, the process would become longer before the next breakthrough . Some people would not even be able to reach D tier within their lifetime .

In Chengbei colony, there were only a small handful of people that had managed to reach D tier, and due to resource constraints, the amount of time they spent in order to reach that tier was terrifying!

Ten years!

Therefore, E-tier aptitude users usually became the upper class of a colony, not only due to their strength but also because the path to promotion was very difficult which led them to focus on other directions in order to obtain tier-up resources .

The aptitude user that had reached D-tier within ten years was also once in Chengbei colony, he served as its mayor for eight years before leaving the colony!

However, Qin Feng might break the record in the future . After all, his tier-ups were unlike everyone else’s!

It seemed as if the situation was slowly coming under control, but there was a loud rumbling sound in the distance . A huge golden-shaped figure crashed onto the streets, it was so big but those watching felt like they were looking at a broken doll!

When everyone saw the huge figure, they were all unconsciously trembling, terrified as they wanted to run away from the scene . Only, the second glance told them that the entity was dying!

The Golden Queen Ant’s body was battle scarred, the golden ant shell was covered in cracks and even some snowy-white ant meat was exposed . It looked appetizing, like a cooked crab with its flesh seen under its cracked shell . [1]

Bai Li, wearing her high heels and white dress, casually walked up beside the queen, but the queen’s eyes reflected horror . In the next moment, the queen bowed its head, crawling in front of Bai Li as if asking for mercy .

Those who saw the scene could not believe their eyes . They had no idea what just happened, but now the situation was crystal clear .

The Golden Queen Ant was actually defeated by Bai Li . [2]

In Bai Li’s hands were a pair of dragonfly-like wings, three meters long and three meters wide . Those used to be the wings on the Golden Queen Ant’s back .

[1] Not sure how an ant is appetizing, I’m adding this in as addition description .

[2] Well that is what we trope-knowers call a ‘Offscreen Badass Moment’ Real talk . I wish the chapter focused on Bai Li more .