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Master of the End Times - Chapter 175

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:31 AM

Chapter 175: I’ll Buy This beast king!

Chapter 175: I’ll Buy This beast king!

“Nice! I can make this into a gold-colored skirt!”

Bai Li nodded with satisfaction . The thought of a golden gauze skirt did sound very appealing . She set her eyes on the Golden Queen Ant, no longer regarding the other as a beast king but fabric waiting to be cut at any time .

“Bai Li!” Qin Feng yelled, making Bai Li stop as she stepped forward .

“Don’t kill it!” He urged .

“Oh! Okay!” Bai Li remembered that Qin Feng had to absorb energy every time . With this thought, she stayed her hand, instead she reached out to grab the Golden Queen Ant with both her hands by the antennae, dragging it in front of Qin Feng .


The Queen landed on a defensive layer made out of a pile of sandbags, kicking up a cloud of dust . Bai Li then asked, “Can I kill it now?”

Qin Feng quickly stopped Bai Li and used his consciousness to examine the Golden Queen Ant’s body .

At this time, the Golden Queen Ant was covered in wounds, its consciousness was blurry and extremely weak . The aura it exuded gave off the idea of surrender .

This was a rare situation . Most ultra beasts would rather fight to the death than surrender .

Now, the object that the Golden Queen Ant submitted to was not human, it was instead a three-tailed white fox, E-tier beast king Bai Li .

However, no matter who it submitted to, whatever the next matter was, it would not be up for the Golden Queen Ant to decide!

“Zhou Hao!” Qin Feng loudly called out .

“What is it? Madman!” Zhou Hao’s body was bloodied from the fighting in Han Town and experiencing multiple life and death situations . Due to that his tier-ups had been quick as well, and he had now reached the tier of G8 as an ancient warrior .

After all, Zhou Hao was not short on resources right now and his talent was also powerful, so his progress would be faster than the rest . While it was not comparable to the villainous amount that Qin Feng had, Zhou Hao was a Talent-class individual .

“What’s your consciousness level?” Qin Feng asked .

Since Zhou Hao had eaten the conscious fruit, he would have more to spare even after using firearms . He could even snatch objects from a distance!

Of course, without special training, Qin Feng could not be certain of the exact details .

“Probably G5-tier as a gunner!” Zhou Hao was not sure himself .

“That should be enough!” Qin Feng nodded and took out some energy crystals, quickly drawing up a consciousness contract on the ground .

This contract was drawn to bind Zhou Hao and the Golden Queen Ant .

“Drop some blood on it, this queen will be your contract beast!” Qin Feng said .

Zhou Hao’s eyes widened when he heard Qin Feng’s words and could not believe his ears . How could Zhou Hao not know how powerful the Golden Queen Ant was? He only needed a drop of his blood and it would become his own .

“Hurry up!” Qin Feng said .

Zhou Hao did not hesitate, drawing his dagger, he brought the edge to his palm . Blood flowed freely but he showed no fear . He climbed atop the Golden Queen Ant’s body and dropped onto the top of its head, letting the blood meander down the sides of its head .

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In the next moment, the blood seeped into the Golden Queen Ant’s body . Zhou Hao could feel that at the bottom of his soul, another being’s consciousness had appeared .

This was the consciousness of the Golden Queen Ant .

“Hahaha! I also have a beast king pet now! I’ll call you Xiao Huang in the future!” Zhou Hao wanted to lovingly pat the Golden Queen Ant’s shell but it was riveted in cracks caused by Bai Li . That made his heart ache!

Chi Long was on the sidelines when he saw this scene, by the time he rushed over it was too late!

“Hey . Mr Qin . Things are not supposed to be done this way!”

Although the queen was defeated by Bai Li, Chi Long had also attacked it before . The most important thing was that a beast king pet made people green with envy .

“I’ll buy this beast king,” Qin Feng said . “How’s three hundred million?”

Chi Long took a deep breath, this was not just about the beast king .

For a dead beast king, three hundred million far exceeded Chi Long’s expectations, but a living beast king that could be made a contract with, the value was too great!

This was like a hen that laid golden eggs!

With this beast king, if it were raised well, it could be used to kill even more beast kings in the future!

“Mr Qin…” Chi Long started .

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Bai Li’s eyes fell onto Chi Long and she said, “I decided to save you just now . That’s strange, I saved you and now you’re demanding money from my hubby . How could you be so unreasonable? I should have just fed you to the giant ant!”

A chill went down Chi Long’s spine as he remembered the scene where Bai Li’s attack had cracked and fractured the queen’s skull .

“No! I didn’t say that!” He wasn’t very clear about Qin Feng’s strength, but Bai Li’s strength? He saw it for himself .

This girl was truly a secretive and reserved person!

“My wife is right . In this battle, she used a lot of her strength . Of the three hundred million, I can only give thirty million to you, Commander Chi!”

In the next moment, Qin Feng had already transferred thirty million over to Chi Long . When he received the money, he only had the desire to cry tearlessly .

Thirty million was not enough to cover the costs of the ammo he had spent! Yet, with Bai Li covetously eyeing him, and Qin Feng making sense, Chi Long could only swallow the words he wanted to say .

If you might lose your life for petty benefits, then it was not worth the loss!

“Hey, Mr Qin . I hope we can work together again in the future!” Chi Long said .

“Naturally!” Qin Feng said with a smile, nodding . Chi Long could only grit his teeth and stomach the situation .

Afterwards, in the final sweep of the battle, nobody let Qin Feng participate . After all, Qin Feng’s status was on a different level now!

E-tier aptitude user . Now, he was on the same level as Chi Long, people were awed by him .

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The battlefield was quickly cleared, with drones recording the day of the battle . Everyone’s battles would have been counted .

According to the battle statistics, there were twenty thousand blacksteel ants that were not killed by Chi Long’s bombardment, which was much higher than what people expected .

Qin Feng alone slaughtered ten thousand blacksteel ants, and most of them were beast generals . The materials from the beast generals that were killed by Qin Feng were taken away by Wang Chen . Qin Feng did not intend to sell the materials and instead directed Wang Chen to take them back to Fengli Colony .

Chi Long’s results were equally amazing, slaughtering forty thousand more in the matter of seconds and then shooting down five thousand more with a total value of seven hundred million yuan . However, counting the energy shells that were used up, Chi Long only had a net profit of five hundred million yuan .

With only this much money, he could only use them to invest in a new batch of ammunition!

Even if he did not make a whole lot of money, he did accumulate a lot of points . Four hundred and thirty thousand points!

This was a gunner’s strong suit when it came to getting money .

“Mr Qin, your points have also been calculated and you earned three hundred and ninety thousand points . You’ve made a huge contribution in Han Town, why don’t you come with me to Fu City and check out the Fu City depot?”