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Master of the End Times - Chapter 177

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:29 AM

Chapter 177: Godwill Atlas

Chapter 177: Godwill Atlas

Qin Feng was intrigued .

“Xiao Bai, did you notice the glimmer on the cape?” Qin Feng secretly asked Bai Li through his conscious energy .

“Glimmer? I don’t see anything,” Bai Li answered while staring puzzlingly at the cape .

But in Qin Feng’s eyes, the glow on the cape gleamed stronger and stronger .

“Xiao Bai, tell them you want this cape!”

Bai Li did kill the final beast king and had contributed substantially throughout the process . She might not be at Qin Feng’s level but somehow still managed to collect a total of eighty thousand points .

Though she did not understand why Qin Feng had asked her to do so, she obeyed and said, “Hubby, this looks great . Can I have it?”

Qin Feng secretly gave her a thumbs up for her flawless acting . He replied calmly, “If you really like it, then just go ahead . Do you have enough points? If not, I will cover the extra . ”

Bai Li used her communicator to scan the item and its details immediately appeared on the screen . The cape was a special training gear . It would slightly elevate the user’s consciousness once worn . However, it was overlooked since this item was not designed for battle while disassembling it would be too wasteful . That was why the cape had been deserted in the cabinet .

The price tag on it was sixty five thousand points .

“I have enough . ” Bai Li confirmed the purchase and gained the cape . The glass door of the cabinet opened automatically and Bai Li retrieved the cape, putting it into her own spatial rune .

Qin Feng’s pulse rate heightened . He was excited about claiming the extraordinary object .

Chi Long was unaware of their exchange and thought that Bai Li had just randomly chosen an unusable item out of impulse .

“Let’s go to the third level,” Qin Feng suggested .

“The good stuff is in Level 3, trust me . ” Chi Long smiled and led the way .

The third level was a larger space but had fewer items .

Though there were several D-tiers among the high-ranked officers in the City of Fu, the majority of the fighting force was still made up of E-tiers .

Nonetheless, it was extremely difficult for an E-tier aptitude user to kill an E-tier beast general or beast king .

Hence, most of the things here had to be the leftovers collected personally by someone from the mayoral or general rank .

Qin Feng looked around and quickly found the thing he needed .

Secret Art—Fire Dragon Style .

“I did not expect to see this here!” Qin Feng exclaimed while looking at the red leather scroll inside a glass counter .

Qin Feng improved rapidly owing to the gem of darkness . Most of his current attack relied on the hellfire manifested from the gem .

Though Qin Feng was already an E-tier ability user, his consciousness had yet to reach E-tier . Only ability users with E-tier conscious energy or above could master those devastating hidden techniques .

Back then, the bomb released by Chi Long had demolished the entire anthill of blacksteel ants and wiped out more than forty thousand insectoids in one shot . How preposterous!

The skill of an ability user would only be stronger than that of a gunner .

Qin Feng currently lacked such a signature ability .

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Still, it was not easy to completely master the ability rune within a short period of time . A powerful ability might require three to five years of training to completely master .

Other than Fire Dragon, other well-known E-tier fire-type abilities included Star Flare, Magma, etc . The only thing was, these were extremely rare and not something that could be bought with money .

“This is what I’m looking for . ”

Qin Feng scanned the tag and saw that it cost three hundred fifty thousand points .

“I was hoping to buy some beast king materials to enhance my runic equipment . Seems that it is impossible now,” Qin Feng said dejectedly but he was not entirely disappointed .

He was content to have obtained the ridiculously powerful Fire Dragon Style .

“Don’t you get too greedy now . These are all our city treasures and valuable resources . There would be no chance of you getting your hands on this if it were not because of the fact that we don’t have fire ability users!” Chi Long said with a grin .

Qin Feng was left with forty thousand points while Bai Li had twenty thousand remaining .

They combined them and used it to redeem thirty bottles of Luminous Honey .

The honey was made by a type of E-tier small-sized insectoid that roamed in specific mountainous areas . The mayor’s wife in this city managed to contract a beast king, Luminous Bee, and used it to supply the honey . One bottle was only the size of a finger but cost two thousand points .

It was very useful since it could rapidly regenerate the consumer’s conscious energy . The reason why Fu City could breed such a great number of gunners was partly thanks to the convenience of this particular item .

After Qin Feng had finished up his points, Chi Long had also swiftly spent three hundred thousand points to redeem three bombs . He then used the rest to replenish his magazines .

Gunner was no doubt a lavish profession .

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After they returned to the hotel, Qin Feng hastily asked Bai Li to take out the cape .

At the bottom of the triangular cape, there was a diamond-shaped jade hanging and beaming continuously, though Qin Feng seemed to be the only one who was able to see it .

Qin Feng touched the jade with his finger but nothing happened . He thought of an idea and immediately put it into action . Conscious energy slowly flowed from his hand into the jade .


All of a sudden, Qin Feng felt that his consciousness had entered a giant maze . Around him were walls made from white jade . There was only a single path straight ahead and a giant marble on the path had two words carved on it .

Godwill Atlas .

In the next moment, strings of unfamiliar words began to appear in his mind but he immediately understood everything .

‘This, this is the guide to reach S-tier consciousness?’ Qin Feng was astonished . Godwill Atlas was perhaps as potent as Asteroid Assimilation if this were true!

Qin Feng had once again grasped a precious opportunity .

But he soon furrowed his brows .

‘The conflict between Red Sun and Fu City would take place three years from now . At that time, this atlas might attract unwanted attention from the Red Sun Corp . ’

However, he quickly dismissed his pessimism .

‘I attained A-tier within ten years before I was reborn . I believe I can get to the same level in three years in this new life . Better still, I would probably end up in the Hero-class . By that time, there’s no need to be afraid of the Red Sun . ’

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He was determined not to let anyone rob away what was rightfully his .

The most important thing now was to master the atlas as quickly as possible to enhance his own ability .

He expanded his consciousness and began exploring the atlas . Few instances later, he came to a junction that forked out into three directions .

Qin Feng tried the left path but was quickly rebounded . He picked the right route next and was again promptly forced back . He was annoyed at first but surprised to find out that another three white jades had emerged above the first jade and were lit up .

Encouraged, Qin Feng proceeded to split his consciousness into three streams and advanced on the three paths simultaneously . He was not rebounded back this time and progressed rapidly .

At the end of each route was three more branches and they kept multiplying by the factor of three after that .