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Master of the End Times - Chapter 179

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:25 AM

Chapter 179: Dark Coalition

Chapter 179: Dark Coalition

It was not something one would see everyday, a hover limousine trailing a long track of old-time trucks .

“The hover car doesn’t plan to overtake us it seems . Why is the driver following us?” One of the gunners frowned and spoke restlessly through the communicator, which stayed connected to the entire security troop .

“Should I shoot the car?”

“Are you crazy? What if there is a big gun in there? Suit yourself if you want to tempt fate but don’t drag us down with you . ”

“I will kill him instantly if he is only an F-tier aptitude user . ”

They watched the limousine warily . The car continued to tailgate them after a distance .

The guards grew restless as the convoy entered a valley between two mountains .


The sound of an unanticipated gunshot echoed through the valley and blood immediately spurted out from one of the G-tier gunners . His body tumbled lifelessly and rolled down from the truck .

“We are under attack!” Another gunner shrieked in high pitch like a lady and startled others on watch .

But none of them could locate the enemy . It was either because the enemy was too far away or a more powerful gunner from the opponent’s team had shielded their consciousness from them .

Gunners on the outside were annihilated swiftly while those inside dared not show themselves .

The ambushers removed their camouflage after they saw no retaliation from the guards . They were only a small unit of twenty men . The operation was a huge success because they managed to catch the convoy completely off guard .

The team protecting the trucks shouted angrily when they saw their ambushers approaching down from the mountain .

“F*ck them! Brothers, let’s move and avenge our fallen comrades!”

A few ancient warriors were prepared to dash out . Of course, there would not be an ability user in such an average security team .

This was when the limousine hidden behind the giant trucks began to whirr loudly .


The rhythmic hum of the luxury car machinery was a melody to the ears . The hover limousine escalated abruptly and flew over the truck in front of it .

It then promptly landed in between the two groups of people .

Both the Serpent Battalion and the security guards were riddled by the intrusion .

Those from the Serpent Battalion assumed that he had come to the aid of the convoy . The intruder was probably hard to deal with judging by the limousine he or she was driving .

While those from the security team took Qin Feng as a foe . After all, it would be too coincidental for the ambush to take place right after his car had suddenly appeared behind them in a no man’s land .

The door on the driver’s side slid open when the two parties were still busy guessing the intruder’s identity .

The gunners from the Serpent Battalion did not think much and fired rapidly at Qin Feng .


However, the bullets stopped short at about one meter in front of Qin Feng .

“Reflect!” Qin Feng uttered coldly and all the bullets traveled back to where they came from at an even greater speed .


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Ancient warriors standing in front of the party were staggered and rapidly drew out their weapons to shield themselves against the incoming bullets .

Clank! Clank! Clank!

Some of the bullets were deflected but not everyone reacted in time . Many were hit and fell down, groaning in pain . More than ten fighters had their legs hit during this exchange .

Qin Feng got down from the car slowly . His silver battle suit was eye-catching enough but the palm-sized badge in front his chest stood out even more . A large letter E was engraved on the badge .

Those from the Serpent Battalion were stunned .

‘E-tier? How’s that possible?’

They had investigated the convoy thoroughly before making the move . Where did this E-tier aptitude user come from?

They wanted to question but to their surprise, they could not make any sound as if a giant hand was gripping their throat . It was the overwhelming conscious energy emanated by Qin Feng that had forbidden them from talking . Qin Feng’s aura caused the lower tier aptitude users to gasp for air and hunch involuntarily .


A gunner from the Serpent Battalion could no longer withstand the pressure and kneeled to the ground .

“Please, spare my life!”

The others soon followed suit . They fell to their knees and pleaded for their lives . They were powerless in front of an E-tier aptitude user .

Qin Feng scanned the kneeling figures and finally found the person he was looking for .

He was a frivolous looking young man, perhaps in his twenties . There was a long blade in his hand and Qin Feng could sense that he was merely a G3-tier aptitude user .

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This was the guy that had hunted him down in his past life but was instead killed by him .

Qin Feng triggered his conscious power and dragged the man toward him . The young man, pained by his gun wound, let out a horrible scream .

“Argh! My lord, spare me!”

Qin Feng looked him in the eyes and spoke solemnly, “I will not kill you as long as you answer my questions . ”

The man nodded and said, “I will tell you everything . ”

Qin Feng smiled satisfyingly .

“Which organization are you guys serving?”

“Serpent . We call ourselves the Serpent Battalion . I just joined the Dark Coalition recently and have never killed anyone . I was being forced into this . ”

Qin Feng retracted his smile and pierced the man in front with his cold sight . He became even more traumatizing than before .

“Argh!!” Some succumbed entirely to the pressure and could not raise their heads .

Qin Feng choked the man and chastised, “Did you think that your lies will work on me?”

The guy trembled and replied very much terrified, “I am not lying! I swear!”

Qin Feng turned the guy’s neck violently and he almost fainted . Cold sweat was all over his neck due to fear, and Qin Feng could clearly see the tattoo he was looking for .

Qin Feng sneered . “Now tell me, what’s with this tattoo?”

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The guy’s iris narrowed after he heard Qin Feng’s question but he was not the only one who reacted to the question .

Qin Feng was extremely sensitive and immediately pinpointed the man on the ground with stiffened muscles . His gaze fell straight on the target .

The man initially dropped his head to avoid eye contact but immediately raised his head again as he remembered something . Nonetheless, that short instance was more than enough for Qin Feng to notice the tattoo .

‘So, you have it as well . ’ Qin Feng paced toward the man .

“Let me go . I don’t understand what you are saying!” The young man in his grip was struggling to escape .

Qin Feng approached his target and stepped on the person’s back mercilessly . He then crouched down and forcefully pushed his hand against the F-tier aptitude user’s head .

The tattoo on the back of his neck was clearly in sight now .