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Master of the End Times - Chapter 180

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:24 AM

Chapter 180: Clue about Z Organization

Chapter 180: Clue about Z Organization

This man also had a tattoo and probably knew more . After all, he was an F-tier aptitude user .

Qin Feng continued to scan the group . They had no way to hide from Qin Feng’s piercing sight .

“What tattoo? I don’t have any!”

“Neither do I!”

“Please let me go . I have nothing like that!”

The others had not given up on pleading .

“That’s right . No one else here has it…” Qin Feng murmured absentmindedly .

Those kneeling were relieved to hear that .

But in the next moment, a scarlet flame erupted out of thin air and shrouded everyone other than Qin Feng and the man with the tattoo .

“No tattoo means that you are no use to me!”


The fire danced wildly and burned the twenty-ish combatants from the Serpent Battalion alive .

Seeing Qin Feng’s cruelty, the F-tier aptitude user made up his mind . However, before he could take any action, Qin Feng had acted first .


Qin Feng landed a punch right on his mouth . The great force deflected the man’s head sideway .


All of his teeth were shattered by that single punch .


Bam! Bam! Bam!

Qin Feng landed another four quick punches and broke the man’s limbs . He also retrieved the man’s communicator on his wrist .

Asteroid Assimilation!

The man’s inner force dissipated rapidly and his dantian wilted instantaneously .

Qin Feng then raised his finger and burned away the man’s hair and clothes with Hellfire .


Under the extreme heat, a test tube exploded and oozed out mysterious looking blue liquid .

Qin Feng finally stopped tormenting the man .

“Mutant experiment? Hmm?” Qin Feng snorted at the man .

The F-tier aptitude user was in too much pain . Qin Feng’s attack was so rapid that he did not even have the chance to muster a scream .

Qin Feng managed it professionally . He broke the hostage’s teeth to prevent him from biting his own tongue . Burning his hair was to confirm there was not any hidden bug . He then proceeded to break his limb and snatched away his communicator to completely handicap the hostage . Finally, burning off the clothes was to ensure that the hostage had nothing else hidden underneath that might overturn the situation .

His thorough vigilance was proven vital as he uncovered the syringe shot .

Qin Feng then turned his gaze back onto the young man .

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“You can try to move if you wish to turn out like him . ” Qin Feng threatened .

“No . Please, no!!” The young man was deeply frightened and devastated .

Qin Feng grabbed him and stacked him on top of his accomplice . He then drew out a gun .

“Please, don’t kill me!” The young man yelled .

Qin Feng took out a thumb-sized bullet and loaded it into his silver gun .


A white spider net appeared out of the muzzle after the trigger and cloaked the two men . Qin Feng gave them a kick to wrap them inside the net .

He then picked them up and stuck them to the top of the car .

Just as Qin Feng was about to step inside his car, an F-tier ancient warrior from inside the truck approached him and expressed his gratitude . “Thanks for your help . We have a lot of “goods” in the truck . Do you wish to pick one and bring back?”

Qin Feng looked at him . He did remember his name—Liu Heng .

This man was just an average fighter and was killed instantly during the ambush in his past life .

However, Qin Feng reckoned he was probably fairing much better in management and trade . Otherwise, he would not have chosen this business .

Qin Feng replied, “Sell all your “goods” to me . Don’t send them over to Sea City . Deliver them to Fengli colony under my name, Qin Feng . You will get your payment there . ”

Liu Heng was startled, watching Qin Feng step inside the car . He had a glimpse of the gorgeous lady in the passenger seat . She also had an E-tier badge in front of her chest .

The girl glanced back at him before the door was shut .

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A chill went down Liu Heng’s spine . The feeling was like he had just been targeted by a ferocious beast . His action might have offended the lady .

‘She is also an E-tier aptitude user . Will she hold a grudge against me for offering her man a lady right in front of her?’

But another thought soon filled his mind .

‘Qin Feng? Where have I heard this name before? Fengli? Wait a minute…’ A sense of realization came to him . He had definitely heard of Qin Feng before .

Qin Feng could not care less about what Liu Heng was thinking . He drove away hastily with the two hostages . He exited the main road and stopped by at a random remote place .

Qin Feng threw them down from the car .

“Now, now . Are you ready to confess what I am interested to hear?” Qin Feng asked .

The F-tier aptitude user remained silent but the young man responded in panic, “What do you wish to know? I will tell you everything!”

“Shut up!” The F-tier aptitude user shouted indistinctly . He did not have any teeth left and could not bite his own tongue to commit suicide .

He was supposed to be able to pop his own dantian . But Qin Feng foresaw it and used his Asteroid Assimilation to deplete his internal force first . The F-tier could no longer gather any strength .

“You are the one who should shut up . ” Qin Feng choked him and glanced at the young man .

“So, where did you get the tattoo?”

“It’s my boss . But I don’t know where the place is!” The young man betrayed his comrade without any hesitation .

The F-tier aptitude user looked at him in disbelief .

He personally recommended this young man into the battalion because he saw the wicked side in him . Turns out he was vicious to everyone and had no sense of loyalty in front of a life and death situation .

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What was there to expect? Such a horrible person would never prioritize loyalty before his own life .

“What’s your purpose for ambushing this convoy?” Qin Feng asked .

The young man answered without delay, “We are going after the slaves . Our boss says that we are going to sell them but the truth is, they are going to be used as experimental subjects!”

“So, I am right . You two are indeed members of Z organization!”

The F-aptitude user’s eyes enlarged when he heard Qin Feng say that . Obviously, he did not expect Qin Feng to know the name of their secret organization . However, he was able to remain composed .

“Since you know about our organization, then you should also be aware of how scary we are . We have infiltrated not only Fu City but a lot of other cities and colonies . You will be doomed for doing this to us . ”



Qin Feng retracted his fist and sneered, “Know your place . Is it really wise to threaten me in your current position?”


The F-tier aptitude user threw up blood and looked terribly frightened .

He learned his lesson and shut his mouth . The more he said, the less valuable his life would become .