Master of the End Times - Chapter 181

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Chapter 181: Conscious Energy Control

Chapter 181: Conscious Energy Control

It was at that moment, the side door from the passenger’s side of the luxurious hover limousine opened up, Bai Li gave a curious stare at Qin Feng .

“Hubby, are you planning to extort a confession? I can hypnotize!”

Qin Feng stopped his hand that was applying brutal force .

“Hypnotize?” Qin Feng did not know that Bai Li had such an ability .

“Yes, the gunners from the movie that I was watching were also doing it, I think it is a good idea!”

Gunners had very strong conscious energy that could be used in controlling normal people .

Moreover, movies that were meant for ordinary civilians would commonly mystify the appearance of any aptitude users .

In reality, hypnotizing could only be achieved when there was a huge difference between the two conscious energies . A clear example would be when Qin Feng used his identity as a high level aptitude user that put pressure on the young man that was at a lower level to spill everything that he wanted to know .

Obviously, the method was ineffective toward F-tier aptitude users .

However, Bai Li had stepped forward and was standing before the F-tier aptitude users .

“Look at me!”

At that moment, Bai Li lost her puerile and innocent character as she put on a cool and emotionless expression while she showcased her august personage .

With her stunning and gorgeous appearance, she had been capturing all of the attention of the two people earlier on, and they had totally forgotten about being cautious .

The first attempt succeeded immediately, and their eyes began to slacken .

Qin Feng also shivered at that moment and felt that Bai Li was his queen, and he wanted to crawl under her feet and await her command .

Bai Li said, “Where is the location of the Z Organization’s laboratory?”

“It is in the grand mountain defensive base located ten thousand meters away from the north-eastern part of Lingshan colony!”

Bai Li shifted her eyes and looked at Qin Feng .

“Hubby, what did I tell you, how did I do?” Bai Li was like a student from primary school that yearned for a compliment .

“Great!” Qin Feng caressed Bai Li’s silvery-white hair and complimented her .

At that same moment, Bai Li lost her focus on the F-tier aptitude user, and he regained his consciousness, and most importantly, he knew what he had just done and told .

He was dumbstruck and fearful of what had just happened!

His fear was soon acknowledged .

Qin Feng took out an aerosol spray and sprayed onto the both of them .

The young man did not know why, but the giant net that was extremely adhesive began to loosen up .

The F-tier aptitude user who had lost his limbs fell onto the ground while the other young man regained his freedom .

“Sir, are you planning to let us go? Thank you sir, thank you for your mercy on us!”

The F-tier aptitude user burst out in laughter .

“Letting you go? That would only happen in your dreams!”

Qin Feng had already obtained the information that he required, hence, they could no longer be allowed to live .

Before the F-tier aptitude user could react, Qin Feng had already stomped on his neck which was followed by a cracking sound, his throat was crushed into pieces .

The young man who witnessed such a horrifying scene sank into extreme fear .

“My lord, you promised to let me go… you have to keep your promise!”

Qin Feng remained emotionless as he looked at the arrogant person who had been hunting him down to kill him before his rebirth .

When he was already extremely exhausted with heavy wounds that had limited his ability to resist, it was this person who had stepped on him and took a piss on his body .

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Therefore, in the end, Qin Feng took the opportunity to get revenge for himself .

“Regardless of which life you are living in, today would be the day you die!” Qin Feng laughed grimly and landed a punch on the opponent’s skull!

His internal strength overflowed with the punch, exerting such great force that the young man’s brain was turned to mush, killing him instantly .

“Let’s go!”

After setting a small fire on both of their bodies, Qin Feng turned around and got into the vehicle .

The Hellfire disintegrated their remaining body completely, it was as if they had never existed .


Lingshan Colony was one of the important colonies located near to Fu City, it was similar to all four colonies from the north, south, east, and west of Chengyang City .

Qin Feng travelled at high speed in his vehicle and arrived at the edge of the mountain road within half an hour’s time .

Bai Li stored the vehicle back into her space, and soon, both of them disappeared into the forest that was densely surrounded by mountains .

Despite knowing the general location of the laboratory, Qin Feng was still uncertain about the exact location, but it would still be extremely easy to find the laboratory with his strong conscious energy combined with Bai Li’s spatial ability .

Soon, Bai Li found the spot .

“It’s here!” Bai Li identified the exact location .

“Expand your perception, and look for a place that is less crowded!” Qin Feng ordered .

Bai Li nodded, and soon, she was able to identify a spot that was less noticeable and teleported along with Qin Feng .

Qin Feng felt the changes in the surroundings that took place instantly . In the next moment, he was already in a different environment .

A white coat was hung along with other clothes on the wall, obviously, it was the bedroom of a research worker .

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“Let’s go out, be careful, avoid being noticed by the others!”

While Qin Feng gave his warning, a layer of black runes was released from his body .

Gradually, Qin Feng was surrounded by shadows, and eventually, his body disappeared into the shadows .

Bai Li activated her spatial runes and went past the main entrance of the bedroom, then, she arrived at the corridor .

The laboratory was slightly bigger in size than the one back at Chengbei colony, and everyone was walking around while being occupied with their own tasks .

Qin Feng followed some of them and travelled among the shadows, being an E-tier himself, Qin Feng was obviously capable of taking down everyone there, and none of them would realize that somebody was spying on them .

However, there would not be any accomplishment with just spying on them .

Qin Feng connected with Bai Li via his conscious energy . “Head toward the control room!”

Bai Li was already used to the common knowledge of normal human beings, it was an easy task to identify the control room that was filled with machines .


Qin Feng and Bai Li disappeared from their spot, and in the next moment, they were already in the control room .

At that moment, there were three people in the room, two of them were ordinary people who were paying their closest attention in monitoring the recordings from the control room, with a remaining F-tier aptitude user that was in deep sleep .

Qin Feng walked closer to him and attempted to stab him .

The F-tier aptitude user was able to sense danger from the surroundings and immediately opened his eyes, dodging the stab .


The stab from Qin Feng slashed across the waist of the F-tier aptitude user who tried to dodge .

Although he was able to dodge part of the deadly stab, he was clearly done for!

Fresh blood squirted all over the screens, while the other two people were alerted and looked at Qin Feng .

Without any hesitation, Qin Feng slashed his saber in the air .

Soon, both of them were also dead .

Qin Feng acted fast enough, before they could even make a sound, so other people there were none the wiser about the situation in the control room .

Qin Feng glanced through the screens and noticed that the screens that were being observed by the two people there were only capturing corridors and external surveillance, and none of them were keeping watch on any special location .

However, the F-tier aptitude user was eyeing something different .

The screens were connected with the surveillance on the laboratories and also storage rooms .

There were frozen ultra beasts in the rooms, and also human beings that were trapped in cages .

Furthermore, there was also another room that had a group of spooky looking beast infants .