Master of the End Times - Chapter 183

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Chapter 183: Slaughtering Mutants

Chapter 183: Slaughtering Mutants

“I feel sorry for you as you have to merge with genes from a hog!” Qin Feng sneered .

“Shut up!” The person who heard Qin Feng let out a roar, he could not ignore Qin Feng’s mockery toward him . However, it was not up to his decision to decide which type of gene to merge with, there was a certain merging requirement to fulfill, hence, he had to adhere to it .

“You wait and see, you will regret looking down on me as you have yet to find out the true capabilities of this gene, too bad you will not have the chance to find out, your life will be taken by me now, and you can only be transformed into cells for experiments!”

With Qin Feng’s current capabilities, he could definitely grow stronger if he were to be injected with the mutated genes .

By then, there would be nobody that could cause any harm to him .

It was the era where only capable ones would remain .

Therefore, the mutated experimental subject would not allow Qin Feng to leave this place alive .

As the genes were getting closer to perfection, his appearance had transformed into that of a human hog, while his intelligence had deteriorated tremendously, his bloodshot eyes had gradually turned pitch-black .

He had become insane, and combat was the only capability left in him .


The mutated human hog roared furiously and threw out a punch as he sank into terrible rage, with his enlarged body structure, the output force was incredibly massive!

He barreled forward like a large-sized truck .

Qin Feng raised his fist and punched toward the mutated human hog .


The punch landed on the mutated human hog’s stomach, as the enlarged body had ripped his clothes apart, the layers of revealed jiggly flesh on his stomach that seemed to be sturdy was also unable to handle the massive force from the punch .


Another punch!

Pow pow pow!

The mutated human hog could not take anymore of the punches, he howled as he started to feel the lacerations on his skin, and every continuous punch would intensify the pain and break his intestines .

He began to struggle in pain .

Qin Feng not only took the opportunity to dodge the attack from the human hog, he had also gone further and shoved him around ruthlessly .

The concrete wall was immediately indented by the impact from the human hog .

Qin Feng grabbed onto the opponent’s coarse hair and dragged out his enlarged body that was more than four hundred kilos in weight, he was like a broken ragdoll!


Again, Qin Feng pushed his opponent’s skull and smashed it into the dented wall, followed by a stomp on his backbone .


Cracking sounds from his bones were heard .


The mutated human hog let out a miserable shriek .

Within five minutes of battle, Qin Feng had already crippled the mutated human hog .

It was a shame for him to be associated with the capabilities of an F-tier beast king, such weak capabilities could only be recognized as an inferior king .

It was Qin Feng’s combat power that should be crowned as the true king, the human ultra beast king .

At that moment, Professor Wang was enraged when he saw the unfavourable scene .

“Where are you thinking? Go together, get him! Stupid hogs!”

As Professor Wang let out his raging screams, some of the research workers began to inject themselves with the medicine and mutate into different forms .

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Qin Feng realized that all sorts of mutants had appeared and were rushing into the corridor, they were like a pack of unrestrained devils .

Qin Feng took out his Verdant Emperor Saber as a man was rushing toward him, he was akin to a lion with his bushy mane around his head .

“Burning Sword Glare!”

Under the blazing flames, sharp claws appeared as the entire arm of that person was enlarged and had mutated into the arms of a beast .


Qin Feng slashed his extremely sharp saber and broke the claws of his opponent .


A deafening roar was then heard and the soundwaves created were visibly reverberating throughout the air!

Soundwave attack!

It was an attack similar to conscious energy attack, and it could pierce through the eardrums and paralyze the victim .

However, it was not the case for Qin Feng .

Qin Feng protected his ears with his neigong while his conscious energy had also transformed into a sharp needle and pierced into the brain of the mutated human sphinx .


The soundwave attack that was initially deafening and powerful had stopped, and it had now turned into a miserable shriek as the mutant rolled on the ground in pain .

When Qin Feng was about to go ahead and take down his opponent, his keen sense detected a ray of hidden light that was zipping toward him .

“Phantom Motion Steps!”

Qin Feng shifted from his initial spot and saw that a white piercing light ray had landed on the wall .

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The wall shattered into pieces upon the impact while the debris fell all over the place like small pieces of translucent diamonds .

“Compressed decomposing blaster!” Qin Feng narrowed his eyes with great focus .

Decomposing blaster was one of the strongest guns within the small-sized firearm range . From the bottom of the hierarchy, there were fire blasters, energy blasters, decomposing blasters, and topped with others that were more powerful, hence, mastering the combat power of the decomposing blaster as an E-tier would definitely pose as a great threat to others .

It was almost equivalent to a silver rune firearm .

The mutant that had mastered the decomposing blaster was only mildly mutated, but with his mutated eyes and nose, it was still obvious that he had mutated into a hawk species .

With his enhanced vision, he was even capable of motion visualization, and it was only because of the confusion from Qin Feng’s Phantom Motion Steps that he was able to dodge the attack earlier!

However, would such an enhanced vision from conscious energy be sufficient in the face of runes?

There was a solid reason for ability users to be recognized as the top profession in that era!

“Dark Shroud!”

Qin Feng focused his conscious energy and activated his runes, the room was then shrouded in darkness .

The enhanced vision that was eighty times higher than the vision of ordinary human beings was unable to carry out any of its functions within the coverage of the dark runes .

However, it was fortunate that he was a gunner, he immediately focused all his conscious energy and took aim at Qin Feng .

“Over there!” That person was able to identify Qin Feng’s location, but in the next moment, he was shivering as cold chills ran down his spine .

Qin Feng was already behind him!

“That was quite a nice blast!”

Qin Feng spoke calmly as he grasped onto the neck of the mutated human hawk .


The hawk’s slim neck was snapped and broken .

Qin Feng took away the firearm from his opponent .

A thumping sound was heard when the corpse landed on the ground . As the dark lights began to disappear from the surroundings, the mutated sphinx that had lost both of his arms to Qin Feng attempted to escape .

“Dark laser!”

The explosive energy from the fire beam might be unable to kill its opponent instantly, but the dark laser was a different thing altogether .

As soon as it was blasted onto the body of the victim, physical energy would begin to deteriorate, cells would be decimated, partially healed wounds would begin to bleed, and it was like the immune system had been destroyed entirely .


While his opponent was still struggling with his body that did not have any remaining energy, Qin Feng raised his gun and took a shot to end his opponent’s life .

Then, there was nobody else that would dare to go against Qin Feng!

Workers in the laboratory panicked as they did not expect Qin Feng to be so powerful and was capable of such high movement speeds, they did not have enough time for their escape . They were like ducklings that were being chased after, they could only continue to move forward, until they had reached the end of their escape route .

Fresh blood was shed across the entire laboratory .

Qin Feng was like a devil that had descended upon them .

None of them could escape alive .