Master of the End Times - Chapter 184

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Chapter 184: Test Subject 051

Chapter 184: Test Subject 051

Qin Feng quickly arrived at the most important spot in the entire laboratory .

The storage room .

The babies were kept separately in glass boxes, each with different artificially-generated climates . So much effort invested, just to keep these tiny little beasts alive .

Seeing these little growing monsters, Qin Feng’s expression turned ever colder .

Despite being stored in individual isolation chambers, a dark aura appeared out of thin air beside the little beasts . Since there was no one around, this darkness spread all over the defenseless fledglings, squeezing every bit of breath out of their tiny lungs .

That was not all . Every single chamber burst into flames, turning it into mini crematoriums for these already dead infants .

With each step, the isolation chamber closest to Qin Feng would start burning like a bonfire . Everyone would know that this was his doing but there was nothing they could do to stop him .

They were as powerless as the babies writhing about in the flames .

“Wh-who are you!? Why are you destroying our lab!” One of the researchers questioned with a trembling voice .

There was nothing but pure hatred in Qin Feng’s gaze .

“Is it not normal for the research facility of a black organisation to be burnt down to the ground? Why would you even bother asking something so stupid!?” Qin Feng taunted .

The researcher half-assedly tried to cover up the truth . “No, we’re not a black organisation . We’re just a regular research center!”

“A research center that experiments on mutants that is! One that once robbed caravans and used actual human beings as test subjects! To think that you guys would even abduct an ability user to your lab! You dare tell me that this ain’t a black organisation!? You certainly have the balls to say such nonsense!”

Qin Feng inched closer .


Scared senseless by Qin Feng’s intimidating presence, one of the researchers broke down mentally and started wildly firing the weapon in his hands . It was naught but a tranquiliser, hence Qin Feng did not even flinch . Stepping to the side, he effortlessly dodged the dart .

His predatory eyes were now locked onto that researcher . “The sins that you have committed, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten all about them? You dare tell me now that this is merely a regular research facility? What else are you gonna tell me? That your experiments are for the greater good of mankind!?”

Hearing Qin Feng’s words, the researchers smirked in unison .

“That’s right! Our experiments will drive humanity forward! We will retake the globe and once these rifts are stabilised, we will be the ruling overlords!”

“Our actions are justified!”

“You have no right to kill us! You should join our ranks instead!”

Qin Feng knitted his brows .

“For the greater good of mankind” were the exact words that Qin Feng heard from the researchers back in that laboratory just outside Chengbei colony .

It surprised even him that these people would react so strongly . How dare they use such nonsensical lies to try to win him over .

Bai Li, who was hiding behind Qin Feng, peeked out to observe the researchers .

“Hubby, I think they’ve also been hypnotized!”

Qin Feng scanned these unruly men . He was not too sure about the hypnosis thing but he was sure that these people were brainwashed to the core .

“If that’s so, then why don’t you guys experiment on yourselves first?” Qin Feng mocked .

As much as they were fanatics, these people looked away from Qin Feng, acting as if they had not heard his question .

To turn themselves into something that was neither human nor monster . What was more, they would grow weaker from battle by the day and their lifespan would reduce drastically .

How could they do such a thing to themselves?

They were researchers, precious assets . Only those stupid brutes would sell their lives just to obtain more power .

Seeing the reactions of these men, Qin Feng sneered .

“Seems to me that you guys are more executioners than researchers!”

Qin Feng continued striding forward, burning the infants encased within the isolation chambers into black crisp .

These researchers had nowhere to run .

At this moment, the main door of the other room was pushed open . A look of fear surfaced on most of their faces but seeing Qin Feng inching closer, they all decided to run into the room together .

In such a situation, no one was scarier than Qin Feng .

Just as they had entered the room, screams of agony echoed through the laboratory . Soon, the metallic smell of blood came washing over Qin Feng’s senses .

He sneered . Using his consciousness, he already knew what had happened within the room .

However, not even an ounce of remorse was felt .

Confidently, he walked into the laboratory .

Within the room, there were test subjects that appeared even more grotesque than the infant room from before .

Unfortunately, it was likely that these were once living, speaking humans that had mutated under the researchers’ inhumane experiments . That, or they had been injected with medication that irreversibly turned them into these monsters .

Buzz Buzz Buzz!

Several operation stations were switched on, releasing the creatures from their shackles .

Some of the mindless mutants that had recovered their mobility tore the researchers, whom they were supposed to be familiar with, into shreds . Needless to say, they were going to do the same to Qin Feng, the outsider .

Qin Feng was now the target of these man-made beasts .

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Thousands of mutants swept toward Qin Feng like a tidal wave .

“Hellfire Carpet!”

In a split-second, the entire laboratory turned into a sea of flames .

A number of high-tech machineries started beeping like crazy, some just exploded like bombs in the fiery hellscape . From these exploded machines, live electrical sparks were sent flying across the room, electrocuting these mutants, causing them to wail in pain .

These were humans who had mutated from being injected with a beast king’s genes . Still, they were nothing but inferior products of botched experiments .

Their numbers did not faze Qin Feng . One by one, he executed these mutants, turning the laboratory into ground zero of a bloody massacre .

Suddenly, the remaining speaker in the room that was operational blared out . It was Professor Wang’s voice .

“Bastard! 051, Kill that man! I’ll grant you freedom if you bring me his head!”

Qin Feng instinctively shifted his gaze over to the largest isolation chamber that he had yet to destroy . Right then, the steel-reinforced door to that chamber rolled open but whatever mutant that it housed did not come out .

Upon closer inspection, Qin Feng discovered that inside the room was not a monster but a weird-looking man .

His hair was multi-colored, his lips were completely black and his fingernails, jade green . While he was no monster, he looked as revolting as one .

Apart from those features, there was virtually nothing about him that resembled an ultra beast . And yet, the aura emanating off him was that of a king-tier ultra beast .

And his abilities, it was E-tier!

Hearing Professor Wang’s voice, he slowly looked up at Qin Feng .

“You mean it?” The man who the professor referred to as 051 asked .

“Of course! Have I ever lied to you!?” Professor Wang screamed through the mic .

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051 was surprisingly compliant to the Professor . He slowly got up from the ground and walked out of his containment chamber .

It was at this moment that Qin Feng noticed how small this man was . His footsteps were light, almost weightless and he walked at a casual pace .

“Oh ho?” 051 turned toward Bai Li with a suspicious look . “You’re also a second-stage experiment yourself, aren’t you? Seems like your experimenters did a better job!”

Bai Li’s brows furrowed . “What second-stage?”

051 smiled . “Just like me, you can still retain a human form . Though, you also possess the powers of an ultra-beast!”

Bai Li rolled her eyes . It was just an ability she was blessed with, why did humans like to make a big deal out of it?

Qin Feng, on the other hand, was more alarmed .

Sure enough, runes that glowed green appeared out of thin air . These runes permeated the room, dyeing every corner of the room in the same green hue .

“Poison!” Qin Feng quickly concluded .

“That’s right! My ability is poison! Such is the power of the Rainbow Rodent!” 051 exclaimed .