Master of the End Times - Chapter 186

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Chapter 186: Energy Cannon

Chapter 186: Energy Cannon

“The G-tier ones are merely semi-finished products . Since their genes have been infected by a foreign strand, they would mutate halfway into a beast, losing all chances of returning to their human form . They’re pretty weak to be honest, around the strength of an ancient warrior, maybe even less . All in all, they’re worthless and would be considered a failed bunch by the researchers . ”

“F-tiers can regenerate parts of their bodies that had been wounded in battle by stimulating the release of healing substances . These ones, on the other hand, stand on par with a beast general or even a king . They are, in other words, a great leap in terms of durability as well as combat capability from the former tier! However, the setbacks are also pretty clear . They’d lose their human intellect and the regeneration process can only be done after the battle, when the body is somewhere safe . ”

“As for an E-tier being… well, you’re looking at one . My kind can possess the strengths of a mutant while simultaneously retaining our human form . Though, as you can see, there would be some changes to certain parts of our body, like the hair, pupils, fingernails, etc . Not all is perfect is what I’m trying to say . ”

“Then, were there no D-tier, C-tier mutants created from these experiments?” Qin Feng murmured .

“I do think they exist . They’re gonna be much stronger, and naturally, the goal of their research would be different than ours . From what I’ve experienced, the researchers threw me in all sorts of experiments, trying to turn me into a complete beast!”

051 was strong, but he was far from being the strongest . For one, he definitely was not on the same level as a beast king-tier Rainbow Rodent .

Though, should the day come where he advances into one, he would undoubtedly be able to hold off ten thousand men on his own .

Qin Feng knew well that for the D, C-tier beasts, the researchers’ aim would no longer be to gain knowledge on the mutation process but to reverse-engineer high-tier ultra beasts’ genes .

Perhaps, in the end, they would even be able to replicate the genes of a dragon .

Before Qin Feng’s rebirth, back when he did not know about the Z Organization yet, there was already a significant number of mutants running around within the black organization .

He did not expect the R&D branch of Z Organization to be so well-established .

As both of them laid down arms, the black-green mist that shrouded the room gradually cleared away .

The room was in tatters and so was 051 . Qin Feng on the other hand, was virtually unharmed in the intense skirmish . Though, even more eye-catching than Qin Feng’s condition was Bai Li .

051 looked at her with widened eyes . It appeared that Bai Li was standing exactly where she was before the battle erupted; there were no signs of her moving away from the battleground . However, when 051 and Qin Feng clashed, he did not feel her presence, not one bit as the entire laboratory was trashed from floor to ceiling .

Bai Li of course, used her abilities to hide within a void which allowed her to observe the battle while being shielded against all attacks!

As 051’s eyes remained glued to Bai Li, she suddenly opened her mouth and said, “Look closely at me!”

The aura of a beast queen erupted . Since all beasts adhered to the concept of hierarchy, the Rainbow Rodent acknowledged in an instant, that he was no match for the void beast no matter how capable he was .

Bai Li belonged to a species that reigned supreme at the top of the food chain .

In mere seconds, 051’s mind was completely hijacked .

“Tell me about yourself before you came to this laboratory . ”

051’s pupils enlarged and without a second of hesitation, he blurted out the truth completely, as instructed . “I was an orphan in Fu City . Upon graduation from middle school, I awakened my wood-attribute abilities and on the second day, I was abducted to this laboratory . ”

It never crossed Qin Feng’s mind that he and 051 shared such a similar past . Unfortunately, this meant that many more before him had been abducted in the same fashion and many more would continue to go through such hardships .

051 had been here for the past five years . Before his rebirth, Qin Feng himself struggled in such a place for a full decade and thus, he dropped the final wall of defense against this poor man .

Bai Li nodded her head and released her consciousness that bound 051’s mind . Recovering from his restrained mental state, he looked at Bai Li with terror in his eyes .

Such powers . How was it possible that she was able to use her consciousness against him, an ability user whose own consciousness was deemed by many, a force to be reckoned with?

“Yo-you… what are you!?” 051’s paranoia reached its peak .

Bai Li replied to his question without second thoughts . “I am his girlfriend!”


Although there was nothing technically wrong with her introduction, was it not kind of weird to introduce oneself in such a straightforward way?

051 was stunned by Bai Li’s words .

The mixture of auras between a man, a mutant and a beast king—the awkwardness in the air escalated pretty quickly .

As most of the mist had cleared away, the surveillance camera footage was finally able to show the happenings within the destroyed laboratory .

Seeing Qin Feng unscathed and 051 slumped on the floor, Professor Wang’s face grimaced .

“And to think that I had originally planned to get two bodies by the end of the day for research purposes . It seems that I have been too naive . If you want to act that way, so be it! Time for you all to die!”

Professor Wang pressed on a button labelled “open” .

In the next moment, the ceiling of the chamber that once held 051 broke open . From the dark chasm above, a massive cannon descended .

In the muzzle of the massive cannon, an azure glow was intensifying .

The facial expressions of Qin Feng and 051 changed in an instant .

Never in his life had Qin Feng seen such a large piece of machinery . It was even larger than the energy cannons fixed on top of the walls of either Chengbei colony or Fu City .

For such a weapon to go off in an enclosed space, even an E-tier beast would suffer near-fatal wounds from the blast .

Humans, being the weak creatures they were, simply would not be able to withstand the cannonfire at point blank .

“Wang Ang, YOU, PIECE, OF, SH*T! F*****CK!”, 051 yelled out hysterically .

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How was it possible that in the past five years, 051 did not lash out like that when placed under threat?

To be honest, he was considered one of the more “obedient” test subjects within the laboratory . Despite his abilities increasing everyday, he dared not speak back against the researchers, let alone attack them . Of course, that was all in order to bide time before making his great escape .

And now, when hope was at its peak, despair unexpectedly set in 051’s heart .

This was an upgraded energy cannon, with tremendous lethality . Though, the extent of its effects had been fine-tuned to cover just this laboratory . Upon firing, an energy net would be created, trapping everyone within its area of effect, turning this lab into an inescapable tomb .

While Rainbow Rodents were, as its name suggested, rodents, 051 did not possess the digging ability of rodents so the chances of escape was pretty much null!

As he soaked in despair, Qin Feng maintained his calm under pressure .

“Xiao Bai! Bring us away from here, him included!” Qin Feng pointed to 051 .

In a fraction of a second, Bai Li, alongside Qin Feng and 051 disappeared into thin air .

Almost at the same time, a blinding ray enveloped the entire laboratory, vaporising the entire room including the surveillance camera .

Professor Wang cackled . Removing the data disk, he hurriedly ran out of the laboratory .

At that exact moment, the entire facility was flashing red .

[Self-destruct system activated—Self-destruction in 3 minutes!]

[Please exit the facility immediately!]

Professor Wang’s pace was consistent but not too fast . One of the researchers who was still alive but had suffered heavy injuries reached out to the professor desperately . “Bring me with you, Sir . Professor, I’m not dead yet! You still need my help, don’t you?”

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Professor Wang did not even spare the man a look .

In the next instant, Professor Wang had already stepped into the emergency escape shaft . Turning on the ignition of a hover car, he escaped the place via a secret tunnel .

At the same time, Qin Feng, 051 and Bai Li reappeared on the great mountain which housed the research facility .

051 could not believe his eyes . He had finally escaped from his death .

“Hmph, let’s see where you can go!”

Qin Feng was still piseed .

Soon after Bai Li had brought the both of them out of the laboratory, someone from the outside had activated the facility’s self-destruct function . Qin Feng, not wanting to idle around the ticking time bomb, left the great mountain without giving chase to the damned professor .

Somehow, he felt that Professor Wang would make his appearance soon . Qin Feng was excited at the thought of seeing the professor’s face at the sight of them outside the facility .

Qin Feng’s consciousness expanded to cover the entire mountain . It was not even two minutes later that he noticed something jutting out awkwardly from a boulder . Sure enough, a massive cavity appeared and from within it emerged a hover car .