Master of the End Times - Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: Joint Revenge

Chapter 187: Joint Revenge

Grasped in Qin Feng’s hand was a mean-looking hand cannon .

Without hesitation, he switched off its safety mechanism, sending a live round flying toward his intended target . A wide, yellow arc appeared in the sky as it trailed the escaping hover car .

Professor Wang, who was seated in that very hover car, was wide-eyed at what was going on .

The interior of the hover car was filled with a beeping noise, alarming him that he was being locked on by a projectile . Still, there was nothing he could do to stop the force of the projectile .


The projectile smashed into the body of the hover car, which was immediately covered by a bright ball of energy wave .

This light wave was a function that was mandatorily installed in every vehicle headed out for the battlefield . It served two functions . One, to blind enemy ultra beasts and two, to jam or confuse missiles launched at the vehicle from an enemy position .

However, this function would eat up a lot of energy and would not activate if energy reserves were running low for the vehicle .

Without a doubt, this projectile from Qin Feng was specially designated to take down E-tier ultra beasts . Under the control of his consciousness, it was not led astray by the vehicle’s defensive mechanism and smashed through its energy barrier cleanly without suffering much damage itself .

The shimmering white ball in the sky gradually grew dimmer and soon, it turned completely transparent . In a split second, the shock from the explosion, as well as the kinetic energy, delivered by the projectile itself blasted the vehicle out of the sky .

At midnight, the roof of the house was leaking heavily as rain continued pouring from the sky . Suddenly, a loud noise coming from the mountains echoed through the air .

A massive shockwave followed the noise .

It was the self-destruct system activated by Professor Wang moments ago . The entire research facility was vaporised in an instant, suddenly creating a massive cavity within the mountain which in turn, had the effects of a large-scale earthquake for nearby lands .

Like a large boulder, Professor Wang’s hover car rolled down the side of the mountain as it quaked .

Both Bai Li and Qin Feng climbed onto the umbra stallion and immediately made their escape from the massive shockwave that was going to hit them if they remained there for a moment longer .

051 did not fear the rumbling ground . Finding a random rock, he floated in mid-air using the power of his consciousness .

The only unfortunate one here was none other than Professor Wang!

Under Qin Feng’s orders, the umbra stallion galloped over to the hover car’s crash site . It did not take long for them to locate the escaping Professor Wang .

At this point, the mountain was no longer shaking as it was moments ago . Upon closer inspection, the inside of the vehicle was splattered red all over with the Professor’s blood .

Just one glance was enough to tell them that this Professor Wang was already dead .

Perhaps this was what they called, “instant karma” .

To be honest Qin Feng originally planned to spare the professor’s life . He had a lot of questions that he hoped the professor would answer himself .

“There’s this too!” Bai Li waved her hand in the air . She was holding a silver-looking button . No doubt, it was a spatial runic equipment .

“This must be something the guy wanted to bring with him! It’s gotta have something to do with his research . So my attack wasn’t in vain at all, huh?”, Qin Feng muttered to himself . Having stumbled upon this, he had no choice but to take a closer look at what was in store for him .

“So, what do we do now?”

“Why, we leave this place of course! Since there was an explosion, the people living in the closest colony would definitely come investigating to see if a new rift has appeared or to see if an earthquake has happened . ”

Qin Feng had Bai Li retrieve their hover car . Both of them climbed onto the vehicle but 051 remained motionless on the ground below .

“Get on!” Qin Feng urged .

“That… how do you even open this thing? This is pretty neat ain’t it!? I’ve never seen such a thing up close before!” 051 shuffled around nervously .

Before being abducted and brought to the laboratory, 051 was just a teenager . Now that five years that were filled with insanity and suicidal tendencies had passed, he had finally obtained his long-overdue freedom . Though unfortunate, he was left behind by the progress of technological development .

With each new day that passed outside the laboratory, the harder it got for him to accept what tragedy had befallen him .

Qin Feng empathized with the man . With the click of a button, the door of the luxurious car opened up inward, revealing its interior which looked like the room of a five-star hotel .

051 climbed into the car . At this moment, the threatening aura of an E-tier mutant had faded away, leaving only what looked like a country bumpkin setting foot in a car for the first time .

“Out here in this world, it is very rare for one to reach E-tier within five years’ time . ” Qin Feng said nonchalantly .

051 responded with a wry smile . “Then, am I supposed to thank the lab?”

“Nah, not that . You should thank them for giving you powers to exact revenge on them instead . How does infiltrating and exposing these crooks sound? The both of us of course . We can work together!”

051 studied Qin Feng’s face . His expression was calm so he was definitely not joking about that .

“Alright!” 051 replied . Though, most of the reason why he agreed so quickly was that he had nowhere else to go .

Qin Feng was not surprised by 051’s response .

“Given your current powers, you should be able to lead a small colony of your own . However, since you’re still a mutant, if anything unexpected happens, say for example, you losing your intellect, I’d have to bear the responsibility entirely on my own . For now, you should just rest in my colony . ”

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“Okay! I swear I won’t cause any problems!” 051 said while nodding .

“Don’t sweat it . I’ll create an identity for you when we get home . You should be fine if you get your hair dyed as well as some colour lenses . Whatever you’re unfamiliar with, be patient and try learning about it . It’s just five years’ time . ”

“Okay!” 051 nodded . “Thank you, really!” he added .

The hover car’s battle network system was much larger than the portable ones that were commonly worn on one’s wrists . Qin Feng continued his explanations throughout the journey and allowed 051 to surf the web for better understanding of the current world .

In reality, not much had changed after five years .

Perhaps the only difference was that the human population had once again, dropped drastically . Though, where one colony fell, another would be established!

When considered as a whole, nothing much had happened in the past five years .

Qin Feng also took the chance to properly introduce himself and Bai Li to 051 . Apart from that, he also consulted 051 for some opinions .

“What was your name before the whole abduction incident? Would you like to have it back or would you like a new one?”

“It’s fine . Since I’ve grown accustomed to 051, let’s just stick to this one!”

“Then, let’s use its homonym[1] . We can’t just call you a bunch of numbers can we?”

“Then, I’ll choose Lin as my surname . As for my last name, Wuyi!”

After accepting his new name, Wuyi started checking the net while tending to his wounds . Qin Feng set the car on auto-pilot with Fengli colony as its destination before looking into Professor Wang’s spatial runic equipment .

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There were not many things stored within it—firstly, there were three unlabelled black cards that appeared to have been thrown in casually . Still, it contained a grand total of 150 million yuan . To think that Z Organization’s research facility would possess so much cash on hand .

Apart from this, there were some petri dishes that contained random cell cultures . Ultra beast materials were few and far between, and lastly, there was this sealed box .

Wuyi’s brows knitted the moment his eyes came across this box .

“I’ve seen them deliver such boxes before . They should contain confidential documents and a password is needed to unlock it . Apart from that, it also needs the right fingerprint, body temperature and pupil verification which must all match the original owner, else the item within would be destroyed immediately!”

Qin Feng sneered .

“After the apocalypse, human technology could no longer match supernatural abilities! Xiao Bai!”

Hearing Qin Feng’s call, Bai Li raised her finger at the box .

One second later, the item supposedly stored within the box appeared out of thin air . It was a finger-length memory disk .

[1] 051 in mandarin pinyin is “Lin Wu Yi” hence the name, Lin Wuyi .