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Master of the End Times - Chapter 188

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:35:13 AM

Chapter 188: Return to Fengli

Chapter 188: Return to Fengli

So this was what Professor Wang wanted to take away with him .

Looking down at the memory disk in his hand, Qin Feng’s expression turned cold and serious . Carefully, he inserted the disk into his communicator .

The moment the disk was inserted, a tidal wave of information from the disk overwhelmed his senses .

There were too many things that even Qin Feng was clueless about . Though, there was no need to study every little detail . No, he just needed to see what the end results were .

Upon seeing a list of names, Qin Feng fell silent .

This list contained the names of the people from Fu City who were funding the research facility .

His facial expression gradually changed .

It was apparent that this facility was not completely unknown within Fu City .

These people, whether voluntarily or not, had all given consent to the atrocities that were being conducted in their facility . It gave Qin Feng a feeling that the facility of this black organization had long entrenched itself within yet another colony .

Organizations like these were like incurable diseases, slowly eating away at the young and healthy people of the colonies .

‘I guess from now on, we’ll try to avoid Fu City at all costs? Thank God that the next big thing that’ll happen won’t be involving this damned city!’ thought Qin Feng . ‘But this Z Organization… just what are they? The more I find out about them, the more I’m impressed by them!’

Before Qin Feng’s rebirth, he had been involved in numerous black organizations, each with similar degrees of research capability as this one . However, this one in particular was completely unheard of before, which made Qin Feng all the more curious about its existence .

The organization he was facing was entirely shrouded in mystery .

Anyhow, this obscure organization only served to fuel Qin Feng’s motivation to continue digging around .

He needed closure for what he had experienced in his previous life .

And now, joining Qin Feng’s rank was yet another person seeking revenge . With the newcomer’s help, he believed that sooner or later, they would be able to dig this organization up and finish it off for good .

After travelling continuously for two days, the hover car had finally arrived at Fengli colony!

Half a month’s time was enough for most of the colony’s structures to be completed . Qin Feng’s return was pretty much on everybody’s lips .

“Big Boss, I can’t believe that Fu City has awarded you guys with an E-tier aptitude user’s badge!” Wang Chen congratulated Qin Feng and Bai Li after discovering the badges pinned on both of their chests .

While he knew that Qin Feng’s ability was that of an E-tier user, being awarded an aptitude user’s badge was a whole other matter .

This meant that his powers had been officially recognised by legal authorities .

One must consider the person’s age when looking at this matter . Qin Feng was just sixteen years old or seventeen, come next month .

Having such powers at such a young age, this was pretty impressive!

“Yep, the stuff they give out there’s the real deal!” Qin Feng replied . Though, he refrained from delving too deep about what this “real deal” was .

“I need your help . Get someone to buy some hair dye and a pair of colored lenses! Make him appear as normal as you can . ” Qin Feng said while pointing toward Lin Wuyi .

“Yes sir! I’ll head off immediately!” Qin Feng’s assigned secretary, Shang Na, replied in an instant . Though, before leaving the room, she did not forget to bow slightly to Qin Feng . Her eyes at that moment were filled with gratitude and loyalty .

“Sir, believe it or not, the person you brought back earlier is actually my aunt . Truly, thank you, Sir!” Shang Na said before exiting the room .

Wang Chen smiled at Qin Feng . “She’s talking about that person who you’ve assigned the task to overlook the street-sweeping duties from before, the one called Shang Xian . Both of them are living together here now . With someone to count on, I think life for them wouldn’t be as bad as it was before!”

Qin Feng nodded . The mood of his subordinates directly affected the effectiveness of the team as a whole; a grudge between him and his secretary would be significantly detrimental to their operations .

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Han Town was a relatively small place . At this point, most of the survivors were being dug out by their own people . If they were to wait for Shi Tianhai to officially start the rescue campaign, the survivors would have been long dead!

Who cares!? At this day and age, strength reigned supreme . Now that Qin Feng had already reached E-tier, there was little Shi Tianhai could do to harm him no matter how much grudge he held in his heart .

It did not take long for Shang Na to return with some hair and immediately after that, she started dealing with his hair . Those who caught wind of Qin Feng’s return soon came piling into the room to make their reports .

One of them was Liu Xue, who shouldered the most important responsibility—keeping an account of the inflow of goods into the colony .

Making sure that Xue Xingfu was not in the room, Liu Xue whispered into Qin Feng’s ears . “Mayor, you’ve brought a ton of items back to our colony, huh? It’s quite the injection into our local economy . Perhaps you might want to make some changes to the shares . Do you think that…”

If it were Liu Xue from before, speaking to Qin Feng in such a manner was completely out of the question . However, things changed after Qin Feng had obtained his new status as an E-tier user .

As the saying goes, a mountain cannot hold two tigers . Two strong voices running Fengli colony was obviously a brewing disaster waiting to unfold .

“Yeah, but I’d like to hold on for just a bit longer . It’s still insufficient at this stage . ” Qin Feng replied . “I don’t like to lose out on the deal but neither do I want to burn bridges that I have painstakingly built . If that day comes, I will definitely compensate Mayor Zheng!”

Liu Xue nodded in agreement .

The more Qin Feng’s ability grew, the easier it was for Zheng Yang to accept the compensation .

Though, now was not the time to discuss such matters .

After that, it was Xue Xingfu, He Ling and Zhou Xiang’s turn to give Qin Feng a report on the colony’s security perimeter . Since autumn was coming, the number of ultra beasts would start decreasing so that was not too much of a problem .

When it was Xue Xingfu’s turn to speak, what came out of his mouth stunned Qin Feng .

Xue Xingfu placed a gold-embossed invitation card onto Qin Feng’s hands .

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“Wanzong Organization’s holding a transcendental auction at Sea City . If I may ask, who are you planning to send over this time, Big Boss?”

At such an auction, one would undoubtedly find countless precious items up for bid .

The auctions that the organization held were separated into three different tiers: heaven-tier, earth-tier and the final tier, the transcendental-tier .

The fancy names were more of a gimmick than anything . In actuality, the former two tiers were just your run-of-the-mill auctions offering low-level items to low-level bidders .

The items offered at such auctions would be E-tier at best . Perhaps a D-tier item would find its way in but such occurrences were extremely rare .

Of course, there were also large-scale private trade fairs that handled sub-par items which were mostly G-tier .

Even so, these G-tier items were what brought food onto the table for these low-level colonies .

Contrary to what one might believe, there was a large margin of profit to be made in such places .

“Let me come with!” Qin Feng replied immediately .

Xue Xingfu’s puffy face glowed with excitement .

“If that’s the case then how much capital do you plan to start with?”

Currently, the colony already had tens of thousands of black steel armor plates in its inventory . These could be used to exchange for cold hard cash which they could then use for transactions at the fair .

Qin Feng thought about it for a while before giving his answer . “I’ll let you have 1 billion yuan’s worth of goods . I need you to start work on Fengli’s warehouse though, to house those goods!”

Xue Xingfu’s eyes lit up .

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Liu Xue on the other hand, was surprised by the mayor’s decision . “But Sir, we don’t have that kind of money!”

She was right . Those black steel armor plates were worth two to three hundred million at best .

“I know that . But that event’s half a month away . We’ll be able to come up with that amount somehow!” Qin Feng reassured her .

Liu Xue had no choice but to back down .

Now that the important stuff had been dealt with, it was time to create a new identity for his newfound friend, Lin Wuyi . The power Qin Feng commanded had grown significantly since the last time he was here . He managed to forge a new identity for the man with little to no effort and temporarily, Wu Yi was granted the status of an honorary elder in the colony .

To put it simply, Wu Yi did not necessarily need to perform any tasks and Fengli colony had to make sure that he was well-fed and well-clothed .

As for Qin Feng, together with Bai Li, they returned to Chengbei colony .

Since Fengli colony was just partially-completed, Chengbei colony was the closest city to them .

While handling Lin Wuyi’s new identity, Qin Feng was reminded of something about Bai Li . It had been quite a long time since his last visit to that orphanage . He planned to take a break for a day and on the next day, he would pay Lin Derong a visit . He wanted to ask if he would like to move his orphanage over to Fengli colony .

Hopefully, Mayor Zheng would not blame him for baiting his citizens away . After all, talents like him were rare to come by!