Master of the End Times - Chapter 190

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Chapter 190: Crawling Away

Chapter 190: Crawling Away

Lin Derong was horrified .

With two seemingly effortless moves, Qin Feng managed to send an F9-tier ancient warrior running without even thinking of retaliation .

He looked down from the window that had been busted open . That lackey had, to his surprise, survived the fall but at the cost of two broken legs . Still, remaining in close proximity with Qin Feng was not an option . Using his jaw and his abdomen, he crawled away with his injuries like a worm on the ground .

Although it was a miserable sight to look at, especially for the soft-hearted and virtuous Lin Derong who had loyally served his people all these years, he could not help but feel a sense of relief .

“Qin Feng, you truly have my respect boy! I’m impressed!” Lin Derong sighed but with a smile .

He was delighted to see one of his children finally “make it” in society!

“Director, apologies for any troubles caused!”

“No, it’s me who has troubled you . Look at you, you’ve grown up too fast! All this old man’s gonna do is hold you back!”

“Please don’t say such a thing, Sir . I’d be glad to have you hold me back for a lifetime!” Qin Feng replied firmly .

“Hahahaha!” Lin Derong laughed heartily .

Both of them proceeded to talk about current affairs and the events that had unfolded in the past month or two . Qin Feng then discovered that Lin Derong too, had experienced a massive change in his life .

After Qin Feng’s rise to power at the newly-established colony, word about it soon spread around Chengbei colony, sending Lin Derong’s popularity up into the heavens . Some of the big shots here came by to butter up Lin Derong, with hopes of making some profit out of his relationship with the young mayor .

Lin Derong obviously could not turn down these rich folks as their approach was well-calculated—they only provided donations for the orphanage without explicitly stating their aim .

Lin Derong let the money sit idly out of fear of these unscrupulous men asking him favors which he would be obliged to accept if he were to spend even a single cent of it . Oftentimes, their demands would be over-the-top and be near impossible to meet . His failure would only serve to create unnecessary grudges with these men .

Since Qin Feng was here, Lin Derong made sure to explain the tough spot he was in to the man in order to avoid misunderstandings, like him using Qin Feng’s name indiscriminately to gather donations and such .

“Never once, have I heard of anyone refunding donations! Accept it Sir, use it as it was intended to be used!” Qin Feng advised . “Before I forget, Sir, I’d like you to move your orphanage over to Fengli colony . That place is under my control and I’d like these orphans to get the best treatment they could possibly have . From now on, they would be the mainstay of our colony!”

Starting from scratch, human capital was an extremely precious resource . In the coming decade, Qin Feng wanted to establish Fengli colony as a place that would earn the envy of other colonies .

He had the means to do so .

He also possessed the willpower to achieve this dream .

However, this project needed much more than that from Qin Feng .

But this should not be a problem!

“Sure! This old man can still move like a young boy!” Lin Derong beamed .

This time, him moving was not one that was done out of fear . No, its motivation was completely different!

After discussing further with Lin Derong about the matter, Qin Feng bid the orphanage farewell .

The invitation card issued by the Xin family was stored into his spatial runic equipment . However, Qin Feng had a photographic memory of the content printed on it .

He never thought that after suffering great losses, the Xin family would still dare to approach him .

If that was the case then they should not blame him for beating the dog in front of the lion .

He, Qin Feng, was not someone you could push around and get away with it so easily .

There was still three days before the stated date on the card . Of course, Qin Feng would not sit idly by, waiting for these three days to pass .

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“Both fleshly strength and consciousness have already reached the E-tier . It’s impossible to fine-tune these two in such a short amount of time . However, it seems that my internal strength hasn’t reached E-tier yet so we’ll probably work on that!”

The best alternative to Asteroid Assimilation was the skill of absorption, used on specially-blended elixirs .

One such elixir was the chakra pill, an F-tier item . However, due to its slow rate of absorption, Qin Feng decided not to use it .

“What we need the most now is the Huizhen Elixir!”

Without leaving even a second to spare, Qin Feng connected to the battle network and searched for said elixir that was currently for sale . Since there was a limited supply that would refresh each day, it was cut-throat expensive, at three million a pop .

Today’s supply of Huizhen Elixir had been sold out completely .

Though, Qin Feng knew that the items auctioned by Wanzong were stored in large inventories, with a fixed supply for a handful of large, powerful families .

Qin Feng proceeded to contact the general manager of Wanzong Auction House in Chengyang City, An Zhengwei .

“Mayor Qin!” An Zhengwei smiled at Qin Feng from the other side of the connection . “Is there anything I can help you with, Mayor? I am honored to be of service to you today!”

As he was going through the formalities, his face became visibly surprised when he presumably recognised the E-tier aptitude user’s badge on Qin Feng’s chest .

However, An Zhengwei did a decent job at disguising his astonishment .

As a merchant, An Zhengwei had a firm grasp on all the news flowing around the locality . He had already known about the Xin family’s celebratory event and subsequently, had planned to invite Qin Feng over .

Since Qin Feng had returned from Han Town, while he did not speak of any beast king tier materials for sale, there was still a large amount of profitable items he could turn a profit with . And so, he wanted to contact Qin Feng and offer to buy said items off his hands .

If not, the Xin family could pressure Qin Feng into a deal with them, meaning the money would flow out from Wanzong’s hands into their filthy pockets!

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Who would have thought that Qin Feng would go through such a massive leap in abilities .

Back when he was still an F7-tier user, he could already take down an E-tier opponent without too much effort . Now that he was an E-tier user, if his ferocity did indeed grow further, then the Xin family might stand a chance to lose out on everything when dealing with Qin Feng .

Soon, An Zhengwei and Qin Feng struck up a long and interesting conversation .

“I need a batch of Huizhen Elixirs . Since I’m dealing with other stuff as well, it may not be very convenient for these things to show up!” Qin Feng said to Zhengwei .

“Huh? What thing?” An Zhengwei eyed Qin Feng curiously .

Qin Feng produced four silver-grey ornaments from his pocket .

No doubt, these were all spatial runic equipment .

And they possessed considerable storage capacities .

One of them was carried by the three men whom the Xin family had sent over to kill Qin Feng . Another one was looted from Xin Guang’s body when he was officially beaten to death in the ring .

A lot of them assumed that this item had been completely destroyed during Qin Feng’s rampage .

These items however, had instead become Qin Feng’s war trophies .

Though, other than these three that he was holding, he still had a handful of other spatial runic equipment tucked somewhere else . For example, the one he got from Professor Wang’s crash site as well as those he picked up from the F-tier gunners back at the facility . He had eight of them in total .

These spatial runic equipment were pretty valuable items .

Each square meter was being sold on the market at 5 million yuan . The price only grew higher with each passing day too .

Professor Wang’s alone had a total of thirty square meters, making it worth 150 million yuan in the market .

Seeing these spatial runic equipment, An Zhengwei was stunned .

“This is…”

“As you know, my existence is like a thorn in the side of the Xin family . After getting the spatial runic equipment from you, I left Chengbei City, but on the way, I met these three men and uhh…” Qin Feng did not feel the need to explain what happened to these poor souls as the spatial runic equipment in his hand was more than enough for the crafty merchant to get what he was saying .

They had all been killed by Qin Feng .

Since these equipment had been obtained at the cost of human lives, handling it was a hassle and people tend to avoid buying such items . However, Wanzong paid no heed to such petty matters .

If selling it at Chengbei colony was a problem, then the solution would be selling it to the Wanzong Organization, which was from another city!

What would the Xin family do about it? Go over to Fu City or Sea City to get it back?

Who cared about who this thing once belonged to? Anything was A-okay to the organization so long as it was profitable!

Such transactions were no big deal .

“Mayor Qin, how about we discuss this face-to-face?” An Zhengwei said earnestly .

Nodding in agreement, Qin Feng proposed, “Come over to my place then!”