Master of the End Times - Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: Xin Zhen the Cruel

Chapter 193: Xin Zhen the Cruel

“Mayor Qin, you’re here!”

Three days ago, An Zhengwei found out that Qin Feng would be attending and naturally came over to say hello .

After seeing the many resources that Qin Feng had, he felt that the Xin family was actually biting off more than they could chew . When it came to the Wanzong Group, people would not try to sully their reputation by hassling Wanzong’s people . Whoever he spoke to, nobody would dare hold it against him .

“Manager An!” Qin Feng nodded .

The two chatted about whatever was on their minds then, mainly about the things that they made deals with before . Apparently, some of the items had been sold, with good prices at that .

As they were talking, another person appeared .

“Qin Feng, you’re here as well?”

Qin Feng looked over to the direction of the voice and realized that he recognized the speaker .

“Cheng Zhou!”

The man was from one of the four main families in Chengyang City, the pride of the Cheng family and a powerful metal-based ability user .

The last time Qin Feng met him, they fought each other in the combat pit and they had only used a fraction of their strength against one another . Half a month later, Qin Feng’s strength had already surpassed his counterpart’s .

It was not so easy to advance into E-tier . If Qin Feng had not obtained the Godwill Atlas, he would not have reached E-tier so easily . He might have had to kill off a few more gunners or ability users for that!

The four people formed into a group, with Bai Li being the one gaining the most attention . She was only stuffing her face so she maintained a low profile .

“I’ve heard that you were given an E-tier aptitude user badge . Has your strength really reached E tier?” Cheng Zhou inquired .

This up and coming young man really was impressive!

“Maybe you’ll find out soon?” Qin Feng smiled faintly .

Cheng Zhou frowned at the implication . “There are a lot of seniors from the Xin family here today, even if they’re a bunch of dinosaurs, a few of them have been sent to keep watch . Don’t be too impulsive, whatever happens, you must endure it . ”

Endure it?

Before his rebirth, Qin Feng led a life full of misfortune and had to face countless life and death situations .

Just like the one now .

So why should he bother to try to endure it?

Soon, all the guests had been accounted for and the door to the second floor of the hall opened up . A group of people was escorting a middle-aged man in a majestic and imposing fashion .

This man was the current head of the Xin family . An E-tier ancient warrior, Xin Zheng

Due to the cultivation of ancient martial arts combined with the proper kind of moisturizing with natural materials, the stronger a person was, the less likely their age would be obvious . If it were not for the fact that people were supposed to be celebrating his sixtieth birthday, nobody would have caught that he was sixty just by his appearance .

He moved at a slow pace but his movements seemed natural and fluid which contained an aura like rolling clouds or a flowing stream . His steadiness gave him the feel that this man was very dignified .

Soon, he sat at the very front of the hall, on a table that was elevated higher than the rest . Beside him were other seniors of the Xin family, having up to a total of five E-tier aptitude users, along with some F8 and F9 tiers .

Sitting behind him was the previously injured Xin Jiayu who did not look so good and sporting a slightly larger glove over one hand .

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“Everyone . The head of the Xin family’s birthday banquet is about to begin!”

The crowd gathered, faces full of smiles . Some people even took out their gifts .

“Qin Feng, let’s go . After all, it’s a birthday party and I’m here on behalf of the Cheng family . I even prepared a gift!” Cheng Zhou said .

Although the four major families entrenched in Chengyang City had disputes of interest along with deep-seated hatred hidden in the dark, they could not make such a thing too obvious . On the contrary, they had to maintain their cool and even compliment one another .

There were no permanent enemies, only permanent benefits .

Soon, the people from the four major families began to move forward .

“Great Father Xin, this junior, on behalf of his family, pays you his respect and offers you these bureaucratic presents . On behalf of the Pu family, I wish you a happy life and good health!”

“Good, the Pu Family is always so sincere!”

“Great Father Xin, my father is out of town and has put me in his place this time! I hope this doesn’t seem strange!”

“Old Ho seems to not want to come out today, heh!”

“Great Father Xin…”

“Master Xin…”

These people were very well rehearsed, stepping forward one after another . In fact, these people were the elderlies in Chengyang City . The Xin family hosted such an event each year and had become familiar with them .

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After the four major families took the lead, the other families began to approach . These families either had a close relationship with the Xin family, or they were families directly affiliated with the family itself .

An F-tier aptitude user stepped forward, gift in his hand as he presented it to Xin Zhen .

Xin Zhen was taking a sip of his tea at that time and the other party did not know where to put the gift .

“When your family becomes as big as mine, it’ll become harder to lead . I heard that there’s a talented individual that has appeared in the Zhao family, almost E-tier, currently hunting in the wild?”

“Yes . You’re worrying over nothing, you remember that unfilial brat!”

“Hmph . Talented children always have their own idea or two . If they’re disrespectful, then just beat them until they learn some humility . It’s dangerous out there, best be careful . ”

“Of course, of course!”

The Zhao family head’s forehead was suddenly layered with a sheen of sweat . The Zhao family had been developing well recently, even having an E-tier ability user, and plans to escape from the Xin family’s grip .

After all, a huge portion of their annual profits were always taken away by the Xin family . Now that they were strong, they naturally did not want to be suppressed .

However, resistance comes at a price .

Thinking about the son that had not contacted him for three days, the Zhao family head felt as if a cold knife was stabbing through his heart .

The Xin family head waved his hand to have his servants take the Zhao family’s gift away .

After that, the man was punched in the head by Xin Zheng . Some onlookers bore smiles, some bore anger, but most just had their fear on display .

The process of giving the gifts took half an hour, and some of the major families were given a table while everyone else had to stand .

Only Qin Feng and Bai Li stood behind the crowd, still eating and drinking near the dining table .

Qin Feng let out a frosty laugh as he watched the group of Xin family members in front of him . ‘What a great feast! The Xin family really is trying to show their authority!’ he thought .

The Xin family hosted something like this every year, it was weird that after so many years there had not been a single disruption . Maybe they held things with an iron fist, whoever tried to resist were brutally suppressed .

Whoever showed potential would be crushed like that person from the Zhao family .

Qin Feng felt that the other party was too short-sighted . ‘The wilderness is so vast, the resources aplenty, and they’re still cramped in this tiny place cruelly throwing their power around . What a bunch of shrews . ’

Such was the norm in this kind of life .

Too many people stayed in the colonies and did not dare venture into the wild .

As Qin Feng was thinking to himself, he heard a voice in the distance .

“I heard that outside of Chengyang City, a new colony has emerged and their district chief came over today . ” said the voice . There was not a single bit of respect for such a colony, only traces of contempt .

In the eyes of the Xin family, the leader of such a colony was too weak . If they came alone, it meant that they could be eliminated .