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Chapter 2

The space stabilizing device above their heads was a thing the people relied on to survive, the most powerful weapon protecting the colony .

 But now that the machine had malfunctioned, the waves invisible to the naked eye that stabilized space was gradually disappearing .

 Everyone who noticed this breakdown was alarmed at first before breaking out into a panicked frenzy!

 “What is happening to the space stabilizing device?! Is it broken?” Zhou Hao asked, his voice trembling .

 1“Does that mean…” Before Chen Ming could even complete his sentence, an alarm on their wristwatches started blaring loudly .

 [Warning! Warning! A space rift is opening in a hundred meters . Unidentified organisms are about to appear!]

 A tear in space?!

 This was the culprit! The thing responsible for the fall of mankind, the reason humankind had fallen from the dominant force of nature to the bottom tier on the food chain .

 There was a set deepness in Qin Feng’s eyes . His skinny and frail back had now straightened up, and from head to toe, he was on guard, neither shocked nor alarmed .

 That was because he had come prepared .

 6In his previous life, the exact situation had happened at this exact time .

 Since Qin Feng had been unconscious, Zhou Hao had decided to bring him inside for the injection . Once he had also received his dose, he had slumped Qin Feng over his shoulders and carried him out .

 By the time he had left the research institution, he was already awake . However, now, the space stabilizing device was damaged, a rift had torn in space, the ferocious beast attacked, and Zhou Hao had died while saving Qin Feng .

 3As for where Chen Ming was at that time…

 Qin Feng was just trying to recall that information when, in reality, Chen Ming presented him with the answer .

 “Run! Better run fast!” Chen Ming shouted before quickly disappearing .

 They were all students who had undergone mid-tier education . Each one of them came with able bodies and respectable combat power . It only took Chen Ming two seconds to put about ten meters of distance between them .

 Qin Feng’s expression grew cold .

 If this was the previous experience, then he was a total joke back then!

 Zhou Hao had died for him, and here was Chen Ming walking away so casually, downplaying the abandonment of his brothers .

 4That wretch!

 3Zhou Hao was also stunned for a moment . Then, propelled by Chen Ming’s reaction, he too decided it was best to run .

 “Hurry! Let’s run!” he grabbed Qin Feng by the arm and pulled .

 But Qin Feng did not budge .

 Realizing his friend had become motionless, Zhou Hao turned around, his face crumpled in fear and distress, forehead lined with beads of cold sweat .

 “Qin Feng, are you not feeling well? Can you still run? Hurry, we have to go! How about I carry you?!” Zhou Hao babbled, not waiting for Qin Feng’s answer, ready to flee!

 And rightly so too, for they were brothers .

 Qin Feng, on the other hand, felt sharp stabbing heat shoot down his chest like a volcanic eruption, causing a stinging pain in his heart .

 “I’m alright . I’m good . I’m terrific, in fact! Thank goodness the gods gave me a second chance so that I can redeem all of this . I’ve lost a hypocrite, but at least I still have a true brother!

 We can’t go there . We don’t know where the tear is exactly, so the safest place right now is the research institute!” Qin Feng reckoned .

 2Zhou Hao was stunned for a moment but quickly regained his composure . “We have other classmates in there too, goddamnit! Hurry, let’s go back!”

 The guy had always been like that . Warm and friendly, always looking out for other people .

 This, to Qin Feng, who had suffered and struggled for a decade before his rebirth, was absolutely invaluable! You couldn’t put a price on those things .

 “Let’s go!” Qin Feng started to run . Although the demeaning prospects of a weak and small body bothered him somewhat, it was brimming with vigor and energy .

 6They turned around the corner of an alley and out into the main road . The drivers in the cars were honking at each other . Being so busy trying to get away, they rammed into each other in uncoordinated panic, causing traffic to come to a standstill .

 Just then, in the sky three meters above the road, a tear gradually formed . Within it was pitch-black darkness, and surrounding it was a ring of silver light—the materialization of space elements .

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 “Rift!!!” Zhou Hao looked terrified .

 No matter how many times they had learned about it in school, he was petrified, this being his first time seeing the actual thing . No one knew what kind of creatures were lurking behind the crack, waiting for the slightest opportunity to pounce out . It could be the devil himself, for all we knew, coming to destroy the world .

 The rift was expanding ever so slowly . It was only about half a meter long and thirty centimeters wide, but the potent disorientation from something so alien in nature had the people on the road screaming their heads off, leaving their cars behind and running for their lives .

 The tear did not stop expanding .

 And then, all of a sudden, from the midst of the rift, a figure appeared .

 It looked like a soft-skinned, and slightly bloated baby . Bathed in a strange yellow and green color, a terrible stench came out from its hair .

 5The infant crawled with much difficulty out of the crack and then dropped down onto the ground .

 Falling from such heights should have caused death, or at the very least, injuries . The baby’s arms and legs, however, were still mobile . Picking itself up, it raised its massive head, allowing people to see what the grotesque incarnation looked like .

 1Alright, alright . That was not a baby . It was a monster, one with a pair of humongous semi-convexed scarlet eyeballs, disproportionately larger than its deformed head . Its unnaturally vast mouth resembling a demented clown stretched far to its ears, revealing a mouthful of razor-sharp teeth . And unlike a human, its teeth had the sharpness of a wolf, easily able to tear through the toughest of flesh .

 They were man-eating creatures!

 1“It’s a razor-fanged infant!!!” the crowd screamed in utter, unabashed horror .

 A razor-fanged infant, according to the federal textbook, was the lowest category of G3 monsters, but it had a very special trait—it lived in a group!

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 So, as the first razor-fanged infant landed, the second, and third appeared right after . These razor-fanged infant’s crawl may look clumsy, but whenever a prey caught their large eyes, they would suddenly pick up speed and leap into the air, viciously tearing at their victim’s throats with their sharp teeth!

 “Arghhh!!!” A man screamed . He swiftly drew the weapon strapped on his waist and pointed it at the infant abomination!


 The unmistakable sound of gunfire echoed in the streets . The already chaotic road had now turned into hell .

 Four to five razor-fanged infants were killing people, freely devouring them on the streets like wolves among a flock of sheep .

 One of them pounced on Zhou Hao .

 Zhou Hao’s eyes widened, and his mind went completely blank as he scrambled to find a way to defend himself . Like it was in all textbooks, they were merely unsubstantial, general bullshit that gave its reader little to imagine what a real situation would be like . The grappling techniques they had learned were not fast enough to cope with the creature’s devilish speed and tiny stature .

 Of course, this was also due to the constraints of strength . Even a sixteen-year-old teenager who had just awakened his abilities and force was only at G1 tier .

 At that very moment, a pair of skinny yet strong hands shoved Zhou Hao aside hard!

 Zhou Hao recognized that silhouette!

 It was Qin Feng!!