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Chapter 20

Xiao Jing’s awakening was natural – derived from pure luck with no explanation whatsoever .

 1Zhou Hao was still training at home, and even with the G-tier strengthening potion, his constitution only increased by a little . It had not yet awakened into an Ancient Warrior’s .

 “I… I’ve awakened?”

 Xiao Jing never imagined that her scrawny frame could lug around 60 kg of threadsnakes with ease .

 “I’ve awakened . I really have… awakened,” she cried as tears trickled down her overjoyed eyes .

 Being awakened meant that she was confident that she could win more battles in the future .

 “Let’s go . It’s getting dark!”


 The pair quickened their footsteps . Xiao Jing chewed on snake meat as she walked, replenishing and rejuvenating her as she went along . By the time they reached the assembly point, Xiao Jing was calm and completely relaxed .

 When the soldier on duty saw the both of them, he was surprised, even more so when he saw Xiao Jing .


 Xiao Jing raised her chin, deliberately slowing down as she walked, shifting the snake meat slung on her shoulder as if to show off .

 2After the initial shock had passed, the soldier gave her a small smile . He refrained from making any comments, whistling away as he turned his focus on the assembly .

 Xiao Jing scoffed, her efforts to impress fruitless .

 3Night was approaching, and most of the combatants had returned . Some, though, would be spending the night in the wilderness .

 1“Close the gate!”

 “Yes, captain!”

 “Gather round!”

 Boots clattered as the soldiers shuffled into position .

 “He’s their captain?” Xiao Jing stared at the smug, nose-flaring soldier giving commands .

 “Let’s go!” Qin Feng called out to her, leading her to a purchasing station .

 Because the snakes they killed were the on the list of special species that the colony had singled out, there was an additional reward of 1,000 yuan for each . That all added up to 40,000 yuan . Combined with the price of the materials, Qin Feng earned a total of 240,000 yuan .

 In the previous life, Qin Feng had managed to achieve a Rank-A Ancient Warrior status . He would hunt and kill large animals, which quickly earned him a few billion yuan . Today’s earnings were just small numbers to him, but to Xiao Jing, this was a brave, new, and exciting world .

 4Her three materials earned her a healthy 18,000 yuan, and after selling two slices of snake meat, she gained 4,000 more .

 “Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Qin Feng!”

 “You’ve said enough thank yous for today!” Qin Feng found it a little awkward . He wanted to repay her kindness, but was instead left with her feeling indebted .

 “Let me cook us something as payment for the opportunity you’ve given me,” she said shyly . Xiao Jing was not the kind to make empty promises . She employed her culinary skills and cooked up a delicious meal of the snakemeat, one which Qin Feng could not stop praising after he had a bite .

 1Additionally, Xiao Jing even got a bowl of warm snakemeat to bribe the captain in the hopes he would lend them a vehicle .  As long as they did not lose it, they did not need to spend a single penny on transports .

 Of course, no one would dare steal an army vehicle!

 Qin Feng secretly found himself impressed by Xiao Jing’s streetwise stint!

 Night had fallen, and the plantations were done for the day . As the peasants left for home, the buzzing of machinery had been replaced with a session of intense bragging by soldiers over their combat skills . Some complained about their yield today, whereas some of the teams were awfully quiet . These ones had clearly lost a lot in today’s fight .

 The soldiers did not rest but continued their training and went about their drills . Upon seeing the activity, Xiao Jing joined in with excitement .

 1Qin Feng, on the other hand, rested in the tent . Well, he said he was going to rest, but in reality, he secretly wanted to meditate and cultivate the Asteroid Assimilation skill .

 Before that could happen, though, there was something else he needed to do first .

 Xiaobai was jumping around inside the rather small tent, intrigued by everything in its new surroundings .

 “Xiaobai! Stop moving around!” scolded Qin Feng as he gently held onto Xiaobai .

 The creature looked at Qin Feng with quizzical glassy eyes .

 Qin Feng looked a little hesitant . He wanted to wait until Xiaobai was a little older and stronger before the bond, but Xiaobai’s skills had him thinking that it was better to get it done now .

 Space ability was not one of the top ten abilities . It was too arcane, the root of all destruction, yet gave people a mysterious and mythical hope!

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 “You’ll be following me next time . I won’t treat you as a slave . We are partners forever!”

 In the previous life, by a freak combination of events, Xiaobai saved Qin Feng’s life . He was not about to let the loyal beast sacrifice its life for him again . As long as he was alive, he vowed to himself that he would never abandon Xiaobai .

 All that backstabbing would not distort him nor make him cynical and embittered .

 3He was not a saint; neither was he a cold-blooded man .

 “Please . Don’t refuse . I won’t hurt you!”

 Qin Feng bit his tongue, which sent a sharp pain shooting through his mouth . Then he focused his consciousness, and soon, the blood floated subconsciously towards Xiaobai .

 2Xiaobai stared curiously at the blood, cocking its head to one side .

 The drop of blood was drawing closer Xiaobai followed it with its eyes . This caused its eyes to cross each other, making it look more adorable than ever!

 2The cross-eyed creature nearly made Qin Feng laugh out loud .

 The blood entered through Xiaobai’s brows, and Qin Feng could sense that he had made contact with Xiaobai’s soul .

 Then, from the head, the drop of blood descended, entering its soul, thereby forming a bond .

 Xiaobai made no protests throughout the entire process . It behaved exceptionally well . Thankfully .

 Perhaps, it somehow knew that Qin Feng would never hurt it .

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 2Once the bond was completed, Qin Feng felt a great understanding of Xiaobai flood through his heart .

 He was also relieved to find out that Xiaobai was not a dog, but an obscure species of fox called a silver fox .

 12It had the solid bloodline of a nine-tailed fox . What’s more, being a silver fox meant that it was extremely rare and could control space .

 4Qin Feng could also sense that Xiaobai had its own little private space measuring one square meter . The compartment was very stable and could store items . It was in all another way, a personal space receptacle .

 Having that space increased Xiaobai’s value exponentially, and if people knew about this, they would, without a doubt, fight over it .

 “Next time, try not to use your space ability . You’re still young . You have to protect yourself!”

 Qin Feng nudged Xiaobai’s forehead . Perhaps it was because of the bond that Xiaobai’s dependence on Qin Feng became even more prominent . Qin Feng could also sense a part of Xiaobai’s thoughts and feelings .

 “Chirp!” Xiaobai answered . Everything was strange and new to it, and therefore, Qin Feng’s words were teachings that it would never violate .

 6Qin Feng ruffled its fur and then sat down with crossed legs . Getting in a lotus position, he started cultivating his meditation and Asteroid Assimilation .

 In the following days, Qin Feng and Xiao Jing went hunting . Because Xiao Jing’s abilities had been awakened, she was no longer just collecting materials, but also joining the fight .

 5Even though they were in constant danger, Xiao Jing had proven herself capable of handling sticky situations . For that, she nearly had a hole punctured through her calf and earned herself more than a few scratches and bruises .

 Those injuries, however, were nothing for in a matter of days, Xiao Jing had managed to accumulate upwards of 80,000 yuan . She did not keep the money but instead exchanged for a combat suit and a sword . Even though she still did not have the support of an Ancient Warrior’s inner force, she was undoubtedly ferocious and brave .

 Many people in the plantations were envious of Qin Feng’s and Xiao Jing’s grand yields . But after seeing how the both of them fought on the battlefield, they acknowledged defeat and stepped aside in the face of superior strength .

 Those two fought with their lives .

 Of course, what those people did not know was that to Qin Feng, that was all just child’s play .