Master of the End Times - Chapter 211

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Chapter 211: Leaving for Sea City

Chapter 211: Leaving for Sea City

“Mayor Qin, what a shame you have to go! Here’s to hoping that we’ll be able to go out like this sometime in the future!” Yang Sanhu was visibly reluctant to send Qin Feng off . After all, throughout the time Qin Feng worked alongside the Wilderness Rangers, they had surprisingly suffered zero casualties which was definitely a rare sight to behold .

The hardest pill to swallow was the fact that virtually all kills were carried out by Qin Feng alone!

While a large portion of the loot was reserved for Qin Feng, the Wilderness Rangers were still able to rake in 300 million in total, which was the same amount as what they had earned in their previous year . Though, after dividing the total sum up, the amount each ranger got was rather insignificant .

Still, Qin Feng’s performance on the field earned the respect of these Wilderness Rangers .

“I can guarantee that there will be more opportunities to join forces in the future . Are you really not going to attend the auction at Sea City?” Qin Feng asked the general .

Yang Sanhu had amassed quite a number of precious items this time round . With capital in his hands, the general indeed wanted to attend the auction together with Qin Feng .

After a second of hesitation, Yang Sanhu shook his head .

“Forget it . I still have a lot of mouths to feed . I’ll have to pass this time!” Yang Sanhu replied with a disappointed look on his face .

Qin Feng patted his shoulder but said nothing more .

Some people might not even have stumbled upon such an opportunity even after working their butts off for their entire life .

“Alright . You don’t need to send me off! See you around!”

“Yep! Careful of your surroundings!”

Yang Sanhu stared blankly at Qin Feng’s hover tank as it floated into the sky . Something was not right, it was as if he had missed out on something “big” . Though, he had no explanation for why he felt that way . He could only shake his head helplessly and sigh at himself for making things up in his mind .

His sixth sense was right though . He had indeed missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity but was completely in the dark about it .

Now, there was less than ten days’ time before the end of the month approaches .

Three days later, there was nothing in Sea City that suggested that winter had arrived . Because of their close proximity to the sea, the winds that blew from offshore meant that the climate here was like spring all year round, something which was welcomed by many .

Sunshine here shone brighter than anywhere else .

The only downside was that there were always ultra beasts emerging from the depths of the ocean floor .

Without a doubt, this was the most prosperous city among the three largest surviving cities .

As Qin Feng’s lengthened hover tank entered the main freeway, more and more hover tanks entered into view .

Ordinary pedestrians would glance at the traffic from time to time but one could notice from their eyes that they had become long accustomed to such a sight!

This was because the number of people entering the city had spiked significantly as of late .

People from the “Big-three Cities”, the leaders of different colonies, as well as E-tier aptitude users, here to attend the auction added up to at least a hundred men .

Naturally, such a sight would develop into an attention magnet .

Today was, in fact, the first day of the auction hosted by Wanzong Organization .

This event was however, exclusively attended by G-tier and F-tier aptitude users . Qin Feng assigned Xue Xingfu the task of dealing with large-scale deals, reflecting his trust in the man’s ability when it came to business negotiations .

Appearing in the most luxurious hotel lobby within Sea City was Qin Feng and Bai Li . Moments later, they had captured the attention of the honored guests gathered there for the day . A number of them had even started speculating about who they were .

Handsome, masculine and brimming with power .

Such bedazzling eyes . They made one want to gaze into them forever but they also appeared slightly defensive .

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“Sir, this is your room card . Do keep it safe with you . We have an all-day buffet you can enjoy free-of-charge, or if you’d like, you can order anything on the menu which would be delivered straight to your doorstep . Your stay will be completely paid for by the Wanzong Organization, including any additional entertainment services!”

The girl working the front desk smiled sweetly at Qin Feng and placed the room card between a fancy greeting card . There was already a series of communicator numbers scribbled down on the back of this card for Qin Feng’s use .

“Thank you!” Qin Feng said as he passed the card over to Bai Li for safekeeping .

“Hubby, I saw a beach back there! I can finally put to use my new swimsuit! Let’s go sunbathing after this, okay?”

Qin Feng smiled back at her . “Sure thing! Change into your swimsuit before we do that!”

Unbeknownst to Bai Li, there was a certain someone looking at her as she pranced around Qin Feng playfully . Looking at their backs as the couple walked up the stairs to their room, the front desk girl could not help but feel a little envious of Bai Li .

Golden sand as fine as powder, paired with crystal-clear seawater .

The beach was packed with pretty young ladies, all wearing showy bikinis which definitely made the already beautiful view, even more mesmerising .

As soon as they entered their room, Bai Li changed into a snow-white bikini before Qin Feng could count to three .

She was wearing the skimpy type of bikini that showed off her perfect, hourglass figure . Her voluptuous chest was further given more emphasis by her microscopic top, enough to send blood gushing out of many young men’s noses .

As if that was not enchanting enough, she wrapped herself with a semi-transparent golden dress-like veil that shimmered under the sunlight .

Shining a golden color under the sun, she appeared almost like an angel’s halo on the beach .

She was just so eye-catching!

This magical-looking veil was, to the trained eye, obviously made out of a yellow queen ant’s wings!

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If Zhou Hao were to know about this, he would undoubtedly start foaming at the mouth!

That was after all, his lovely Xiao Huang’s wings .

Qin Feng did not spare Bai Li’s veil too much attention . He had known her long enough that her actions did not surprise him . What caught his attention however, was how seductive she appeared in that outfit .

He, on the other hand, was miles below what Bai Li looked like . Qin Feng threw on an inconspicuous pair of blue shorts, and after slipping on a pair of flip-flops, he headed out with Bai Li to the center of Sea City .

It looked almost like the apocalypse was nonexistent . Everything seemed as peaceful as it gets .

Lying there leisurely on the deck chair, Qin Feng blocked out the blinding sunlight with a pair of sunglasses . The past few days of nonstop fighting which filled his bones with the stench of death had seemingly all been washed away by the blue skies and white clouds .

“Qin Feng? It really is you! Haha!” A voice came from nearby . Qin Feng instinctively looked over to find a familiar face staring back at him .

He was Tan Yue of the Zhongcheng Organization .

“Tan Yue, so you’ve come today!” Qin Feng did not find his presence here surprising . For such a grand event, a number of other large organizations would also be participating too .

“I’ve heard that you did well in Han Town . And you’re an E-tier user now?”

There was an inquisitive look in Tan Yue’s eyes .

After all, when they met a month ago, Qin Feng was just another uncertified F-tier user . It was unheard of for someone to grow so much within such a short timeframe .

“Yeah, the commander of Fu City really saved my ass that time!”

“That’s great, isn’t it?” Tan Yue chose his words carefully when speaking with Qin Feng . However, there was still a sense of admiration in his voice .

Perhaps he detected a bit of boredom in Qin Feng who had been lying there quietly on his deck chair . “Would you like me to get you some girls? If you’d like, I can even find you a girl who’s never been touched before! I have my connections here in Sea City after all!”

“What would he do with the girl?” A voice came asking from behind .

Tan Yue turned around to see Bai Li’s figure, almost blinded in the process by her shiny veil .

Bai Li’s face was unforgettable, even for those who had never seen her before . Tan Yue, of course, recognised her immediately . Seeing her extravagant swimsuit, he could not help but think that Qin Feng was spoiling his little girlfriend rotten .

His mouth twitched awkwardly after being caught red-handed by Bai Li . Hurriedly, he waved his hand in the air . “It’s nothing, I swear it’s nothing!”

Bai Li glared at Tan Yue . Damn, she would be the most enchanting girl in the world at times and some days, she would be sharper than a knife .

“Hubby, let’s go play beach volleyball together!” Bai Li dragged Qin Feng away from Tan Yue as she pointed toward a group of people behind her .

“They invited us to a game . ”

Qin Feng’s face darkened after seeing who she was pointing to .