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Master of the End Times - Chapter 214

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:34:33 AM

Chapter 214: The Spatial Passage Ticket

Chapter 214: The Spatial Passage Ticket

E-tier purple rune equipment was easily priced around 20 to 30 million yuan . For E-tier aptitude users, they would require a lot of time and effort to save up this much money .

Thus, the crowd’s enthusiasm started to die down once they got to know the price of the supernatural equipment .

“Hmm, that really is a plus point! Alright, I’ve no more questions then!” Lin Wuyi casually sat down, he pretended to look as if he really was curious about the Magical Tesseract .

At this moment, the enthusiasm of the other bidders had died down .

The auctioneer sighed quietly when he saw the apathetic crowd, thinking that he had just lost his salary commission!

But they knew the shortcomings of this Magical Tesseract, and they were already prepared for it if it could not be sold at a high price .

“The bid for the Magical Tesseract will now begin, the starting bid is 100 million, each consecutive bid must not be less than 1 million . Let’s begin!”

The crowd was silent for almost three seconds before someone finally held up a bidding sign .

“Just think of it as a way to save on the production costs later on!”

“Alright, this mister has bid 101 million for the item!”

Amidst the crowd, some people began to raise up their bidding signs, until the price had gone up to 112 million .

“112 million going once…”

At this moment, Qin Feng finally made his move .

“120 million!”

The price was suddenly raised by eight million, which clearly showed Qin Feng’s eagerness to get his hands on the item .

The man paused for a moment before he spoke again .

“121 million!”

“130 million!”

“131 million! If you bid again, I don’t want the item anymore!” The man finally said .

He was also afraid that Qin Feng was either a fake bidder or the original seller of the item . After all, Qin Feng was quite young .

It was not like an E-tier aptitude user could immediately become rich once they had reached E-tier .

“132 million!” Qin Feng smirked at him .

The man glared at Qin Feng, but he could not take back what he had just said, so he had to give up bidding .

The auctioneer immediately announced .

“132 million going once, 132 million going twice, 132 million going thrice, sold!”

Although the final price was not that high, the item was still sold in the end . The auctioneer felt as though a giant boulder had been lifted up from his back, his eyes twinkled and he smiled as he went on with the next auction .

Little did he know that in some other timeline, the same Magical Tesseract was sold at a jaw-dropping price of 2 billion .

It was only because of Qin Feng’s intervention that the Magical Tesseract had finally fallen into his own hands .

“I do feel slightly apologetic to Kong Bo, maybe next time when we get to meet, I’ll let him use the Tesseract for a bit!” Qin Feng smirked .

Kong Bo was the ancient warrior that had unfolded the many uses of the Magical Tesseract in his past life .

The martial arts style that he used was of dark weaponry, but he could not use the Tesseract in any way that he desired . It was even afraid to fight against ability users .

Due to ability users having control over their consciousness, they could change the path of dark weapons at any time .

As a result, when he had heard about this Magical Tesseract, he immediately bought It from the buyer who had spent 2 billion on the item from the auction . That marked the start of his journey in becoming the famous Thousand Flying Dagger Machine .

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In the present, Kong Bo was an A-tier ancient warrior .

Qin Feng bought the Tesseract this time around, but he was not going to resell it .

For other people, reselling it would leave them with a small amount of production fee . But to Qin Feng who would reach A-tier in the future, that would cost him a lot of money and a whole lot of trouble .

The auction continued on, with the appearance of the Magical Tesseract, more items followed after .

The E-tier beast king materials began to make their appearance .

Qin Feng began to show off his astounding wealth .

“E5-tier beast king Flaming Lion Horn, the price will start at 80 million!”

The crowd under the stage began raising up their bidding signs .

“230 million going once, 230 million going twice, 230 million going thrice! Sold! Congratulations Mr Qin, this beast king material belongs to you!”

“The following item is the crystal core of a giant mammoth… 680 million thrice, congratulations Mr Qin!”

“… 520 million thrice, congratulations Mr Qin!”

“… Congratulations Mr Qin!”

Qin Feng made a series of moves and got a hold on most of the beast king materials .

He had completely finished spending every single penny of the original six billion yuan that he had brought to this event!

Moreover, he was paying on the spot for the items, which proved that his wealth was not just an act .

He did not fight for the excellent-grade materials, otherwise he might have implicitly offended most of the crowd .

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Despite this, some of them had their gazes fixed on Qin Feng .

These people, without a doubt, were all from the Dark Organization .

Part of the reason they attended the event was to participate in the auction, and the other part of it was to find out the cash cows amongst the attendees .

Qin Feng was clearly the big fat cash cow they were looking for .

“So young, yet so rich! He really is tempting!”

“Slaughtering him might be one of our biggest harvests!”

“His date is an eye-candy too, with such an enticing body! I wonder if she’s stronger than she looks . ”

The members of the Dark Organization were secretly discussing their plans . The auctioneer on the stage used his voice to rouse and draw the attention of the crowd toward him again .

“The following item will be the last item for today’s auction!”

Then, he took out a silver stone disc .

Everyone’s attention was immediately focused on the disc . Even Bai Li, who was not bothered about the entire event, had her gaze set on the stone disc .

There were silver runes that were visible to the naked eye floating above the stone disc, they were spatial runes .

But this certainly was not a spatial runic equipment, otherwise this auction would be considered too extravagant!

“I’m afraid many of you have already guessed what this item is . That’s right, this thing is a stable spatial passage . There’re various waymarks sealed within this stone disc which are connected to the space that is rich in resources and energy, but to enter therein, you have to be at least E-tier!”

“We will show you the recorded footage in just a minute!”

A video taken by an unmanned aerial drone was played on the big screen in front . The crowd could instantly see that it was flying past a piece of land with lush greeneries which resembled a forest .

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After the drone had flown for about ten minutes, they could now see a coastline . As the drone levitated higher, the waymark of the spatial passage could be seen, it was actually an island .

On the island, there were many exotic beasts, some of which were strange birds, primitive dinosaurs and others .

In such an isolated island, once the exotic beasts were exterminated and plants were artificially transplanted on the cleared land, it would become a secret space even more advanced than the Spring Hunting Ground .

The audience was marvelled and their breaths quickened .

What was more, this island looked like it had quite a bunch of spirit herbs that were worth absolutely extraordinary in value .

“This time, we’ll be auctioning off ten entry tickets to this spatial passage, and these tickets are spatial runic equipment with a waymark that allows the user to return to Sea City . We will be auctioning ten of these tickets, and the price of the second ticket will start off at the price the first ticket was sold at . Now, for the first ticket, we will start at 10 million!”

The crowd immediately went wild when they heard this .

An opportunity like this was way too hard to come by!

All of them tried to fight for it in hopes of getting themselves a chance .

In just the blink of an eye, the price of the first ticket had skyrocketed to 80 million .

In the end, the bid for this ticket stopped at 100 million as the crowd was unsure if they could earn this amount of money back . But of course, if a lot of them had the Sea City waymark, it was for them to decide the time they wanted to return, and some of them were even planning to reside on the island .

Qin Feng was the only person that remained calm, and he was silently observing the crowd’s excitement over the tickets .

The second ticket was sold for 120 million .

As time went by, the third ticket, the fourth ticket… And in the end, all of the tickets were sold out .