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Master of the End Times - Chapter 216

Published at 18th of October 2020 11:34:29 AM

Chapter 216: Chaos Breaks Out

Chapter 216: Chaos Breaks Out

Qin Feng reached out and grasped the handle of the Verdant Emperor Saber . The first thing that was quite evident to him was its hefty weight!

The blade was extremely heavy .

Of course, Qin Feng preferred this weight in his hands .

With his current physical strength, wielding a light sword was no different from wielding a feather .

Of course, with the high-grade materials, the sequence they were added into the Tesseract would make the equipment unusable by people with low strength, as wielding such equipment would exhaust a lot of strength

This was also a benefit of the Magical Tesseract, but for most people, it was already difficult enough to find a few exotic beast materials of the same tier, let alone high-grade materials .

However, it was not a problem for Qin Feng at all .

His internal strength was several times more than that of an average person .

And he had amazing combat power and strength .

He also had a powerful conscious energy . Through the spirit bond, this saber would become part of his body, allowing him to use it like his arm .

And that was the power of spirit bonds .

Qin Feng was very happy .

As he had been using his consciousness to enhance his rune equipment, time had passed by unnoticed . Qin Feng looked at his communicator and saw that it was already 12am .

Bai Li had her head buried deep in her comforter . She was sleeping sweetly with her mouth agape .

Qin Feng lifted up the comforter and leaned over to give Bai Li a kiss on the lips, his lips curled into a smile .

And at this moment, he felt an ancient warrior’s aura coming from the basement below . The intimidating pressure of an E-tier aptitude user swept through the entire hotel .


The long whistle of a shot cannonball pierced through the air .

Without even a second thought given, Qin Feng carried Bai Li and jumped out of the window .


The cannonball exploded upon impact when it hit the entrance of the building .

In the next moment, the entire building shook and came crumbling down .

Debris, smoke, and wails filled the night, turning the place into a living hell .

“What’s going on?” Bai Li instantly woke up and wrapped her arms around Qin Feng, she looked around for clues .

Qin Feng’s consciousness brought his body into action . After he had jumped out of the hotel, he landed on top of another building .

At that moment, many people were rushing out of the hotel, and aptitude users leaped and climbed onto the walls .

They were afraid the building was going to collapse on them, and these E-tier aptitude users would not risk dying like this!

“Xiao Bai, get dressed!”

“Oh, oh!”

For convenience sake, Bai Li had on her swimsuit paired with the wings of the Golden Ant Queen . Qin Feng had no choice but to drape the comforter in his hands over Bai Li’s body to avoid having her greatest assets being seen by others .

Soon, Lin Wuyi came out of the hotel with his floral shorts . He jumped onto a building and scanned around with his consciousness, he then found Qin Feng and Bai Li .

Chi Long and Han Jian had also left the hotel . Although they were both ancient warriors, they were not as skilled as Qin Feng and Lin Wuyi, but they could still climb on the walls .

Qin Feng infused his sound into his internal energy, which allowed the two men to hear him, and they climbed up the building .

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The once luxurious hotel had turned into battle ruins in just seconds . The silhouettes of the people within the building were faintly visible, they had no idea how the fights were going on inside .

It was obvious that Chi Long and Han Jian had not slept yet, they were still in combat clothing and their bodies were strapped with all of their rune equipment . They were shocked when they saw that fights were going on inside the building .

“Qin Feng, you were right!” Chi Long said .

“What’re we going to do now? Are we going to join the fight too?”

“Of course not!”

The current situation was very chaotic, and it was not wise to join in now . They decided to wait it out and join in once things had died down, so all they had to do was just quietly wait .

What was more, Qin Feng knew the fate of these people .

Since all ten tickets were sold, the spatial waymarks were yet taken by the buyers . They were all locked up inside the hotel’s treasure vault which possessed an extremely high level of security and defense, but it was still quickly breached .

In the dark, the members of the Dark Organization had made their move, and the people defending the vault were unable to resist their attacks . Since everything was quite hectic and they were all in a confused state, everything was in a disarray . In the end, the members of the Dark Organization had broken into the secret security vault .

“You’ve all underestimated the power of the Wanzong Organization!” A roar was heard, and it was from a tall figure . He surged through the crowd menacingly .

Qin Feng and the rest were standing on the roof, waiting . They were also startled when they saw that person .

“That’s Tyrant! He’s the head of the three cities, and an E7-tier ancient warrior!” Han Jian had participated in Wanzong’s auction annually, so it was natural for him to recognize some of the upper ranks of the Wanzong Organization .

Then, a delicate laughter came from dark .

“Mr Ty, is that really necessary? Now that the spatial waymarks are just in consignment here, they are not something that belongs to your auction house . So why do you even bother to guard them so strictly, what good can it bring you? How about you let me get what I want, and I will also let you get what you want?”

There was a hint of seduction from the voice, but no one dared to take that woman lightly .

“Stay alert, that is the She-Wolf . She’s good at assassination and poisoning, many people have died in her hands . She must know her poisons well!” Chi Long said . She-Wolf usually operated around Fu City, hence he was familiar with her .

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“Poison?” Lin Wuyi was slightly interested and watched on .

The battlefield had slowly broken up since its initial disarray . Three or five of the Dark Organization members had surrounded Tyrant, and the others were trying to surround the guards as they broke into the secret security vault . Unfortunately, the spatial waymarks were nowhere to be found .

“The items have been moved, go after them!”

“Scan for spatial traces!”

“Over there!”

Since things like spatial waymarks carried spatial runes, they would clash with other rune equipment, making it almost impossible to merge with the rest of the items .

This also resulted in them being easily found due to the spatial fluctuation .

Some hover cars in particular had this function .

“Go after it!”

After Qin Feng had seen the members of the Dark Organization boarding their hover cars to pursue them like madmen, Qin Feng took the others downstairs . Then, he took out a luxurious, extended hover car which allowed the five of them to fit inside .

He was thankful to Chi Long, or else his hover car would not be this spacious .

“They are chasing after that craft!” Chi Long observed through the hover car’s surveillance equipment, and he locked onto the vehicle .

The Dark Organization was in pursuit of the transporting vehicle . A gunner was standing on the roof of the hover car as he mounted on a weapon .


The sound of gunfire pierced through the air once again .

Only this time, the other hover car from afar was not going to idle around and get hit by the projectile .

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In the next second, the cannonball that was shot out was intercepted in mid-air by another gunner .

The gunners activated their consciousness and competed against one another . In the end, the cannonball exploded in the air .

This caused the other vehicles that were pursuing from behind to be drowned in the projectile’s fire and debris .

However, these obviously would not stop them from continuing their pursuit . Instead, it fired them up and the battle became increasingly fierce, shattering the silence of the night throughout Sea City .

The hover cars raced up and down the streets, which alerted everyone that something serious was happening!

A few hover cars came forward to aid the transporting vehicle, but they were all quickly taken care of by the Dark Organization . There were even quite a few hover cars that were similar to Qin Feng’s, all of whom had not gotten the tickets and wanted to come over for a piece of the action .

The excitement seemed to be bubbling up!

“Beep beep beep, stop them all!”

The patrol generals of Sea City were enraged and went on the move . There were actually people fighting in the city, which was disrespectful toward Sea City!